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” my fool soldier husband ” Shuang Qiao / , this chapter in all 560 words, update at: 2017-07-26 17:20

Final, still did not withstand hard bubble of his use soft tactics, be eaten to work by him in that way clean. He says he has built a rule, want me not to leave to his constant do not abandon.

I: “Marrying is not to return those who have a divorce. ” in the bosom that leans in him, I slowly say.

“Daughter-in-law, irresponsible word can not say after us, but want to had prepared all one’s life,I follow you, said us again army marriage gets legal protection. Said us again army marriage gets legal protection..

I: “Is common marriage protected by law? “Is common marriage protected by law??

“Army marriage is by special protection, if dare I am sorry after you I, can be grabbed to be imprisoned by constabulary uncle. Can be grabbed to be imprisoned by constabulary uncle..

I: “Catch me? “Catch me??

“How am I met then be willing to part with or use, it is that individual of course… ” someone resembles big grey wolf same from time to time minatory Xiaobai hare, little imagine bunny also can bite a person urgently.

I: “That is informal you. “That is informal you..

“Dare you marry you with respect to not afraid nobody? “Dare you marry you with respect to not afraid nobody??

I: “Wh[……]


Walk南京桑拿夜生活论坛 home

” my fool soldier husband ” Shuang Qiao / , this chapter in all 563 words, update at: 2017-07-27 17:14

Tell me to want to sit when him when autocycle returns his home, I stay, I see him see my clothes again, he understood for an instant.

“Daughter-in-law, do not have a thing, your side is worn sit, I am in behind protecting you. ” I wanted to calculate, anyhow still has a car to sit. The result did not think of to went up to come down on the way go.

“Master, crossing stops in front, we copy daughter-in-law shortcut goes. We copy daughter-in-law shortcut goes..

Me: “The car goes even why on earth? The person always walks quickly without the car! The person always walks quickly without the car!!

“Be such, I and pa Mom say you are rural child, can bear hardships particularly, so we should go. So we should go..

I: “Do this follow what to concern to have on foot? “Do this follow what to concern to have on foot??

“Daughter-in-law, you see you for nothing clean, emaciated, I am afraid that my pa Mom does not believe you to be able to bear hardships, so we goes, well behave, with respect to this, we are striven for close. We are striven for close..

I: “How say be like me does very rapid move marry you like? “How say be like me does very rapid move marry you like??

The sky still is waving spit, we i[……]


Meal of the eve of the lunar New2020佛山飞机论坛 Year

” my fool soldier husband ” Shuang Qiao / , this chapter in all 544 words, update at: 2017-07-25 21:27

Whenever celebrate a festival,they want dine together, and dine together of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year is the most lively however, because at that time, not only the soldier of cooking class is busy, other soldier also should participate in the team that cook in the center. Arrive when me their dining room when 2 buildings, already a few elder brother’s wife arrived first, they are preparing to help knead dough of troops of a few somes of small army wrap dumpling.

The appearance that includes dumpling follows fight like, progress of a battle is quite intense. Because do not have a few people to be able to make cooked wheaten food, north comes so that two elder brother’s wife became sweet pastry however, a few classes leave a person technically to discharging a team to waiting for elder brother’s wife to help to them packet of dumpling. Without rolling pole, they search with respect to oneself. Have those who take bottle, have those who take bamboo pole, have those who take a chopstick, useful still hand rips face skin. The dumpling that they wrap is grotesque, some has steamed stuffed bun so big, also do not know to be able to be thoroughlied cook, the dumpling that carries table finally anyway is stuffing skin break up. If it were not for stipulates he is done oneself eat, I suspect their not feel lik[……]


006 ol广州夜网论坛WFGd friend put in the game with old · ‘s charge

” late cage Gu by ” Chong An / , this chapter in all 6389 words, update at: 2017-07-25 21:42


Inky night, there are all sorts of flowers outside the hospital sweet. Street go up very noiseless, there is drip on the leaf.

Cheng Ce opens door to helping Xue Ling rain up to get off, helping her up to sit again wheelchair. Pushing her to enter a hospital.

Take the door, see cheer the Qin Weiming of caper, he two put light, be overjoyed path: “0 elder sister you came back eventually! We go quickly, you can make an inspection to her now. You can make an inspection to her now..

0 rain of Xue have a body continuously constrainedly, hit a yawn, of one face piteous: “I just left a plane you call up me… ” she is kneaded rub an eye, do not have providential nobody sex!

Not bright ah ah laugh: “Human life closes a day! Say you also will rest tomorrow again, your bodyguard also for company you work! Your bodyguard also for company you work!!

Cheng plan smilingly: “I work overtime have pay. “I work overtime have pay..

0 rain are opened big double eye, extend tender white hand, 10 show minute is long, there is full expectation to say on the face in the heart: “Where is my pay? “Where is my pay??

Qin Weiming: “… not. “… not..

0 rain loll, pouty, show the whites of eyes.



The 25th chapter comes佛山桑拿狼友论坛 off work stay, yang Zong is occupied look for you!

” if this life vivid battle song rises ” connect clever half Tibet / , this chapter in all 3026 words, update at: 2017-08-26 05:59

“Where is qualitative check ministry? “Where is qualitative check ministry??

Cheng Jiliang produces facial front the corridor before the branch, use the mouth forward Nao Nao says: “Forth the face is done arrived. “Forth the face is done arrived..

“Oh ” Dong Yi’s person answered, go with respect to fro. Pass through a window, the person that Dong Yiren sees the bovine director that produces a ministry is in and qualitative check ministry leads about chats.

“Be like Ceng Jian toward the dream dimly, the billows inside the heart shows ” suddenly the mobile phone of that leader rang, it is the thematic song that hero ejaculation vulture passes.

“Also surprised to blame, just went to work before long the phone rang, should be the home in. Should be the home in..

That leads a solilo-quize, take a mobile phone next. Appreciably knitted brows, say to mike then: “How? Dear. Dear..

Listen to him next the mumble in the mouth: “Hum, hum, hum, knew, with him the wife understands a telephone call.

The leader took a mobile phone to make a telephone call again, “Hello, mom, your grandchildren pulls excrement on trousers in the school, I am going to work, can you go? Favour, favour, favour. Favo[……]


The2020佛山飞机论坛 10th chapter if orchid, according to the rival in love of person future

” if this life vivid battle song rises ” connect clever half Tibet / , this chapter in all 1419 words, update at: 2017-08-15 10:00

A high speed train that comes to Yangzhou from Beijing, be in curtain of night flying travel. Morpheus time has been entered in railroad car, dim lash-up lamp still is in bright. The beautiful woman with a pretty countenance is playing a mobile phone on sleeper, she is already diffuse an one hair with pitch-black head, faint and OK see she is small opened small mouth is in closing and open, as if in mutter. One is worn on her women’s white shirt, the private parts is gules grid skirt, two beautiful legs are being lapped by incarnadine filar socks. If see her mobile phone carefully, the mobile phone that can discover her is the photograph of Chen Xiu plan on the desktop. Right, she is small orchid, mei Relan.

About in the morning the 89 appearance of the dot, the train sailed station, small Lan Li is engraved come down from the train, began oneself brigade that seeks true love.

This one night, mei Relan did not sleep basically good, she does not know how to explain her sudden arrival. But she has not waited for her to had wanted to say decline, the body stands in the big entrance that beautiful strategy works already.

The Wang Jun that sees that Ceng Jin has gone after her is walked along by the school strip of this school, be like next orchid encoura[……]


The person is 广州悦来香pm之家是真的吗set

” if this life vivid battle song rises ” connect clever half Tibet / , this chapter in all 425 words, update at: 2017-09-04 23:19

Dong Yi’s person: It is a rich home in one’s childhood female, later decline of family financial situation. Ceng Yulong 2 marry but unfortunate blessing, not reconciled to lives commonplacely after, because an accident divorces. She becomes independent for economy, become teacher of elementary school take over a class for an absent teacher first, because familial kind and enmity comes,arrive again later south fight electric company to undertake new duty field combat is killed.

Chen Xiu plan: With Dong Yi the person is in same elementary school becomes a teacher, move to depend on counterattack place of the person later, begin pursuit to depend on a person.

Dragon 2: Ex-wife of Dong Yi’s person, early days is an useless bavin middleaged male, actually the heart has certain intention. Divorce hind relies on the currency of a bit bit that once bought, but mere enough keep the pot boiling.

Dong Bicheng: The father of Dong Yi’s person and Dong Li’s person, ceng Jin has been done base ever small government official, coerce Mr Yang battle marries his little sister. Make rich trade later, be in business in after failure, the suicide dies.

Chen Xiu plan: A graduation before long undergraduate, ever with be in according to the person same a sc[……]


93 spend广州夜网SN论坛VDS a lot hand in

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1711 words, update at: 2017-07-31 10:41

The boss lets me considerately resting, probably he thinks I got fright, does need restore? My face about prepares to leave.

At this moment say of that handsome man: “Elder brother, let her also sit a little while? I think seriously with her an apology! Hope elder brother and little sister can excuse my today’s behavior! I just have a face to come again after this. I just have a face to come again after this..

His word my some accidents, I am a clerk only, does he have former forgive again what concerns? Said again, even if excuse on my mouth, he what how think in the heart can know? I do not excuse him, what can I do again?

I am low head does not say, the boss looks me, hesitate say: “Beautiful beautiful, where are you uncomfortable? Where are you uncomfortable??

Don’t I understand what meaning he is? Shake subliminally shake one’s head, think the likelihood is the boss looks for excuse to leave for me later? But, how is the cerebra of my Mu Ne met at a draught have one’s ideas straightened out? What do I have uncomfortable? A moment ago was frightened really, but, everything had become past form now, did not cause what shadow to me, leave what sequela! It is normal that everything my still calculates.

Does the boss see the adamancy of[……]


70 turn round no longe2020广州桑拿夜蒲r

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1724 words, update at: 2017-06-24 16:19

Annals brave does not want to divorce, but see my attitude definitely absolutely, it is even beside also do not want to stay in him momently. Hear the word that I say, probably he still is a little true love to me, be afraid that I can say like oneself really in that way, can you continue the courage of subsist? Final, he still agrees to do divorce procedure with me together.

Take divorce testimony, I at a draught as if relieved of a heavy load, eventually free! Am I intentional manage obstacle? Have divorce hobby?

When Home Cong Zhiyong comes out, I took inside and outside two are changed wash the dress, put in a bag back a shoulder, I throw my hand mechanism machine in the drawer of annals brave home directly, I want to be interrupted temporarily contact with everything in the home, I think the outer look unfamiliar of own calmly lives for some time.

I say to annals brave: “My dress is put in this first, when waiting for where day to do not have a thing, I come back to take again. When waiting for where day to do not have a thing, I come back to take again..

His eye socket is aglow: “Beautiful beautiful, did you go directly? When to come back? When to come back??

My bleak laugh: “Had waited for we think, probably the opportunity that w[……]


5广州娱乐网3 Mu Ne’s people

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1946 words, update at: 2017-06-03 06:46

Annals brave is the person of a formalist Mu Na, I am early discovered, want him to be opposite sincerely only I I not dispute is too much, mu Na how? We spend our time, need not do foreign affair again.

Leave parents more than 10 days, miss really in the heart, do not know I am not beside the body of pa Mom how? Ferial is li of housework vivid who works? Employ a person to work? I still persuade annals brave and me to come home together finally visit father and mother.

He is not willing 100 times: “Beautiful beautiful, not be I do not want to go, I am afraid that your Mom sees I am angry, in case be enraged bad by me how to do? She cannot see my mood will be better, better to your manner nature. Better to your manner nature..

“It is our two first time after coming out come home after all, if you do not appear pa Mom this are oversensitive! The fire that estimates mom of this paragraph of time also this disappear. ” I also know mom sees annals brave will be angry, can be now already what is done cannot be undone, cannot always go down so all the time?

Finally I two belts are worn the son gave pa Mom to buy to market first depressor and the red that save a heart, bought fleshy food, annals brave as before whats do not say, just follow silently in back, be[……]