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” helpless woman ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 2736 words, update at: 2017-01-19 17:04

Mom of Mo Ran for company says to talk, what doesn’t mom at a loose end have a thing to always want to do? Her heart is fortunately deft, it is to cut out previously of the dress, do not have a thing at this moment begin to consider how to design dress form, how to issue a knife to make a gratified clothing to the daughter.

Mo Ran feeling makes the clothing also pretty is interesting, him as it happens also does not have the special skill with extraordinary what, learning together with mom, mother and daughter is together time passes rapidly, in an instant, crossed midday.

After lunch, tan Zong’s driver will receive Mo Ran. They come to high-grade bazaar, of very fast Tan illuminate also arrived, the curiosity in Mo Ran heart also dare not ask, follow silently in his back. Before a purple evening dress, he stops, see the dress see Mo Ran again, do not have flavour of a feeling insipidly: “Try this. “Try this..

The clerk gets off hastily the dress takes her try the garment, in a few minutes, before stand to Tan Zong afresh when Mo Ran when, the defloration emperor hand that has taken in this 100 flowerses not by shine before.

Walk out of the Mo Ran that come, hair already by pull high, exalted head, forceful chest, with respect to the white swan of high l[……]


The 101st chapte广州桑拿夜生活论坛VFDr won’t be such she is not believed

” snowed over there you ” cunning evil spirit / , this chapter in all 2621 words, update at: 2017-07-29 22:51

The story is weaving pure dream, years is firm in expect tear, decency becomes the distance that was not apart from, probably, this this is life, once had it Cai Yongyuan is true, once lose its Cai Yongyuan is beautiful, probably, this also is the end of the beginning of the dream and dream. — — cunning evil spirit

The birthday last night is Chen Ke the time that spends the most happily, she thanks Chendan maple elder brother to give her consideration and help by a person’s mind, the good friend that also thanks oneself all the time company.

Ancient capital, the Gu Cheng of this history, although have a lot of hate to part with, but she should return the place that belongs to her from beginning to end, this go on a long journey, let Chen Ke understood a lot of reasons, also harvested the essence of a lot of life.

Closer and closer from the day that returns to S city, do not know how instead the calm that the heart never has had a kind.

This day, wind is blown day of good Huang Hao is yellowly, carry secretly wears a kind to taste desolately.

Ou Xiaoping looks up see a day say: “But, should this day snow? Should this day snow??

Chen Ke say: “Do not know, had snowed, it is good to if look again before we come home,snow[……]


Of beauty of the 121广州夜网论坛LKHst chapter not nocturnal city

” snowed over there you ” cunning evil spirit / , this chapter in all 3408 words, update at: 2017-08-18 20:11

S city is having this ” not nocturnal city ” the city that say, still small is worn inviting red lip, the fawn on that gives out a wave to seize popular feeling soul laughs, neon lamp is kept shaking by north wind dragging, but, revealing arrogantly however to people ” she ” all beauty.

Train is rushing about through what keep day and night, be in eventually when the setting sun falls on the west, berth the platform in S city.

A hand is pulling Xiaoli baggage, a hand is playing Ou Xiaoping’s hand, go happily in front.

Zhang Hui, protecting Chen Ke gently also walked out of a platform accordingly.

Chen Ke look up look look all around, southern weather and environment and north are the heaven and earth of two worlds simply, w city the woods flowers and plants there is early oneself is sere, and there is some of woods flowers and plants to stand tenaciously as before here in cold wind.

Probably, because,be fast spent the New Year, a lot of a lot boy far away from homes should be driven come home with the home people reunites, stream person falls, let originally the station with clear cold chilly at a draught lively rise.

A 4 people go in the crowd, zhang Hui is smiling to say: “Small foolish girl, what seeing? What s[……]


Qiu Yu of autumn wind of the 76th chapter 广州桑拿夜网论坛ERGoffends Qiu Chou

” snowed over there you ” cunning evil spirit / , this chapter in all 2264 words, update at: 2017-07-03 23:03

The one horn in cafe of shadow of S city pity, the Zhang Hui on sofa is looked at silently the drizzle that fly waves outside the window, an expression is not brought on pretty face.

Time is difficult autumn, autumn rain lingering, as if the cloud is weeping, wind is crying, the everythings on earth of the earth is in Bei in sorrowful, the flavour with the sort of bleak chilly it is so self-evident, scenery as before, harships knocks a window, and past clearly, the person already distanted and out of sight like that, it is how the ground makes a person disconsolate.

Be, that worries day and night person in the heart also do not make even call however far go to a thousand li and go, she how so foolish, so foolish that make popular feeling painful so.

Zhang Hui goes slowly to the window, outside looking at a window dumbly, other person sees he does not talk, who be also dare not talk.

The Qiu Yu of cool ooze of that silk outside looking at a window bursts in crystal-clear wind give a kind of clear to enter the fragrance with lienal heart, this is like is by infuse a charm, the withered leaf that gets on the ave is eroded in succession, be like again is renown painter swings on a few thick water ink stick.

Wave the Qiu Yu that fly always[……]


Deta广州夜网ABDched family member

” hello adieu my first love ” dumb earnest / , this chapter in all 1142 words, update at: 2017-08-05 22:29

Xie Ziye mobile phone rings.

Look all round everywhere somebody, but under Xie Ziye can go to pick up the telephone only.

“Mom… “

“Son! I hear of S city there the police had an accident! How don’t you have a thing? How don’t you have a thing??

“I do not have Mom thing. ” Xie Ziye is kneaded knead bilge painful temporal, the thing is too much recently, oneself carry centre book to did not rest well again.

“Son, how to return a responsibility? Is the police be to do those who make appearance? How to still have an accident! S city there too dangerous, you return otherwise is to come back. You return otherwise is to come back..

“… “

Mom… you can respect this profession. Your son can not be really ” do make appearance ” . Tired dead tired work!

“Do not have a thing, the business is more recently, mom am I free to be phoned again hello bad? Mom am I free to be phoned again hello bad??

“Be bad! You say you, the eldest child is not small when to arrive a girl to Mom I hold grandchildren in the arms! The eldest child is not small when to arrive a girl to Mom I hold grandchildren in the arms!!

“… ” Mom, belt the girl and embrace grandchildren process[……]


广州夜网SN论坛WKHEngage in a battle of the 4th chapter 2

” phenanthrene gentleman does not leave ” degenerate unruly or unrestrained / , this chapter in all 2291 words, update at: 2017-08-31 00:48

But, if this ice layer is enough hard, so, water home can take sledge to gallop at will.

Have disadvantage advantageous.

Just, each interrogation appears ceaselessly right now in mercurial Muxin. Is Liu Xingtan how to know water home appears of the fact of financial crisis? If hear, who hears of so after all? The occurrence of this financial crisis is mixed completely in the plan reasonable besides, called water family a small unawaring, is this financial crisis somebody plays tricks? Say this thing is all normally water family is tight-mouthed, can be known by alien far from. It is familial interior went out inside ghost, does still wingceltis blurt out say Liuxing?

Look at the Liu Xingtan opposite side that pair of abysmal pupil, now and then the finger that plays next a few noises to point to, first time of mercurial wash one’s hair felt the fluster of filar silk, nevertheless, she is very fast calm also come down.

This man before, just be more difficult than what oneself imagine tangled a few just. Want her only again a little discretion is a few more patient, she has enough confidence to be able to let him get due profundity is remembered.

“Oh? Do not know the thing that from where hears of this ficti[……]


More than bef湖南狼友夜生活论坛ore I am not done smiling to say good-bye

” guard sweet the bloodsucking dream of the heart ” confuse Gong Huandie / , this chapter in all 640 words, update at: 2017-06-04 15:06

“Elder sister, let me go back, although gone, but before one’s death final one second also is happiness, this still is worth us to recollect! ” the garment part that Xue Meng is paying Ling Bing

This word makes Ling Bing astonied, silent after ten seconds, ling Bing laugh, canthus can’ts help floating a tears in eyes ” you are an elder sister really is foolish little sister ah! You must remember Xue Meng, this Fu puts the place of snow on the ice completely, it is your home forever, the elder sister that remembers you have to love you forever ” Ling Bing cried, so old first time is sent from the heart cried, since what she loves after that he is dead, she has pledged in the orbit that lets tear appear in oneself no longer, but face the dear one that does not see oneself are exclusive all the year round, exclusive little sister, she can not cry how

“Elder sister, I know, you are my family member forever, you are my exclusive elder sister forever, here is my home forever, it is my only native place, I won’t forget an elder sister certainly, won’t forget the dribs and drabs here! Elder sister, I can come back to see you! You want the elder sister wait for me! ” in the bosom that Xue Meng attacks to be put on the ice into approach, the tear that lets Ling Bing look to[……]


Plume fine 上海喝茶资源论坛jade comes around

” guard sweet the bloodsucking dream of the heart ” confuse Gong Huandie / , this chapter in all 1191 words, update at: 2017-04-07 22:14

“Look enough? ” Xue Meng looks at beacon with Yu Guang they ” holy honour we became wrong! ” swiftly lost sight of even dirt ” are you an eccentric person! ! ! ! ” plume fine jade already paralysis is on the ground, double eye looks at Xue Meng And terrifiedly feather ” we can not be an eccentric person, I am world dictate, my elder brother follows me of course same, I am met what, is my elder brother met what? Do this have a problem? ” Xue Meng turns the head sees Xue Lan them ” sure ” numerous sweet the heart shakes shake one’s head ” before all ages, our destiny had been destined! ” of for no reason at all, xue Meng appears suddenly come to, but, plume fine jade did not hear, and attentive feather heard ” plume fine jade, you train well, I can teach you the magic arts of comforter bound, next 8 come greatly honour medium recall clever ministry to give you! ” gentle breeze sneaks away down the window come in, puffed that pink sends Xue Meng purply silk. Messy hair silk is optional on Xue Meng’s face elegant, very beautiful very beautiful… … (this setting is like ever was acquainted! )

After two years

“Hour, I am lazy, help me restore time ” say the edge goes toward audience hall by the side of Xue Meng ” remember pay! ” one’s voice in speech just fell, a bla[……]



” guard sweet the bloodsucking dream of the heart ” confuse Gong Huandie / , this chapter in all 1353 words, update at: 2017-03-15 19:26

After Xue Meng goes feather came

“Hey? Green jade bud, how are you here, why to return bruise of all over the body ” feather the green jade bud that looks at bruise again and again ” toot… … ” green jade bud sits on the ground to cry ” how! Give what job! Where is Xue Meng? How are you together with her! ” feather the shoulder that both hands is grabbing green jade bud, with mad same ” feather, when you listen to me to say you are absent, xing Yu stabbed dark king and bright queen to death, benefit star is missing, day group big chaos, by detached universe, take me to here, let me wait for you, and Xue Meng revenges to give dark Wang Heguang bright queen, went alone two bounds ” edge of green jade bud cries the frontier says ” what! Xue Meng so go complete namely court death! Blamed, I just am absent two days, how to become such! ” feather keep self-condemned ” Xue Meng, xue Meng, xue Meng ” feather the ceaseless name that reading aloud Xue Meng, as bedlamite ” be no good, I should look for Xue Meng, green jade bud, you are waiting here, the Xue Meng after 3 time can come to what you search in the move, you are waiting here ” say, feather went

Two bounds

Xue Meng is being caught by Xing Yu, the mouth also was stemmed, both hands is sealed by s[……]