Of Lin Tianci of the 27th chapter angry

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Building of world of a person of extraordinary powers

Station of severe grand weather is fast before the French window of the office two hours, in eye light deep cold let a person dare be not stood by easily, but have a kind of twinkling pain again heart…

“Dong Dong… “

Knock noise rises, evoke the feeling that winded severe grand day, an Na goes, there is a document in the hand. “President, this is to mix eastwards the contract of the group, you look to sign, still have still conference of a collaboration wanted in the morning at 11 o’clock. Afternoon at 2 o’clock, made an appointment with with architectural adding up to the United States the autograph is made an appointment with. ” how there was melting smile to report at a heat on graceful face a day of journey of severe grand day.

“So say only an autograph is made an appointment with this afternoon just, be? ” hold in mouth or eyes of corners of the mouth of severe grand day is worn every bits of bit smile asks.

“Yes, the journey tomorrow will be very full, what does the president have another arrangement? ” the inquiry that some jubilate wears An Na severe grand day.

“Hum, phone Lin Tianci, tell him today, I should have a meal with them, talk next thing. Talk nex[……]