Thirteenth chapter: By strong mouth

” the vermilion mole of admire gentleman ” smoke feather is clear / , this chapter in all 1231 words, update at: 2020-04-25 18:19

After 15 minutes, bai Chen was given by belt of admire cloud treasure public security bureau.

“You let go, unlock me. Ache. ” Bai Chen’s artifice is being grasped by Mu Yunchen. Mu Yunchen fills in Bai Chen in vehicle of black guest benefit.

“Staying to me well. ” the hand respecting that Mu Yunchen unlocks Bai Chen.

Solid demit is behind Mu Yunchen, the report arrives ” admire always, white young lady and the video be in the news of cars of 2 childe violent wind on the net, transmit quantity had defeated ten million. Transmit quantity had defeated ten million..

Mu Yunchen just took a smoke, ring pair of driving Bai Chen, put tobacco again. “Inform public relations of the ministry, remove the message completely. Look for other news to support additionally. Look for other news to support additionally..

“Yes. “Yes..

Cloud treasure explained admire to go up advocate drive. When Jiang Chen and Hua Qiyu are taking black silk ribbon of admire a surname to come out, black guest benefit has left. Look at gules farad benefit, 4 big male average per capita are push and shove.

Jiang Chen got on the car of black silk ribbon of admire a surname first. Hua Qiyu pats the shoulder of solid demit,[……]