Predestined relationship of the first chapter comes is you

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Because the chum is old,meeting with Mr A first time is the boy friend of 4.

Act on ” person of a married woman’s parents’ home ” and ” husband’s family person ” friendly the principle that get along, the 2nd week when interact in them, we person of this group of a married woman’s parents’ home by old 4 belts go seeing her male friend.

Actually I like this kind of circumstance not quite, the first it is a flock of people sit over, still do not know each other, it is to want much awkwardness to have much awkwardness really.

The 2nd it is self-abased, forget said, the small letter of our dormitory is called ” belle! Belle! Hello ” , but want me to say this name should change, accord with a fact not at all.

Dormitory 4 people, the second is old 3 old 4 it is the United States to must have a characteristic each really, only alone I am ordinary, put in the crowd, cannot attract others to look the 2nd times absolutely.

Namely such I, how won’t also think of one day meeting and Mr A had be mixed, this was to exhaust I did not come probably life all lucky.

Went restaurant balcony, the instant is muddled force, be roommate boy friend entertains guests? How to come several people?

The instant wants[……]