Eleventh chapter: Bai Chen does not want to marry with you

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After 15 minutes, wang Chuan drives received Bai Chen.

“Elder sister, you how? Complexion is so bad. ” Wang Chuan asks.

“Do not have a thing, the sun basks in. The sun basks in..

“Oh. “Oh..

Return the home, the playroom that Bai Chen comes to to underground. What put on the carpet of the room is Bai Chen those who go all out is happy tall, appearance is home. Bai Chen looks at the home that he spells, from the laugh of ridicule. “The home? It is me avaricious. ” below one second sees Bai Chen stretchs his hand to throw them. The instant, the room ins disorder one piece.

It is when Bai Chen is 6 years old, language of her cereal of maternal a surname dies due to illness. Doctor make known to lower levels is sick into death at that time advice note, but steward only beside Bai Chen, father white house does not know whereaboutldirection. After a few months, bai Yu marries Chen Qingting come home, bring still have bigger than Bai Chen the Chen Yudi of 3 months.

Year only Bai Chen of 6 years old is not known so much, know to there is an individual to be able to accompany his to play inside the home later only.

The Bai Chen after be brought up understood. She looks for a person to inves[……]