The 9th chapter was not lost, to your nice person

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Did not lose, to your nice person.

The more nice to you person, when be come from the harm at you, the sort of anguish is overlay. And each harm resembles a nail, the hammer was in on board, till later you think condonable, but just also pull out nail come just, about that hole, however forever also cannot efface.

The good friend is elegant it is the friend that is brought up together as a child with me, the dynamic of her one life.

Elegant we leave 3 years ago, left all love her and the person that she loves.

Disappear in this world thoroughly from now on, I also lose sight of her again, can know without the person I think her more from time to tome in in the still of night, she what also have I and sky only knew.

Elegant departure is to have actually bodeful, if I can pay close attention to her more at that time, probably I still can see her now.

Elegant from pee it is us this group of children with the most sensible and obedient philtrum, it is the child of the others home in the sort of parent mouth. One day, this child of individual other people made eventually ” exceed what is proper ” thing.

One day, she calls tell me the person with joyous be pregnant, eventually love. She lets i[……]