The woman that uneasiness of the 24th chapter separates

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At nightfall

Everythings on earth appears so unruffled, only those at night demon run to play, still have the temptation that that beautiful sea is releasing infinite enchanting and mystery…

A piece of cold handsome face before severe grand day stands in French window is letting phone that report, dashing eyebrows presseds gently, evil spirit eye slightly narrow one’s eyes rises, eye light waves to spend the sea to that. That opium poppy spends the sea, feeling slowly be on the move, should fall softly next, hanged a phone.

Look at that mysterious beautiful seaside to missing a telephone call the report there, “There still are the one’s life experience that a force is surveying Lin Xieer and background now, this force also is in T city, green boa of Qing Longbang. Green boa of Qing Longbang..

“Still I was checked incidentally, qing Longbang’s old was hurt yesterday evening, it is Lin Xieer, this is the matter that they investigate her. This is the matter that they investigate her..

Severe grand day remembers blood that paragraph of picture when kicking Qing Long at that time, not by cannot help laughing, the courage that admires that woman a bit is enraged with brave, still have her sagacious head, she still is an extraordinary woman r[……]