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” because love to rise,the predestined relationship is encountered ” holy condition laughs / , this chapter in all 2119 words, update at: 2018-02-06 19:00

“It who is defeated by to win is not certain still that who is defeated by to win, the ability billion that says like you just, I do not mind you to send me billion again finally. “Small cousin pretends to be those who enrage one face to distain hard to do addiction say alone.

“Ah! That we with respect to wait and see! “Offend strong interest alone same note replies.

Judge: “Sessional now! “Sessional now!!

Judge: “The controversy begins, tell to say grievance formerly please! Tell to say grievance formerly please!!

Offend strong interest alone: “She is carrying me on the back to seduce other man on the world, I should rest now she, the thing value that she sends before is not little 2 billion, should answer billion only now yuan as compensation! Remain become me go whoring. Remain become me go whoring..

Judge: “Notice one’s words! “Notice one’s words!!

Offend strong interest alone: “Knew, temporarily excited! Temporarily excited!!

Small cousin: “I am denied, then dead him fat person said send, how to still have the reason that should support law answer? How to still have the reason that should support law answer??

Judge: “Warning! Notice one’s words. Notice one’s words..

Offend strong interest alone: “Hum, what you say is right, but I did not think of those who come back to marry is so do not defend Fu to, you affected the order that I experience to game lives badly already. You affected the order that I experience to game lives badly already..

Small cousin: “You think you are much better, I had not said you affect me! I had not said you affect me!!

Offend strong interest alone: “That one every day who is all the day a little while come to an agreement or understanding likes, say to boil again a little while? I marry not be empress dowager, how so hold! How so hold!!

Small cousin: “Don’t you know the woman is capricious? “Don’t you know the woman is capricious??

Offend strong interest alone: “Yes, I admit you are a woman really, this everybody already be obvious to all! This everybody already be obvious to all!!

What just when their husband and wife is on the court,buccal water battle is troubled by is quite joyous, yu Qiao added subsequently: “Judge, capricious cannot become become a basis, looking like this can be the pronoun of the person with low perhaps shrew only, not be to say to have a woman student capricious! Not be to say to have a woman student capricious!!

Judge: “Controversy basis does not hold water, belong to be mischievous pretty to tangle, argue afresh please! Argue afresh please!!

Offend strong interest alone: “Besides, I marry not be prostitute, judge, she already did not marry below 3 times before, however I did not care, had not divorced with me now, want to look for other man with respect to threaten, still prepare to cope with me, is this belonged to do not belong to murder dear husband in cold blood? Is this belonged to do not belong to murder dear husband in cold blood??

Small cousin: “It is he himself does not leave, this does not blame me again, judge, I feel he this is chicanery! I feel he this is chicanery!!

Offend strong interest alone: “Chicanery? What I say is special which is not a fact! What I say is special which is not a fact!!

Small cousin: “You this is willfully make a trouble, also cannot treat as according to. Also cannot treat as according to..

Offend strong interest alone: “Willfully make a trouble? Want you to admit one’s guilt only today good, compensate for my billion, so this thing calculates know clearly, not was over otherwise! Not was over otherwise!!

Small cousin: “Bah! Say those who be willing to send to this is yourself, I did not force you to give again! I did not force you to give again!!

Argue from beginning to end be inextricably involved, as more and more thorough, a complete household issue issue, appear on the court. Willfully make a trouble, chicanery, be mischievous pretty tangles, what these a few words are generalizing this second court is main…

Still do addiction to hit alone finally won, small cousin of their gloomy leave, because of too cross apparently severed, 100 Mo Bian, pass data to show finally, small cousin exists for many times to marry really divorce, also exist suffer in order to weigh gold, small cousin sees data also canned say nothing. The system approves bilateral divorce, body of each recovery freedom, small cousin obtains this taking title of the first shrew!

As this thing already, all battlefield also restore former days peace. As to meet after small cousin how, with nobody witting, also faded out of Yu Qiao gradually their intercourse circle. Whether to retreat swim to say to forbid.

As divine gun Xiaobai is returned to afresh, yu tall covey also regain in former days scene colour, not be again at the outset ” 5 people 3 teams ” !

A day afternoon, yu Qiao received a telephone call that comes from abroad: “Hello, hello! Excuse me which? Excuse me which??

“Yu Qiao, my outstanding Ke Qing! “The other side is used special not fluent Chinese is replying.

“Oh, be you so, a few months disappear, chinese is so poor still. “Yu Qiao makes fun of intentionally jokingly.

“Oh, my god, learned too hard simply. Fasten quickly mockingly I! Fasten quickly mockingly I!!

“This is pretty good, have quite model, my Daboshijieke, how be free to call to me today, are you the attitude reluctance that learns in order to want not to drive sb. to his death all the time lives? Are you the attitude reluctance that learns in order to want not to drive sb. to his death all the time lives??

“What? Can slow dot… oh, was opposite! I what be said by you within an inch of forgets one’s proper business, my research group had major discovery recently, hey, you are not viewed and admire? You are not viewed and admire??

“Be! What kind of major discovery is that? What kind of major discovery is that??

“Hey! Will say with you again. Will say with you again..

“… ” Yu Qiao Moyu: “Have you really, do not go temporarily nevertheless, the thing has not done! The thing has not done!!

“Not be, won’t you be to go back cultural? What thing still having is more important than this? What thing still having is more important than this??

“Then you are intended keep others guessing, attract what I go immediately? Attract what I go immediately??

“What to sell to close child? Is there this kind of thing? If can attract you immediately,come nevertheless, I do not mind become businessmen! I do not mind become businessmen!!

“Sweat! Forgetting you is a gringo, do not say these, etc I am busy be over for some time, reply again you! Reply again you!!

“Oh, good! Great discovery, be about with your just miss the opportunity, please as soon as possible. Please as soon as possible..

“Good, so adieu! So adieu!!

“Bay. “Bay..

The incoming telegram with Jackie abrupt dear affected the heart of Yu Qiao Haoji really, and he comes back also already two months became much, and originally the plan was to produce very big deviate however, it is the person calculates really calculate as the day.

His game lives still so lasting, nevertheless he feels to won’t again too much time holds the post of by him prodigal.

A week, the last week! This is the decision after he is thoughtful. He feels a lot of people face a new issue, can be join with the simplest way, but brew when what pass time, a lot of people also are met and he is same, deviate original intention, along with enter along with going out already was so easy no longer, including countless feeling among them, obstruct is worn their decision.

You, i, he is not cold-blooded animal, but reality has so much cannot help doing sth namely, some people are forced to disappear suddenly, do not have a trace from now on, some people a word leaves, hurry off to He Fang, still have…

With respect to a week, this is the deadline that he hopes, also be the greatest time. Because this is more than,be his deadline, still have He Yuanxi.

“Continue before on one’s deathbed hey, what be afraid of, all melancholy become a regret eventually! All melancholy become a regret eventually!!


As more and more play a law newly to join, their game experience has too many visitors or business to deal with, alleged they, it is the situation of ” former times that attributes them of course Bai Gan sheds maniple ” .

This is the name that everybody thinks out together. Subsequently monicker appears: “” of dry liquor of former times affection… ” fatso does liquor ” alone… ” of small liquor of ” god gun… ” does winebowl ” alone… increasing, it is only it seems that a paragraph small talk cheerfully and humourously already drunk, “Free and Bacchic swim downward, small liquor of gun of meet unexpectedly god, fatso does small white spirit alone, … “

Increasing, they are wanton speaking, be just as a station to be by the bonfire of Mongolia night, sitting together game, a drink to the dregs is happy, do not consider to finish one second…

This is tonight leave means, very simple, very happy, without the burden, without pressure, do not have a tie more, resemble each other in one’s childhood, resemble primitive mankind again, pass have year time only, vivid it is ” only you are happy, I am happy! I am happy!!


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