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” because love to rise,the predestined relationship is encountered ” holy condition laughs / , this chapter in all 2270 words, update at: 2018-02-04 00:00

Morrow early morning, when he awakes…

“Ah! “He discovers him dress is done not have. Spoke oneself, look at still fine morning, the ” lose ” last night, appear right now and do not have so dark.

It is probably in Yu Qiao Xin, it can announce already formally, be a ” of ” past type! Also letting him what understand more just is love, what is just feeling.

Had eaten a meal, idle will do not have a thing, yu Qiao plays had game.

He goes in the first business that do, it is to see sunlight online, illicit talk about him to leave a message.

Because he helps her cause,be probably, he is mixed nowadays sunlight the relationship is better and better, but she calls him ” of ” Long affection from beginning to end however.

Then, that ” abandons ” his ” of 3 days does addiction ” to call him in faction channel alone: ” Long affection, I looked for fire of a force, our team now how many person! Our team now how many person!!

What do addiction to play alone is factional it is earth, taking two big sinker arm of big waist circle like the ” Li Yuan in a teleplay bully ” .

The byname that often also calls him because of such Yu tall just about — ” fatso ” .

Yu Qiao light say: “Your friend? “Your friend??

“Hum! “Hum!!

“That calculates on he, we 4. Xiaobai quick gold, my body wood, your force earth, its force fire! Its force fire!!

Do addiction to continue to reply alone: “That still needs a water! “That still needs a water!!

Yu Qiao jokingly randomly: “Hum, you seek where day a daughter-in-law is not enough, hey! Hey!!

Do addiction to think greatly however alone like that say: “Those who say also is! Ha, I am striven for! I am striven for!!

When Yu Qiao Du dash forward one face distains and continue now say: “That you these two days so called occupied, go bubble girl? Go bubble girl??

“Which have, officer of my this technology can be very busy! “(make pitiful expression)

But… it is an individual look piece, he is installing X: “The door that where to do is our big person in charge child of the technology? “The door that where to do is our big person in charge child of the technology??

“Alas, you knew to go. Those who ask is much, it is to be able to expose Da! “Do addiction to be being concealed intentionally jokingly alone.

“Technology of this outfit X still remains to rise! Nevertheless as to this vacant water, I had found a person! “Yu Qiao is over to want to enter subject jokingly.

“Oh, that is good! Be of our side? Be of our side??

“Hum! “Hum!!

Right now Yu Qiao Hai did not say a name, see without foundation of ” of Xiaobai of ” god gun inserted a word then: “Is she OK? I remember her is a novice. Our team enrols a person to also cannot do not have a bottom line. Our team enrols a person to also cannot do not have a bottom line..

“Be at ease, my Tiao teachs! And one assists water, do not need how old operation capability! Be opposite you now speed how many? Be opposite you now speed how many??

“1700+ . “Divine gun Xiaobai emerges carefreely proud expression.

Yu Qiao light say: “She 1900+ . “She 1900+ ..

“I go, compare me actually tall, does she eat what you grow? So tall! “Divine gun Xiaobai a pair of mysterious hyperbole.

“Equipment explains everything, did not explain! “When Yu Qiao light say, be offended strong interest alone chase after hold in both hands: “Ha, yes! This word is the truth really! This word is the truth really!!

Also do not have ” novice ” again then in the topic that these two words appear in them.

What divine gun Xiaobai plays is factional it is gold, person if name, wear aureate armor, the hand holds steel gun, added lofty quality of a few minutes of heroes.

He is another good friend in Yu Qiao Zaiyou play, also can saying was to be being added so much the only gains in staying the course that compares faction. Of course he is come in by Yu Qiao La, the purpose wants to form a fixed group namely.

Subsequently Yu Qiao continues say: “Was opposite fatso, is the force fire of your home helped in us? Is the force fire of your home helped in us??

“I say first, I was not done base this hobby. He can come afternoon our side! “Do addiction to do his utmost to denying individual word alone.

“Hum, that is good! That is good!!

Subsequently back-to-back move follows ” of exert oneself fire free swim the rejoin of lap ” , fixed team of Yu Qiao announced smoothly also to hold water! When just coming, was spoken one time by them, call him ” mean ” . And the weapon that he obtains is firm claw, look like pretty to accord with him.

This not only it is the kind that next they welcome teammate, it is the kind that welcomes the fresh blood in faction more. As time passes calls his byname all the time.

In sensory read smoothly while, everybody feels his game name, this very wretched indecent, it is bad to say face to face only… (good, it is flank says. ) but a person calls him from beginning to end free, that sunlights namely, breathe out to other person same also…

And next in the day, no more than is experienced class, adjust tacit agreement.

Brush pair of times award time just about right now, lane of player greater part repairs what be even if get through be being brushed all right, it is pair of times time however right now however, the player that is free commonly so, won’t absent. The process is boredder and drab nevertheless, also compare save trouble, whole journey is automatic OK.

Yu Qiao is taking a team to be brushed right now, passed a little while to sunlight say to a task was not done however, and be the job of offer a reward that every the least bit ability does, so that place makes a call with Yu Qiao with respect to drop out!

A long time! Had gone 20 minutes, by career should be normally early finished, yu Qiao Que does not see sunlight come back.

When he is interrogative, in the team free swim lap said a word: “You view the world, how to return a responsibility, somebody seems to be in Xiang Xi propose. Somebody seems to be in Xiang Xi propose..

Yu Qiao sees a male gold in an instant, in world channel exceeding wretched clamour is worn…

[world channel] [chop wildly] : ? Excuse me of  of Tai of border of  of model of mace of brume of mother of quiet of Kang of  of Xin of ㈥ of cut up with a hay cutter;

[world channel] [does be apt to see person clothes] : ? Does this  consider vulture pay Luo Miyin of one reason apology?

[world channel] [does be apt to see person clothes] : ? Does Qiang of border of languid of Ci of  of  of chimney of Fu of  of Xin of ㈥ of cut up with a hay cutter knock a bed does farsighted   suffer from mulberry of Zhui of  of assist of  of Ru  Yao?

[world channel] [does be apt to see person clothes] : ? Is Xin   formic do not bet be contrary to does coil up of Hong of  pancreas ⒛ high?

Yu Qiao Su kills looking, narrow one’s eyes eye of narrow one’s eyes, saying in the team: “Do you know that boy? “Do you know that boy??

Divine gun Xiaobai: “Do not know. “Do not know..

Free swim lap: “Won’t! This money at any rate also is a bit famous degree, don’t you know? Don’t you know??

“You say in detail! “Yu Qiao Bian looks at pop chart, the edge is slight look at his say.

Free swim lap: “This boy is mad, it is one calls what murder to kill the person in faction. Still be a thorn head, can bully a few elementary sides only, can see he cries in the world everyday almost, make an appointment with other side to be in north (Guan Daobei, the Pk place that is the player decided at the higher level but not officially announced in game) Pk… “

” good need not say, I knew. Since you do not know that better, stranger good helper. This goods also did not occupy what a list of names posted up, still be in most below discharging, pure funny than. “Yu Qiao looks at pop chart to interrupt his say.

Say of Yu Qiao Jixu: “Mean, I see both of you it seems that one go all out, he gives you, you first ” is playing ” . Rancor he you increase sentiment casually, enthusiastic it may not be a bad idea. Rancor to retreat swim, I nod assist to you. If use a heart not quite, that I but grouchy! such! such!!

Free swim lap: “This you calculate seek pair of people, have a thing nevertheless you became wrong, how can he place on a par with me, I swing his eighteen tent! I swing his eighteen tent!!

Did addiction to also insert alone then: “So hold, does nobody clear away them? Does nobody clear away them??

Free swim lap: “This you did not know, what he does is exclusive a clever thing, it is the person that won’t attract advanced faction, and now this condition in game, those advanced faction are egoistic person, did not offend oneself, whose at a loose end does not have a thing to replace day trade! Whose at a loose end does not have a thing to replace day trade!!

“If he is not retreated,swim, then I take your ” to destroy bug ” . You come to Xiaobai head a group, you are brushed first, I go looking for sunlight. I go looking for sunlight..

Yu Qiao said to withdraw a troop.

(that ” insanity chops ” direct by oversight of person of Yu Qiao group, probably he should be celebrated to his be promoted… )


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