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In before half opening month 2 people rolled the Supreme Being, had looked for a house to find a place for became good everything

Two individual paralysis are on the bed, with salty fish as good as

Forest the girl’s dark path: ? Is bay Qian Lin shown stalk handsome?

Consider girl shoot a glance at a cock-a-hoop: ? Unplug course of study makes fun of prison of  of extensive of hesitating of cereal of Qiao of Mao of A of cook a meal of pay of  rare a block of stone or wood than changing Lai is one Lin shown stalk handsome?

Forest the move topic: with girl rapid deride? Make locust smooth with a rake does locust new moon take an examination of bursa of Guan O busy dredge of Ju of Mou of post king crab handsome?

“Travel, that study buys a few pieces of tables and bookcase to come back even ” consider the girl’s very decisive also sideslip topic, be about to rise pulling Lin Yuexi to look

Does Lin Yuexi bemoan feebly: ? Does account of mail of Feng of salt of case look up hold fluid of class of Xin Chu of Lou of  of blade of a key to do sth of cheek of  of boundless and indistinct high brume   ?

Consider Chen Yiqi to go the kitchen looks, come back to pull her: again?

Mention snacks Lin Yuexi came spirit, took purse to pull a person to go

Is Gu Chen also in behind say: ? Is  of ammoniac owlet ざ waterlogged   of  of confused  suddenly?

Lin Yuexi just stops, changed a shoe two talents slowly next buildings.

What they hire is flatlet, 3 rooms two hall of one balcony the sort of, it is school gate nearby, it is a business street downstairs, there is fastfood market on the side, supermarket of what is to be short of more, altogether, geomantic treasure ground

What 2 people hire is a the sort of a few 10 house, have elevator, house price also is not very expensive, because be an university on the side

Do not miss school living quarter a little can hire outside. And tell true, the Supreme Being what the university can come in is elite. Or has authority or to money or has ability.

Can be here so associate with a few people walk then all corners of the country but not anxious

Ah… pull far, we give camera lens rambling the 2 people of the supermarket.

The full of beautiful things in eyes in the car that 2 people shift eats completely, vegetable ah fruit ah the flesh ah potato piece ah

Lin Yuexi life loves to eat without what, love draft fruit very much, bought several kinds of fruits then, look very much, lin Yuexi is not actually ashamed say me two days to be able to eat

And Gu Chen also prefer eat potato piece what

Go to a supermarket seeing the adjoining Lin Yuexi that sweetmeats inn bought a cake to come back again express again very happy

And Gu Chen also looks at her, say: helplessly? Bully confuse fawn on to angry does Piao of case of male of Xi of word of post left-eyed flounder hang Yun separate does  Yun Gan straighten handsome?

Lin Yuexi: ? Does department of Wu of Yi Huan of crusty pancake of case of male of Xi of word of the ∫ that make  smooth with a rake appear  to be stupefied  excuse me?

Consider Chen Yimo language to coagulate does choke quite a while appear a: ? Does bay Kang invade yttric  of Gang mulberry  to say confused frame of げ of Gu Huai of neon quiet Qiao Ф of the exhausted suitable  that uncover sneer accumulate does  of round Zheng of Huai Yue of  of leech of  of  of honest of Lian of An flying Tuan buy mildew does Si Mei clang unplug Xiong of port of bursa of Lai Na Yu?

“Summary briefly “

After arriving home first thing put away, gu Chen also washed a fruit to eating, lin Yuexi tore open cake to open TV, taking remote controller: ? Is Xin Huixing of  of white a kind of net used for fishing or for dredging up river sludge cut into parts blow Xie fly does fan stand tall and upright handsome?

“Are you talk about again and again wants to view a capital for ages 2? “Are you talk about again and again wants to view a capital for ages 2??

“My search search should have a capital 1 “

Arrived with respect to true search next, 2 people were holding those who eat in both hands to spend insecurity two hours exciting severally

Lin Yuexi one face chill: ? Does Pai of Lang of instrument of cowardly of reason of Xi of bits of  of shelfing  of qualitative admire of Xun of billows of the  that boil Tuo say copy?

Gu Chen also already is collect next to Lin Yuexi in the past: ? Does target ∈ bake Xie of Bao of hammer of Kuang of heart of confused twin of disease of a kind of reed of Ling ス Zhai boils excuse me of cereal confused aluminium?

Does Lin Yuexi expose silently truth: ? Does bay scabbard Jiang Ciyi cut ∶ brightness Fu copy of male of clip of laborious of cowardly of colour of Saiyi of  of boundless and indistinct of delay of appearance of acute hearing lotus root?

Silent of the Yi Mo that visit day not language went making dinner


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