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Slept one the Gulaer in the evening is already sober, just did not move as before, saw what the card Er on the side scatters sleep Yan Hai is a decision law-abiding waiting for. Close a Xiu Lian directly. Akin Xiu Lian basically originates the energy of red month, akin world is to do not have diurnal, time is the same as human world identical, also living naturally a few mankinds. But advocate the akin very few still colleague of blood relationship kind copulatory.

Then in very big bier, 2 person edge around move white mirage, 2 people are like the face of jade, appear the prince that be like is sleep deeply and princess are general.

The person in Gu Bao is in the busy banquet in the evening, what dare disturb here however without the person is halcyon.

When waiting for Kaersa to awake, look at the Bai Wu of own the whole body and the Gulaer that shut have sth in mind, laugh, embrace the person directly rise throw into the bathroom, retreated again when Gulaer should call a rogue.

However the Gulaer inside the bathroom one face is muddled force add fright, the dress that lowers his head to see oneself still has, the bath crock of the body, silent disrobe is waterproof.

“Fiancee, etc meet me the dress of a late banquet lets a person deliver. Etc meet me the dress of a late banquet lets a person deliver..

Gu Laer nods to want to see him lose sight of again but also did not talk. Remember card Er scatters to oneself to meet suddenly ceremony, put the foot in bath crock edge, a string of ringing small bell sound is transmitted. Gu Laer one terrified, did not think of Kaersa can send this actually, feel to shake amusedly again.

When proper Gulaer plays happily, discover air has wave motion to turn into suddenly guard condition, see Kaersa appear. He is to look up and down first all around, abrupt pine at a heat: “That small bell is you when encountering risk jolty I can hear, only yourself wants to make it noisy it just can ring “

Gu Laer nods, next. . . “You go out! ” the innocence of this highness ah ah ah ah ah. . . Although be fiance but. . . This has not married!

Ka Ersa also is a little awkward and direct use twinkling carried away, answered a study to hear chamberlain knocks give sb a present is taken, restore Gao Leng, let a person put down the dress the bathroom that the study went to after going out.

The nobility that Gu Laer is wrapping bath towel to come out to see there is a dark purple on sofa grows skirt gracefully. Go in the bathroom changed the clothes, look on lens face, express very satisfactory.

Hear the door is pushed, ka Ersa comes in seeing her also is Jing admires. Let a person deliver crystal shoe. Gu Laer has been worn amenably, treat oneself big wave hair style again, arranged with respect to give u.

This ability looks up see Kaersa, see he is Jing for the first time colourful, seeing the other side also is the skirt of dark purple clothing with oneself on the body, laugh. Sweethearts outfit? Ducal adult also is younger sister of meeting hold up. . .

Ka Ersa bent an arm, gu Laer was pulled last, the flower of two Gao Ling is encountered together gas field is powerful.

Step down slowly down stair, the hall already had better person. See they come down very deferential bow salute. Ka Ersa indifferently nod, and Gulaer needs only quiet it is good beside him to wait for.

Woman of a red garment was greeted, it is right first Gulaer expressed jealousy and regret, next the flattery that fawn on of one face clutch laughs at is worn Kaersa. Gu Laer sees her, good looks is pretty good, the figure is correct also, like Kaersa, be luck is pulled.

“Ducal adult ~ you by day how refus I at the door outside? ” luck pulls very sweet mouth, sound also is to attribute bud girl kind, so, act like a spoiled child to her it is common occurrence.

However, card Er is scattered and did not manage her, miss directly, the trend eats place, carried a cup of blood to give Gulaer, gu Laer also has been received, be true hunger. Although do not need blood to keep energy, but, it is akin after all, can not need how.

Uncared-for luck plays stamp of stamp one’s foot further upward to Gulaer’s hate


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