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But, if this ice layer is enough hard, so, water home can take sledge to gallop at will.

Have disadvantage advantageous.

Just, each interrogation appears ceaselessly right now in mercurial Muxin. Is Liu Xingtan how to know water home appears of the fact of financial crisis? If hear, who hears of so after all? The occurrence of this financial crisis is mixed completely in the plan reasonable besides, called water family a small unawaring, is this financial crisis somebody plays tricks? Say this thing is all normally water family is tight-mouthed, can be known by alien far from. It is familial interior went out inside ghost, does still wingceltis blurt out say Liuxing?

Look at the Liu Xingtan opposite side that pair of abysmal pupil, now and then the finger that plays next a few noises to point to, first time of mercurial wash one’s hair felt the fluster of filar silk, nevertheless, she is very fast calm also come down.

This man before, just be more difficult than what oneself imagine tangled a few just. Want her only again a little discretion is a few more patient, she has enough confidence to be able to let him get due profundity is remembered.

“Oh? Do not know the thing that from where hears of this fictitiousing zero land gentleman is? Is it possible that be outside somebody bespatter my water home? Be still land gentleman or does Liujia survey our water home in privately? ” the hold up of grace of conveniently of mercurial wash one’s hair the hair by ear, look be like unmindful light tone to ask.

This word of mercurial wash one’s hair can be special poison, if Liu Xingtan’s reply has a tiny bit of flaw,can say, water home can very fast delimit land home in a group of people of same interest in the enemy. As the capital the strongest familial one of, water family undergoes the bespatter of the outside and other and familial investigation how possibly, no matter Liu Xingtan answers which option, mercurial wash one’s hair can end this talk immediately, give her grandfather case report next.

Be opposite from her Liu Xingtan’s appellation from ” you ” became ” land gentleman ” , can know she has begun to take seriously rise Liu Xingtan.

Can say mercurial wash one’s hair is a bit evil dug a large hole to Liu Xingtan, just Liu Xingtan looks how possibly not to come out. And this word of mercurial wash one’s hair more confirm the judgement before him, this woman, it is a dangerous character! And he is planted to this woman, do not have the interest of a tiny bit completely, it is even with water home allied.

“Ah, water young lady likes to joke really, the person of the capital knows, our land home is compared besides money general and much more familial little, also can be taken so that move without other what. ” land star Tan Jian laughed, be willing to remove one condition oneself, “As the capital the biggest familial, everybody knows, what is the consequence that is aimed at water home. Although what is my Liu Xingtan clever person, but the person that also is cherish life, think myself still does not have work oneself enough. Think myself still does not have work oneself enough..

This retreat in order to advance mixes Liu Xingtan if flattering, although did not give up the misgive of mercurial wash one’s hair, but also let the feel better in mercurial Muxin a bit, shifted a topic successfully, if mercurial wash one’s hair captures a moment ago problem to be not put again, that was to lose a capital really the biggest familial bearing, kept a laughing stock to someone else.

Although mercurial wash one’s hair is self-confident this see interview word won’t have the 4th person to know, but, world other people 10 thousand change, beware of eavesdroppers.

“Land gentleman as expected good eloquence. ” mercurial Mu Wei smiled, show gave her that absolutely beautiful appearance, as if the capacity that one kind makes temporal blank, just the mood that Liu Xingtan did not admire right now. “How does that land gentleman feel I serve as your wife? “How does that land gentleman feel I serve as your wife??

“Jing of water young lady is day person, clever and outstanding, astral wingceltis considers as oneself deserve not to sail upstream of the young lady. ” Liu Xingtan laughs slightly, groove is being spat secretly however in the heart this woman begins not to give a shop sign by constant manage again. He thinks oneself the suspicion that a moment ago word had aroused mercurial wash one’s hair and wariness, next she meets what idea tries make visit he and land home, who knows this woman however unluckily topic retrace on allied problem. Liuxing gets ready already in wingceltis heart say decline, was hit to unaware unluckily however, the say after in a way reacted: “Too stupid person is together with too clever person, too stupid person earthborn is very fast, this clever person returns besides is a woman. This clever person returns besides is a woman..

“Although astral wash one’s hair just goes back to the motherland, but also somewhat the prestige of gentleman of hear of land. Capital hearsay, land gentleman can be the first person that cannot attract. ” mercurial wash one’s hair looks at Liu Xingtan say, emphasize said ” cannot offend ” 3 words, the eyes all the time closely stare at land astral wingceltis, want to see through Liu Xingtan’s reaction.

“This is the fun between the friend stopped, water young lady need not be taken seriously, I just also have a pair of hands only the Everyman of a pair of feet just. ” Liu Xingtan is laughing at say, just laugh some resemble acting in a play, and nature of mercurial wash one’s hair also is to see.

“Astral wash one’s hair can know, land gentleman is to act independently in the capital, astral wash one’s hair never has heard land gentleman has what friend. ” mercurial wash one’s hair is laughing at say, direct the expose that become Liu Xingtan’s word.

“Oh, that is the enemy. ” Liu Xingtan looks to also do not see mercurial wash one’s hair, blurt out say. Know to mercurial wash one’s hair oneself do not have a friend this thing, what doesn’t Liu Xingtan have but strange. Want allied boy or girl friend as water home, if oneself are not investigated one time, just was to surprised to blame.

Even, be afraid of land home remittent before unripe this age was turned over by water home a De Chaotian.

Two people, it is adviser; Rich weichis, as play chess, inadvertent, plateful all is defeated.

“Land gentleman this is to covert rejected astral wash one’s hair, ” mercurial wash one’s hair changes the smile with an one pure face, those who look the smile that compares Liu Xingtan to make a person comfortable is much, “Land gentleman wants to know, still do not have a person to dare reject the request of water home, besides is allied still this kind of thing. Is land gentleman afraid that astral wash one’s hair goes back tell a grandfather retaliation? Is land gentleman afraid that astral wash one’s hair goes back tell a grandfather retaliation??

“Character of water young lady was weighed. ” the water cup sip that Liu Xingtan takes a table to go up a water, convergent smile, restored a pair of about that puts vulture on the ice again, “The so much of young Cai Jun of the capital, more outstanding than astral wingceltis is numberless as the sand more, have oneself among them match so that sail upstream of the young lady flexibly Lang Jun. Astral wingceltis does not have the advantage with special what, unluckily self-knowledge is the biggest advantage. If water young lady forces with photograph of Shui Jiazhi name, wingceltis of excuse me star cannot agree as before; If force,get firm, bunny still can bite a person urgently. If astral wingceltis was sent temporarily mad lost a hand, the injury arrives water young lady is bad. Water young lady also just said, capital hearsay, my Liu Xingtan is the first person that cannot attract. This among them, also be reasonable. Also be reasonable..

Liu Xingtan accentuated likewise ” cannot offend ” mood. A talent, due defiant.

“Ah. ” the red lip charming that mercurial Mu Yongbai’s delicate hand holds off sex appeal laughed twice, give out euphonic phonic ring, “Land gentleman, you feel, can your person resist the force of whole water home? It is the ability that land gentleman sees him too high, or too the ability that looks down upon water home. Or too the ability that looks down upon water home..

“My person is whole land home even, wanting counteractive water home is wishful thinking having a place really. Nevertheless, my person copes with the bodyguard beside water young lady and you, still do not have a problem. ” the shoot a glance at that Liu Xingtan distains the black suit bodyguard beside a mercurial wash one’s hair, resembling is to look to skip only the bedbug of Zuo . When he takes the door, saw, this bodyguard is such nevertheless, had not hit him, consequently he gas of ability know how things stand and feel confident of handling them continues to sit here, continue say, “For instance, water young lady is in a room with me alone now, be a the main chance? Be a the main chance??

Want powerful, above all even oneself fist is hard. If he has not hit that bodyguard, his Liu Xingtan won’t use this kind of mood and manner to follow word of mercurial Mu Tan.

Dozen still provoke nevertheless, it is the behavior of mental retardation purely. His Liu Xingtan won’t do this kind of business absolutely.


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