More than bef湖南狼友夜生活论坛ore I am not done smiling to say good-bye

” guard sweet the bloodsucking dream of the heart ” confuse Gong Huandie / , this chapter in all 640 words, update at: 2017-06-04 15:06

“Elder sister, let me go back, although gone, but before one’s death final one second also is happiness, this still is worth us to recollect! ” the garment part that Xue Meng is paying Ling Bing

This word makes Ling Bing astonied, silent after ten seconds, ling Bing laugh, canthus can’ts help floating a tears in eyes ” you are an elder sister really is foolish little sister ah! You must remember Xue Meng, this Fu puts the place of snow on the ice completely, it is your home forever, the elder sister that remembers you have to love you forever ” Ling Bing cried, so old first time is sent from the heart cried, since what she loves after that he is dead, she has pledged in the orbit that lets tear appear in oneself no longer, but face the dear one that does not see oneself are exclusive all the year round, exclusive little sister, she can not cry how

“Elder sister, I know, you are my family member forever, you are my exclusive elder sister forever, here is my home forever, it is my only native place, I won’t forget an elder sister certainly, won’t forget the dribs and drabs here! Elder sister, I can come back to see you! You want the elder sister wait for me! ” in the bosom that Xue Meng attacks to be put on the ice into approach, the tear that lets Ling Bing look to be less than his to seize the socket of eye and go out as far as possible ” Xue Meng, will leave tomorrow ” Ling Bing face about goes, look at hand inner tube to have the ring with lacy white, what there is it seems that among ring ” elder sister. . . . . . ” the small of the back that Xue Meng tackles Ling Bing, on the back that leans the head in Ling Bing ” I must give you a Bigsurprise certainly ” saying, in Xue Meng’s eye sneaking also poured out of tear ” our home Xue Meng is sensible! ” Ling Bing packs up ring, face about touchs Xue Meng’s head

The following day early in the morning

“Xue Meng, I already the time the earth is quiet ” Ling Bing’s smile is inflexible, xue Meng’s smile also has been done not have where ” hum, the elder sister is waiting for me to come back oh ” the past indelicacy that tear still does not stop, it is oneself obviously the requirement leaves ah, what why cry than the elder sister is fierce still ” elder sister (little sister) , I love you ” two people are right inspected, laughed ” good, time is not early, leave ” the smile on Ling Bing face is replaced by sadness entirely

Original, do not know me to be not done smiling to say good-bye——–By Xue Meng (Ling Bing)


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