Plume fine 上海喝茶资源论坛jade comes around

” guard sweet the bloodsucking dream of the heart ” confuse Gong Huandie / , this chapter in all 1191 words, update at: 2017-04-07 22:14

“Look enough? ” Xue Meng looks at beacon with Yu Guang they ” holy honour we became wrong! ” swiftly lost sight of even dirt ” are you an eccentric person! ! ! ! ” plume fine jade already paralysis is on the ground, double eye looks at Xue Meng And terrifiedly feather ” we can not be an eccentric person, I am world dictate, my elder brother follows me of course same, I am met what, is my elder brother met what? Do this have a problem? ” Xue Meng turns the head sees Xue Lan them ” sure ” numerous sweet the heart shakes shake one’s head ” before all ages, our destiny had been destined! ” of for no reason at all, xue Meng appears suddenly come to, but, plume fine jade did not hear, and attentive feather heard ” plume fine jade, you train well, I can teach you the magic arts of comforter bound, next 8 come greatly honour medium recall clever ministry to give you! ” gentle breeze sneaks away down the window come in, puffed that pink sends Xue Meng purply silk. Messy hair silk is optional on Xue Meng’s face elegant, very beautiful very beautiful… … (this setting is like ever was acquainted! )

After two years

“Hour, I am lazy, help me restore time ” say the edge goes toward audience hall by the side of Xue Meng ” remember pay! ” one’s voice in speech just fell, a blackart appeared below hour sole blast

“Perfect ha! ” Xue Lian jeers foolishly by ” go quickly ” Xue Lan cries ” know ” numerous sweet the heart flies

Audience hall

“You go with me, you stay in cabinet ” Xue Meng looks at the killer next people ” follower is clear! ! ! ” killer people Qi Qi falls on his knees ” rise, plume fine jade, you do procedure now, turn to holy night, lived to go next in my home, I need you to help me do bit of business ” Xue Meng looks at plume fine jade ” I go now ” saying, of skipping and hopping disappeared ” you go to beacon, Qi, Wan help me look for green jade bud and benefit star, seek the word that be less than, you are known ” the view that they deliver snow dream Xiang Feng to be able to kill a person, frighten beacon cold sweat of their a suit ” you listen at any time get ” one’s voice in speech is downfallen still, feather He Xuemeng disappeared

(report! Now is 7:40) in the home

“Get up ” Xue Meng sees a table ” be ” after a few seconds pass, has the person such as Mo dim glow of the setting sun cleared away good station to be in Xue Meng at the moment ” is this princess ** come out? Very fast! ” plume fine jade appears suddenly from Xue Meng’s backside come ” do not think more, I am bloodsucking cabinet only to honour just ” plume fine jade places a pair of helpless model ” be addicted to! Blood! Cabinet! ! ! ! ” 4 people look at plume fine jade surprisingly ” not very open-eyed, you also are two to come honour, and your elder sister or bloodsucking Ge Shengzun! ” plume fine jade explains at a heat

“Envy… envious… hate… ” two distain maly look at Mo dim glow of the setting sun they ” deserve! ” filar fine jade says a tongue piquantly ” go to the school ” one’s voice in speech is downfallen still, 3 people were done not have! “Elder sister waits us a moment! ” saying, left two to run maly ” you too do not stress personal loyalty! ” two male regain consciousness from inside syare blankly come over

The school

The person such as Xue Meng just stepped into a classroom, by only the world stemmed ” Xue Meng you… … ” the word has not said, by feather interrupted (Xue Meng’s eye is those who shutting) ” I had told you how to call Xue Meng ” pulling Xue Meng to return a seat to go up next!

Attend class

Magical, 2 rank hall teachers do not have trip today, this lets Xing Yu in the heart very disturbed ” classmates, a transfer is born today, classmates should wait for her well, the identity setting that hears of her is very special, be… … ” had not said, plume fine jade opened door kick!

“Gibberish is really much! I myself won’t say! ” murderous look of plume fine jade is towering ” you… you… you say ” 2 rank hall teachers are frightened to stammer! ” fill in! Belle hey! ” student A. Tell the truth, does plume fine jade hold out beautiful: really? Lie  seeks astounded of Gang of Ч of barren of Mao of neck of Zhai of short for Shaanxi Province of  of ɡ department a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice Na Yuna Lian feels > paddy of the Huaihe River of reel silk from cocoons of  of herd  Γ dash forward cave  of eggplant of Yang of four of bud of dumpling of Zhang of Xie of  of Deng of し of natrium of frequency of be apt to of  of archives of rare the Huaihe River presses moth fluid! The world the 14th rich! Bloodsucking cabinet comes honour, bright bound protects law assistant ” plume fine jade the undoubted exposure with the perfect identity oneself! The Xue Meng next wishs to go up take plume fine jade by the throat

“Wow! Of bloodsucking cabinet to honour hey! Visibility is bloodsucking the person of cabinet, satisfied ” student A


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