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After Xue Meng goes feather came

“Hey? Green jade bud, how are you here, why to return bruise of all over the body ” feather the green jade bud that looks at bruise again and again ” toot… … ” green jade bud sits on the ground to cry ” how! Give what job! Where is Xue Meng? How are you together with her! ” feather the shoulder that both hands is grabbing green jade bud, with mad same ” feather, when you listen to me to say you are absent, xing Yu stabbed dark king and bright queen to death, benefit star is missing, day group big chaos, by detached universe, take me to here, let me wait for you, and Xue Meng revenges to give dark Wang Heguang bright queen, went alone two bounds ” edge of green jade bud cries the frontier says ” what! Xue Meng so go complete namely court death! Blamed, I just am absent two days, how to become such! ” feather keep self-condemned ” Xue Meng, xue Meng, xue Meng ” feather the ceaseless name that reading aloud Xue Meng, as bedlamite ” be no good, I should look for Xue Meng, green jade bud, you are waiting here, the Xue Meng after 3 time can come to what you search in the move, you are waiting here ” say, feather went

Two bounds

Xue Meng is being caught by Xing Yu, the mouth also was stemmed, both hands is sealed by supernatural power

“I know you can come, how? Felt distressed? Ah, your beware of so long, let me seize an opportunity eventually! ” Xing Yu is looked at feather ” put Xue Meng, quickly, do not want a name ” feather black face ” I am not put, I should throw her to Yuan space, let her go out not to come forever! ” Xing Yu is saying, slowly open a black hole ” you dare! ” saying, feather held Xue Meng in the arms when Xing Yu blinks come over, solve the seal besides Xue Meng, “Feather… ” Xue Meng is in feather cry in the bosom ” Xue Meng listens I say, you go now nature looks for green jade bud ” feather it is Xue Meng cuddle in the bosom ” we go together! ” Xue Meng wants to leave feather in the bosom, ke Yu is held in the arms more closely however ” feather, how? ” Xue Meng is very interrogative ” Xue Meng, I love you… ” one drop tear has delimited on Cong Yu’s face ” I also love you, feather ” Xue Meng is held in arms feather waist, but Xue Meng did not understand among them implication however, think this is a close to hers affection only ” Xue Meng, you must wait for me… ” ” … … hum ” ” Xue Meng, no matter what produce,wait, not goggle ” feather unlock Xue Meng ” hum… ” ” can I glance again Xue Meng’s smile? ” feather look at Xue Meng, saying, xuemeng laugh!

“You are impossible to prevent, anybody prevents space of this Yuan impossibly! ” Xing Yu is looked at feather, one kind emerges awe-strickenly mind ” then we go in! ” saying, feather pull Xing Yu, want pull Yuan space ” not, not, once go in, our metropolis is dead ” Xing Yu wants to flounce off ” impossible! ” feather exert all his strength to be pulled, pulled Xing Yu first, at this moment, xue Meng opened an eye, look at feather ” feather, you want what to do! Of come to an agreement or understanding we should look for green jade bud together, we want come to an agreement or understanding to be together all the time, you talk not count, I must not you go, feather you put me! ” Xue Meng by feather be protected with protective screen, not active

“Adieu ” feather smiling to look at Xue Meng ” not! Feather, you come back! ” Xue Meng rips what the heart cracks lung to crying, helplessly look at feather walk into Yuan space, feather after going in, two bounds instant collapses, protective screen sends Xue Meng there green jade bud

“Princess! Hey? Feather? ” the Xue Meng that green jade bud looks at double eye not to have a god ” … … ” Xue Meng looks at the necklace in the hand, silent not language ” Xue Meng! How! ” green jade bud is urgent, dan Xuemeng still does not talk, logy looks at the necklace in the hand

Bang! Very noisy hand falls on Xue Meng’s face, xue Meng has answered a god, look at green jade bud accumulate in orbit full tear ” Xue Meng after all how, feather? ” green jade bud looks at Xue Meng anxiously ” green jade bud! Feather he does not keep good faith, he himself went, leave me, how should I do ” Xue Meng attacks in the bosom of green jade bud, cry bitterly ” feather he how? ” green jade bud was not understood ” feather he took Yuan space, won’t also come back again ” does Xuemeng cry fiercer more ” died? Feather… ” paralysis of green jade bud is on the ground ” Xue Meng, feather what to say? ” green jade bud asks what Xue Mengyu said finally ” feather say, he loves me to still say to wait for me, don’t have ” does Xue Meng brush tear ” does he love you? Still speak out finally! ” green jade bud closes an eye ” the elder brother that he is me only ” ” not, xue Meng, feather means, he likes you he loves you he is right your become enamoured! ” ” feather… ” ” Xue Meng since he lets you wait for him, then he comes back with respect to regular meeting, you must believe him! You want good good subsist ” ” hum… “

Feather, what you can come back certainly is right! ——-By Xue Meng


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