The2020佛山飞机论坛 10th chapter if orchid, according to the rival in love of person future

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A high speed train that comes to Yangzhou from Beijing, be in curtain of night flying travel. Morpheus time has been entered in railroad car, dim lash-up lamp still is in bright. The beautiful woman with a pretty countenance is playing a mobile phone on sleeper, she is already diffuse an one hair with pitch-black head, faint and OK see she is small opened small mouth is in closing and open, as if in mutter. One is worn on her women’s white shirt, the private parts is gules grid skirt, two beautiful legs are being lapped by incarnadine filar socks. If see her mobile phone carefully, the mobile phone that can discover her is the photograph of Chen Xiu plan on the desktop. Right, she is small orchid, mei Relan.

About in the morning the 89 appearance of the dot, the train sailed station, small Lan Li is engraved come down from the train, began oneself brigade that seeks true love.

This one night, mei Relan did not sleep basically good, she does not know how to explain her sudden arrival. But she has not waited for her to had wanted to say decline, the body stands in the big entrance that beautiful strategy works already.

The Wang Jun that sees that Ceng Jin has gone after her is walked along by the school strip of this school, be like next orchid encouraged, went in to come to the side of beautiful plan.

Somebody stands by beautiful plan beside feeling of Leng Buding ground, turn at once in light of the head, decide good over period of time amazedly next.

Passed for ages, beautiful plan just reachs an inflexible hand, say to Mei Relan: “Please, sit please “

“You come Yangzhou, also do not maintain connection with me, be forgot me? Be forgot me??

“Where, where be the life that does not want to disturb you to did not come again nevertheless. Where be the life that does not want to disturb you to did not come again nevertheless..

“You still are a thin beau really. “You still are a thin beau really..

Mei Relan’s biggest original story, act like a spoiled child namely, let all truths appear to stand in oneself in coquetry process at the same time. More important is through acting like a spoiled child, let men have want to hold the impulse that removes her in the arms.

“Not, either such ” beautiful plan still thinks two to argue, mei Relan sits in his bosom already, and toot oneself flesh tender small mouth sent the pink of toot the past.

Beautiful plan is touched rectify swimmy, also greeted in spite of oneself.

And this one act is sought beautiful plan however saw according to the person.

“Feel embarrassed, disturbed ” face about of the preparation that depend on a person leaves, she hopes beautiful plan can be chased after actually.

But, beautiful plan was not chased after

Leave this pair of sweethearts in smoking room further and further according to the person, backside is faint transmit Mei Relan and Chen Xiu plan:

“Who is that old woman? “Who is that old woman??

“That… that is my work in the same placing, teacher of Dong Yi’s person. Teacher of Dong Yi’s person..

Feel to there is what thing to be in in the eye only according to the person ramshackle, her heart seems what to thing broke, whole person seems to be in somnambulate.

Several months, in doing not have the condition from this kind of somnambulate according to the person, restore to come over, and beside Chen Xiu plan, much however companion of photograph of a belle. They solemn is the appearance of friend of male and female.

In the teacher’s office, if orchid the grape that taking to just had been washed, feeding in mouth of past show plan send. The teacher of full house resembles it seems that at the moment is bulb. Not be to do not have a teacher to remind beautiful plan the attention is affected, beautiful him plan also is to use a hand to catching a head to express an apology, do not pass and can argue interest of tooth pointed mouth without who if orchid, alarmed till this thing Director Yang of office of head of adjoining educational administration.

Yang Youlan stands in the doorway, emphatically knock door, sound enough sleeps lightly an elephant.

“Ask that belle inside to come out “

Face Yang Youlan, if orchid before seem and resembling, be opposite other teacher that kind is unjustifiable, however good put down a grape suitably, walk out of the office, followed Director Yang to take head office together.

“Elder sister “

In the beautiful plan inside, if,hear orchid call Director Yang elder sister, amazed ground does not say to give a word to come.

“If orchid, you still know I am your elder sister! You still know I am your elder sister!!

“We are half-blooded, but of your mom have nothing to do with my mom to death, when my mom takes a door, the aunt was driven early to go out. The aunt was driven early to go out..

” enough ” Yang Youlan is very angry, the family that she does not consider to discuss to discuss her now and she takes forsaken mom.

“Here is the school, if not be me,pressing, the president lets a person minute minutes wearing you to go out! Ask you so self-prossessed “

Mei Relan hears an elder sister so say, alarm hunch say:

“I… I do not have place to go, old father he… be drunk tea by ministry of record be careful in one’s conduct about. Old father he… be drunk tea by ministry of record be careful in one’s conduct about..

Poplar dim it is one Jing first, restore aplomb quickly next, say: “That, you also cannot wanton here. Do you live now? Do you live now??

“With chummage of Chen Xiu plan “

Keep a lookout of deep and remote Lan Wang returns the Chen Xiu plan in the classroom, beautiful plan also is looking them in agog ground

“Do you want to take an examination of such man? Calculated stop, move live together with the elder sister “

“Not, I should rely on myself! I should rely on myself!!

“I see you are in obviously rely on a man, and still be a man that does not rely on chart. And still be a man that does not rely on chart..

“If live together with you,can be me, the family can think you became much a daughter, how do you explain? How do you explain??

“Mouth deficient! Do I have so old? Do I have so old??

If orchid, say a tongue, talk no longer.


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