The person is 广州悦来香pm之家是真的吗set

” if this life vivid battle song rises ” connect clever half Tibet / , this chapter in all 425 words, update at: 2017-09-04 23:19

Dong Yi’s person: It is a rich home in one’s childhood female, later decline of family financial situation. Ceng Yulong 2 marry but unfortunate blessing, not reconciled to lives commonplacely after, because an accident divorces. She becomes independent for economy, become teacher of elementary school take over a class for an absent teacher first, because familial kind and enmity comes,arrive again later south fight electric company to undertake new duty field combat is killed.

Chen Xiu plan: With Dong Yi the person is in same elementary school becomes a teacher, move to depend on counterattack place of the person later, begin pursuit to depend on a person.

Dragon 2: Ex-wife of Dong Yi’s person, early days is an useless bavin middleaged male, actually the heart has certain intention. Divorce hind relies on the currency of a bit bit that once bought, but mere enough keep the pot boiling.

Dong Bicheng: The father of Dong Yi’s person and Dong Li’s person, ceng Jin has been done base ever small government official, coerce Mr Yang battle marries his little sister. Make rich trade later, be in business in after failure, the suicide dies.

Chen Xiu plan: A graduation before long undergraduate, ever with be in according to the person same a school teach school, beginning is the person that be depended on likes, like to depend on a person later.

Illuminate: A mysterious old monk, have the connection of countless ties with whole story.

Prince of the Devils: The tall person of behind the curtain that appears when university of Chen Xiu plan, wisdom is nimble, eloquence is not had hinder.

Dong Li’s person: Dong Bicheng’s son, the elder brother of Dong Yi’s person.

Yang Youlan: With Dong Yi the person is in same an elementary school, it is educational administration director, ever with love of Dong Li’s person.

Mr Yang battle: Yang Youlan’s father, the strong president with black abdomen.

Mei Relan: The 2nd child of Mr Yang battle and Mei Ran.


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