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” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1711 words, update at: 2017-07-31 10:41

The boss lets me considerately resting, probably he thinks I got fright, does need restore? My face about prepares to leave.

At this moment say of that handsome man: “Elder brother, let her also sit a little while? I think seriously with her an apology! Hope elder brother and little sister can excuse my today’s behavior! I just have a face to come again after this. I just have a face to come again after this..

His word my some accidents, I am a clerk only, does he have former forgive again what concerns? Said again, even if excuse on my mouth, he what how think in the heart can know? I do not excuse him, what can I do again?

I am low head does not say, the boss looks me, hesitate say: “Beautiful beautiful, where are you uncomfortable? Where are you uncomfortable??

Don’t I understand what meaning he is? Shake subliminally shake one’s head, think the likelihood is the boss looks for excuse to leave for me later? But, how is the cerebra of my Mu Ne met at a draught have one’s ideas straightened out? What do I have uncomfortable? A moment ago was frightened really, but, everything had become past form now, did not cause what shadow to me, leave what sequela! It is normal that everything my still calculates.

Does the boss see the adamancy of my heart probably? Does the acceptance that doesn’t he know me of course have many strong? The business that I reach to be experienced greatly as a child is too much, so that be inside very short time, can return to normal very quickly!

The boss looks at me, some blame dialect quite: “Sit down rest a little while? “Sit down rest a little while??

I understand the rule in inn of course, and the boss sits in this, how dare I sit together with him? I shake shake one’s head: “I am not tired! Do I still go there? Do I still go there??

Hear my word, the boss still calculates satisfaction it seems that, his mood restores calm: “Attend this desk. ” I dare be not refuted, also cannot refute, of course, the boss is in, the occasion that I know to won’t have the sort of can’ting bear again appeared, stand in the boss’ back so.

The Cheng elder brother that sits on the chair to look at boss and me all the time at this moment looks at a boss: “Elder brother, since be a friend, I play the host today, get together with these a few brothers well! Get together with these a few brothers well!!

Cao Xinjun hastily: “Can knowing Cheng elder brother today is great rejoicing thing, it is my Cao Xinjun’s extremely big good fortune! Boss eldest brother, excuse me gives on us one desk best food and drink afresh, I can know Cheng elder brother to be celebrated so that celebrate well today! I can know Cheng elder brother to be celebrated so that celebrate well today!!

The boss to Deng foreman: “Give this the food and drink on the desk afresh! “Give this the food and drink on the desk afresh!!

Man Changyan asks frequently: “Is Cheng elder brother a center that wash bath? How to come to this today? I hear of you the business there is particularly prosperous, want to go all the time, be afraid that Cheng elder brother does not welcome namely, not dare rushed disturb! Not dare rushed disturb!!

The laugh with Cheng Ge Wenwen elegant Er: “Of deal hope the client is filled with the door of course, which have not gay truth? The business that I wash bath center still goes, thanks to numerous brothers sings the praises! Actually, I also pursue lively! Do not hide the truth from the everybody that be present, I come today here what be rare thing, the home that myself follows here is same! The home that myself follows here is same!!

Everybody looks at him surprisingly, jing Gang looks is a limb develop shallow-brained person, he is tongue of fast have a loose tongue more: “Are you? “Are you??

Cheng elder brother sees he is the person with the sort of faster than brain mouth of course, laugh good-temperedly to everybody, pointing to a boss with the hand: “This boss is my elder brother, want his word only, my go through fire and water is willing to risk any danger! My go through fire and water is willing to risk any danger!!

Some feel everybody to be not worn brains, jing Gang is a straight intestines, a word is not put in abdomen, he is raucous atmospheric asks: “Cheng elder brother, feeling is you and this boss elder brother two? Feeling is you and this boss elder brother two??

Cheng elder brother glances boss, the look when he sees a boss was full of esteem and gentle: “Although we are not the full brother that suckle a brethren, even closer than full brother however! Even closer than full brother however!!

Man Chang is bringing curiosity ask: “Does Cheng elder brother and this elder brother have not general story certainly? A few brother can you give us say? Let us elder brother also increases knowledge< a few times! Let us elder brother also increases knowledge< a few times!!

Cao Xinjun also is assentationing: “Be, cheng elder brother, you are told to us, affirmation is touching! ” he thinks explore probably bottom, what relation is wanting to know Cheng elder brother follows a boss after all? Does their friendship have many after all deep?

Jin Cheng at this moment expression is especially other and grave, feeling was full of in sound: “Do not hide the truth from an everybody that be present, my elder brother is my one’s great benefactor, it is the benefactor that my this all one’s life cannot repay, we are the friendship that spend a lot! We are the friendship that spend a lot!!

The boss checks he says: “Cheng child, today is happy life, that is bygone, early childhood what does it do? Early childhood what does it do??

“Elder brother, you let me say! So old, don’t you still know the state of mind of your little brother? I want to look for an individual to say only, you let me be spat for fast! ” Jin Cheng looks at a boss cordially.

See his earnest look, the boss shakes helplessly shake one’s head talk no longer, this also calculates acquiesce in him to say, jin Cheng is below narrate:

I am smaller than elder brother 3 years old, in one’s childhood we are neighbour two. From 56 years old when begin, I turn at the back of the end that all day long follows elder brother, I am his bug following fart, he is my protective god.

Remember be in my summer, the heat with special at that time day, that moment returns unlike now, heated up develop cool. Our kids is good move essential no less than static coming, all day long east run the where of bump goes on the west. Still do not have in those days so flourishing now, the city also does not have extend to become present dimensions. Without establishment of what You Le, have a lot of natural or the water hole that digs sand to stay artificially, edges of a lot of child haunt water play.

One day, playing, I slip not carefully in water… . When waiting for me to open an eye again, see elder brother genuflect is in my beside shedding tear. He comes to me from the fish out in water, he was psyched out at that time, still think I drowned…

Since then, I am to follow closely elder brother left and right sides more, elder brother also leaves understand without being told to consider me everywhere. I am 9 years old when my father with respect to be dead, what mom is leading I and little sister life is very difficult, I did not want to study at that time, think mom of side coming home earns money raise the home.


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