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Annals brave does not want to divorce, but see my attitude definitely absolutely, it is even beside also do not want to stay in him momently. Hear the word that I say, probably he still is a little true love to me, be afraid that I can say like oneself really in that way, can you continue the courage of subsist? Final, he still agrees to do divorce procedure with me together.

Take divorce testimony, I at a draught as if relieved of a heavy load, eventually free! Am I intentional manage obstacle? Have divorce hobby?

When Home Cong Zhiyong comes out, I took inside and outside two are changed wash the dress, put in a bag back a shoulder, I throw my hand mechanism machine in the drawer of annals brave home directly, I want to be interrupted temporarily contact with everything in the home, I think the outer look unfamiliar of own calmly lives for some time.

I say to annals brave: “My dress is put in this first, when waiting for where day to do not have a thing, I come back to take again. When waiting for where day to do not have a thing, I come back to take again..

His eye socket is aglow: “Beautiful beautiful, did you go directly? When to come back? When to come back??

My bleak laugh: “Had waited for we think, probably the opportunity that we still have good-bye side. ” on the mouth so say, when wanting to have good-bye really in the heart.

When parting company, he has some of be reluctant to part: “Beautiful beautiful, do I send you to come home? So far how do you go back? So far how do you go back??

My tear goes to sneakingly again piece emerge: “Need not send, I am afraid that mom sees you get angry again, you go back first, I give some of thing is bought in the home, took a taxi to go back next. Took a taxi to go back next..

See me so say he also holds to no longer, the family that does not want to see me really should be in his heart, still having the rancor that cannot be at ease to them probably? The job that when should have his mom and sister said with him Xiao Liang sends him, produces? He talks no longer, riding a bicycle crestfallenly to leave.

I am to sit his bicycle is second-class come, because I am early good with respect to the plan, divorced I also won’t return Mom home. Although mom just says brave following sign does not identify me together this daughter, so, divorced the daughter that I still am her as before, is she still my mom as before? But think of mom’s manner, my heart is like ice house in, how also cannot delay comes over.

I choose to escape the life with this kind of awkward now pain making a person, here had become my sad ground. I want to neglect the job that once produced, think those who make everything true to become the past, I think of a place that knows me without the person, won’t somebody alludes again the past that I did not wish to face in the past, probably in that way can I forget everything?

I do not want to continue to live below the assistant of pa Mom, everything is done by them advocate, I had wanted to belong to the life of myself, I should feed myself with my both hands, give a son support again some Qian Nianshu perhaps marries son’s wife. Pa Mom still does not calculate now old, what same beside without the child meeting lives is very good, wait for them to need what when the person is taken care of, I go back to still also come again to reach.

What who says who is inherent is recreant and incompetent? Am I believed leave family cannot I live? I should confirm my ability, I should let everybody know, my life does dictate by myself! Thinking so, I hesitate no longer wandering, more turn round no longer, went up directly the passenger car in city.

Although do not have a move into one’s husband’s household upon marriage, be however in TV or know some of current condition from inside the mouth of others, left a car, I begin advertent where to have hire enlightenment, hear of the medium that has special introduction job, just want to make money first then, listen to a person to say, those who deceive people is quite much still. Oneself try luck first, look can come up against, do not touch really look for intermediary again.

Went casually blast, encounter two hired places really, one is shampoo room, I go in discovery to have the woman that wear heavy make-up, sitting on a piece of lounge amusing of edge smoking edge, this cultivate land that remembers people has said at a draught just is pornographic service place, frighten so that retreat hastily, for fear that is forced to stay by others.

The 2nd recruits silver, I can take out id card only, record of formal schooling of above of family requirement high school, and the home should be in city inside, I can bemoan one’s inadequacy in the face of a great task!

Crossed midday, the feeling is a little hungry and tired, looked for domestic snack counter, wanted cake of furnace of a piece of bowl jellied bean curd, condole, slowly eating, this wanting that the boss to or clerk ask to want not to work, see small shop in also client of it doesn’t matter, oneself also do not have necessary mouth.

Also understand in him heart, applying for a job is not so easy thing, need time and opportunity, the inn that oneself should seek a petty gain first take up one’s quarters, buy a newspaper that hires enlightenment to to who perhaps ask about hired place again next? Thinking it is good to went again so, can can red day drops on the west, curtain of night is forthcoming.

Have the inn with a very cheap it seems at the moment eventually, door face is not big, push the door, a not old entrance hall is inside, go to again inside the corridor with the long length that is pitch-dark, a door is next to a door. Oneself think of a jail with respect to couplet at a draught, of course oneself do not know the jail is what appearance at all.

Vestibular a side has a desk, sitting from the back more than 30 years old black poor woman, see somebody comes in, she is very natural very informal look me up and down one time.

The woman extended a lazy waist, lazy lazy voice: “Accommodation? A person? A person??

My hesitant inclination: “One constellation how many money? “One constellation how many money??

“See you live what kind of room? Have bid, cell, 3 worlds, how many fund do you consider? ” probably she sees I am a poor ghost, manner some haughty be proud rise.

“How many money is the cheapest? ” in him bag not much money, do not know when to can find the job again, oneself must careful calculation and strict budgeting, my encouraged asks.

“The cheapest? Ao, 3 worlds have piece of empty bed now, 60 yuan a day, nevertheless with respect to remnant this piece of bed, if you think 50 yuan to give you cheap point one day really, want to live, do not live you are asking fasten the home, this is cheap and excellent price! ” the woman is like and halfhearted the guest that I do not have what grease this.


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