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Annals brave is the person of a formalist Mu Na, I am early discovered, want him to be opposite sincerely only I I not dispute is too much, mu Na how? We spend our time, need not do foreign affair again.

Leave parents more than 10 days, miss really in the heart, do not know I am not beside the body of pa Mom how? Ferial is li of housework vivid who works? Employ a person to work? I still persuade annals brave and me to come home together finally visit father and mother.

He is not willing 100 times: “Beautiful beautiful, not be I do not want to go, I am afraid that your Mom sees I am angry, in case be enraged bad by me how to do? She cannot see my mood will be better, better to your manner nature. Better to your manner nature..

“It is our two first time after coming out come home after all, if you do not appear pa Mom this are oversensitive! The fire that estimates mom of this paragraph of time also this disappear. ” I also know mom sees annals brave will be angry, can be now already what is done cannot be undone, cannot always go down so all the time?

Finally I two belts are worn the son gave pa Mom to buy to market first depressor and the red that save a heart, bought fleshy food, annals brave as before whats do not say, just follow silently in back, be like my doing what is essential at him fine long hair is irrelevant! Count on him to be able to think of what perhaps draws out bit of money from bag actively, that compares the sun from in the west come out to return impossible.

Distance home is closer and closer, my heart also even more disturbed fluster, think of mom the expression of that boil with anger, think of the heart disease that mom may cause because of life, I begin to hesitate, should oneself come home really?

Son of course without giving thought to so much, put him to the ground from the bicycle, he cheers at a gallop: “Grandmother, grandmother, Lao as form of a address for an official or rich man — ” I am helping a thing of annals brave at a leisurely pace be taken downward, at this moment father is greeted from house.

Father is to bow first hold a son in the arms, walk over to us next, be in close before stop, the say that show tender affection for: “Beautiful beautiful, how to just come back so for long? Still get angry you? Pa Mom worries about you, do not know you pass how appearance? Do not know you pass how appearance??

I endeavor to restrain my to did not let tear flow: “I just arrived there, clear away a house, acquire of thing what, the thing is too much, did not come back for nothing all the time, ability is busy today be over, do not know the circumstance in the home is what kind of? Do not know the circumstance in the home is what kind of??

Father is smiling: “Had held out in the home, I and your Mom still are old pattern, do not absolutely refuse to to live, you need not worry about for us. ” father is saying to to annals brave: “Speed house, her Mom feels distressed namely daughter, always fear the daughter can suffer bend, not be to want to embarrass really you. Not be to want to embarrass really you..

We entered room together, mom sits in sofa to watching TV, do not know we come in at all it seems that. The my guilty shy with strangers before going up raves unripely: “Mom, I came back! I came back!!

Mom carries see me soon, did not jubilate to also was not detested, with nose hum hum, continue to watch her TV. Father pared to the son root banana, let put the son in mom’s bosom next: “Kiss a gender quickly to kiss a gender with grandmother, grandmother thinks you quickly dead! Grandmother thinks you quickly dead!!

I know father hereat meaning makes mom mood better the manner alleviates some. The son sits in mom’s bosom, the hand cuddle that wears for nothing with the neck of cuddle mom: “Grandmother, wintry winter can think grandmother! Wintry winter can think grandmother!!

This mom again also cannot apathetic, mom is wintry winter cuddle in the bosom, it is close it is to look: “Still be me old daughter’s son is good, everybody is no good, everybody is false! ” the close grandson that is mom after all, she still hits what wintry winter is very fond of in the heart.

I am not quite originally talktive, below this kind of case more do not know to say what is good? Annals brave is not good at one’s words more, pa Mom seems to be disinclined what to say with me again! Very fast house static come down, have the voice in TV only, atmosphere is a little awkward.

Oneself begin to clear away a house to look for some of work to work, mom all the time the face does not have expression, look angry still do not have disappear, she is lazy even mix to my disappointment at expression resented. Oneself became busy a work that feels it doesn’t matter is too much, say good-bye with pa Mom simply the abode that answers oneself.

“Pa Mom, I went back first, sometime sees you again. ” apparently oneself are very quiet, psychology is not flavor very really, want to look for a place to cry loudly only one painful.

Father is busy do not fold: “Beautiful beautiful ah, you can want to often come back, I and your Mom age are old, it is not certain today to have have tomorrow, glance little! Pa Mom is not at ease issue you! Pa Mom is not at ease issue you!!

Tear is being hit in orbit turn, although I do not want to leave the home from the heart, do not want to leave pa Mom, but, I do not have the courage that stay and reason really. The depressed home that returns annals brave again. After all, here at least annals brave is happy happy, he need not face cold face of mom, need not listen to a few offensive reprimand more.

Whats are a habit, time became long was used to, I also believe him morning and evening can be used to the life that like-minded brave is together, person is what this all one’s life lives a habit?

With respect to such lives that I let myself hard suit, such, a few days went again, this day afternoon, oneself are preparing to make dinner, annals brave goes to the school receiving a son to classes are over, at this moment the mobile phone is noisy, accident is the phone in the home, I immediately flurried, is knowing what thing or pa Mom to go out to think his in the home?

I receive electrify sentence, the roar of mom shake ear transmits inside: “Gu Jiali, you offend him disaster to hide quiet went, who to want to be enraged dead? Give me racily to come back! Give me racily to come back!!

I am frightened to get palpitate with anxiety and fear by mom’s word and tone, how can be mom sent so conflagration? What job to give? Want to ask how mom returns a responsibility, in the phone transmit busy tone early, of mom chafe give the telephone call hanged.

Have not enough time to think more, cannot think of to be gone to again more time hit a phone to ask how to ask about a bottom to return a responsibility? Even if was hit, mom also won’t pick up the telephone again certainly. Call to annals brave hastily: “Had an accident in my home, I must go back first, receive a son you go to my home directly. ” saying a person to had walked out of a door.

I became mad same, desperately toing step on bicycle, wish two costal region give birth to a wing to fly to the side of pa Mom at a draught.

Did not know to use how long, come very quickly to the front of the door, the car is gone to throw aside run quickly in past house directly.

Develop the sitting room of pa Mom room directly, inside desk pour chair to break up, still have the fragment of cup of a few glass, water, here seems to just pass a war, it is one ins disorder everywhere. Father is to hear sound to go from bedchamber probably.

I was stupefied by the scene before, logy is stupefied over, at this moment father started to talk: “Beautiful beautiful ah, you can come, your Mom heart attack, within an inch of did not come over, you also see within an inch of again be less than your Mom! You also see within an inch of again be less than your Mom!!

Me simply with respect to be frightened out of one’s wits: “How? What job to give? What job to give??


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