The feeling广州花名录 with mixed 45.

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Chen Yu is pure wiped a face, the tear that erasure did not fight, take skill chance, dialed the telephone of the rain of leisurely of boudoir sweet Cui that has kept already.

“Feed… leisurely rain… “

“Pure treasure? You called eventually I think you very much! You called eventually I think you very much!!

“Leisurely rain… did you answer A city, we see one side in old place. We see one side in old place..

“I come immediately. ” Cui leisurely rain lets Chen Yu is pure that grave dialect knew, affirmation is occupied, so Cui leisurely rain did not say a word more, make turning around toward the driver that turns over direction to leave immediately.

? ?

As always light tone.

Chen Yu is pure had arrived, volt is carried on base do not have a bit effort, do not have a bit appetite to the ice cream that likes most repeatedly.

“Little little sister, how cannot the ice-cream that you like most usually leave an opening today? How cannot the ice-cream that you like most usually leave an opening today??

Chen Yu is pure did not talk, just shake his head.

Counterjumper went away, situation of rain of leisurely of Cui of as it happens came.

“Pure treasure, how? ” Cui leisurely rain still coils directly the long hair that coil, temperament still is as always grace, comparative Chen Yu is pure, it is so extremely abjection, even if so luxuriant dress, also do not build that is abjection, “You how all over the face not happy? What to produce after all, who is dry? I come forward for you, kill he! Kill he!!

Chen Yu is pure should cry it seems that, thing of general of twitch one’s mouth one word does not leak the ground is spoken.

“He brain is abnormal! Why this pattern is right I ah! Why this pattern is right I ah!!

Hear a paragraph of Chen Yu’s pure word, cui leisurely rain came down calmly instead.

“Pure treasure, perhaps, not be you want in that way. Not be you want in that way..

“What is that ah… ! “What is that ah… !!

“Perhaps, that is a kind of love. That is a kind of love..

“Leisurely rain, what are you saying, why I am understood not… “

“Pure treasure, ” Cui leisurely rain extends a hand to touch Chen Yu’s pure head, “You idea is simpler now, perhaps won’t understand, after waiting, slowly, you can understand. You can understand..

Chen Yu is pure not self-conscious frown, did not talk.

? ?

Chi Lengmin stands in the baluster edge of corridor alone, locking up eyebrow closely, look at this first floor, can think just thing, be full of in the heart self-condemned, be at a loss, wait mixed feeling a moment, how is can not knowing for the first time good…

Be in at this moment, want to open the door sound.

Instant of Chi Lengmin brows is loose, see past doorway subliminally, but the door was not opened.

Chi Lengmin thinks the sound that the gate opens is not such, knit again tightened eyebrow.

Eyebrow just was locked up, annulus of a pair of hands lived Chi Lengmin’s waist.

That is a pair, very fine very fine procurable, but was full of drape, show the vicissitudes of life of the ways of the world fully.

Chi Lengmin turn aside, it is the look that handsomes however to what go up.

Underwear and a Chi Lengmin were worn to doff the jacket below only on beautiful body, because thin thin garment unlined upper garment was dropped with be being ripped to rot.

In heart of pool cold Min ineffable disgusting.

One pushed beautiful.

“Leng Min, you how… why to push me… “

“You already were not once upon a time you, I also love you no longer, not slow-witted was here, take away a dress casually, hasten. Hasten..

“That… a moment ago… why… “

Chi Lengmin pauses, “Did not ask. ” walked into room conveniently to take a clothes next, threw beautiful.

“Put on the dress, go. Go..

beautiful frown, must put on the dress to walk out of pool home villa.

Just, chen Yu is pure came back, beautiful and Chen Yu are pure to going up the eyes, beautiful understood immediately, this is Chi Lengmin ” new sweetheart ” , the expression with one detestable face saw eye of old rain simple, walked out of a gate.

“I absolutely cannot so abandon easily, chi Lengmin, the person that still can become me sooner or later… his money… be our home sooner or later more!

beautiful is taking a taxi, come to a shop.

“Hey, that one hospital that hears of pool home is looking for family for a woman! Look, do not touch feminine Chi Lengmin two years, looked for a new sweetheart. Looked for a new sweetheart..

beautiful halted.

Pool home, new sweetheart? Look for family?


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