Fiftieth 6 chapters, Xiao Jun广州夜生活娱乐论坛JHF knows the fact

” the home and storm ” the grain of rice of pumpkin home / , this chapter in all 891 words, update at: 2017-10-07 15:15

Big mind body has recovered, he told Zhang Yingxue Yan Meimei and the amour of old Kevin, he regretted to marry the United States with the divorce that mirror snow at the outset. Mirror snow what to to say more, the little sister that just replaces oneself Zhang Xiaojun place is aggrieved. Beautiful beauty reaves him husband at the outset within an inch of is killed dead bright, it is Gao Youhe was saved bright bright life, return a few times 3 times for him rescue sb from a siege, hurt be in hospital again to save his even, she is to Gao Youhe the heart is put appreciate. Since oneself had promised what friend mixes to propose, so also answer again between he and Hong Dezhi did not go. Big mother knew those bad thing that do before beautiful beauty, begin feign madness to make fun of the United States, beautiful beauty is chased after to hit with broom by big mother. “You this bad woman, I should beat dead you. ″

“Mom, I am daughter-in-law beautiful beauty! Your grandchildren was conceived in my abdomen. Your grandchildren was conceived in my abdomen..

“Grandchildren, my grandchildren shines only. The affirmation of the bosom in your abdomen is wild kind. The affirmation of the bosom in your abdomen is wild kind..

Old Kevin develops Yan Meimei suddenly before, block that one broom of next big mothers for Yan Meimei, small bamboo happen to delimits go up in the face of Chen Kai Wen Yinglun, dot bruise sufferred on his face. Big mother one Jing, broom is dropped was in on the ground.

” enough! Dead carline. . “Saying Yan Meimei pick up the broom that big mother has used also wants to frighten her, big mother was expelled. Before going, still do not forget to leave: of a word? Ju?* ! “Hou Meimei sees big parent in those days is to be being installed mad.

“Kevin, you see you care me so. Flat you divorce with Zhang Xiaojun. We calculated together! “Yan Meimei cast a leer to old Kevin, build both hands the shoulder in old Kevin to go up, ground of exuding tenderness and love through eyes sees say of Xiang Chenkai article.

“I care you, because my child was conceived in your abdomen,be. If do not have this child, I won’t provide your job for certain that today. “Old Kevin establishs Ma Song to open Yan Meimei’s hand, alarm inspect.

“I can divorce for you and Hong De, cannot you abandon Zhang Xiaojun for me. It is so good that that woman has really, some time ago I still see in the hospital she visits her former husband Liu Jiayou in the hospital! These two people! It is to have say those who laugh to have. Are the wife Zhang Xiaojun that are you afraid of you and Liu Jiayou of her former husband old affection resume combustion? “[Zhang Xiaojun sees Liu Jiayou is to have its thing however, have nevertheless say to have laugh, that is beautiful beauty designed and fictional, good energy of life issues old Kevin. ]

Old Kevin returns the home in, become unusually cool to Zhang Xiaojun. After-thought has those words that say before beautiful beauty, old Kevin hand grasps heavy fist, hit on the top of a wall. Zhang Xiaojun ability no matter old Kevin is what manner to oneself, she still cares the old Kevin that sufferred an injury, she took out ointment to be for old Kevin besmear on the face that sufferred an injury.

“Fought with the family again. Article of ″ Chen Kai does not have Zhang Xiaojun of pay attention to, two people were immersed in cold war. Till later Zhang Yingxue tells Zhang Xiaojun Yan Meimei and the thing of old Kevin, beautiful beauty conceived the child of old Kevin. Zhang Xiaojun becomes again lose, expression is absentminded. Want to was less than Kevin to become the 2nd Liu Jiayou. She is sad weep, him jest is to meet a person really not kind and gentle!


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