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” the home and storm ” the grain of rice of pumpkin home / , this chapter in all 408 words, update at: 2017-07-25 07:22

Because of Liu Jiacheng’s actual strength and his bearing, the most important the identity that is cornstalk of that his Home Liu. Zhen Zhu and Liu Xueru had discussed to let Liu Jiacheng take office as learn Confucianism the hospital is new allowed dean, second child Liu Jia Youwei learns Confucianism the assistant dean of the hospital! Sweet heart of the Song Dynasty has dissatisfaction, liu Jiacheng congratulations low before the person, jia Cheng waiting for Liu leaves to go on the road after the hospital, ao Di of a black opens Xiang Liujia sincere, there is a wife that takes blue guaze mask and black sunglasses to want in the car deathtrap of Liu Jiacheng park.

“Jia Cheng is careful! “Jia Cheng is careful!!

Crisis hour, yang Lan come out boldly, accompanying the Jing cry of the brake sound with urgent car, passerby, a shocking blackish red lay off only beautiful hematic mark, quaky red is recounting never-failing desolate, her hand points to gently move, catch the ring in beginning closely, slowly raise, spent all effort.

“Jia Cheng, save… save… “

“Yang Lan, you are at ease. I can save you. I can save you..

“Not, I let you save… the child that helps us! “Not, I let you save… the child that helps us!!

Ground of Liu Jiacheng amazed holds a Yang Lan in the arms, send toward the hospital.

“I am sorry we had endeavored, the child was not protected! The child was not protected!!

“A few months did this child conceive? “A few months did this child conceive??

“Just two months so run off, really regrettablly… “

Liu Jiacheng comes down to thinking carefully calmly, that job of Yang Lan and Chen Ziang produces before half month nevertheless. He dare affirm, the child of Yang Lan run off is his hematic arteries and veins.


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