The 15th chapter: G深圳蒲神报告区ood evening, girlfriend

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Eat a meal he follows as expected those who say is same, importunate sends Shu Qing to downstair. Shu Qing is a little strange he is the address that how knows his, be like is to see his doubt, xiao Ze says, I said I am ready, include these for certain. The thing that he did not shift to an earlier date himself several days to be arranged to here tells her.

Shu Qing feels to leave him in be like downstairs is inappropriate, say so, should you go up sit?

Xiao Ze did not refuse, he upstairs carried Shu Qing’s baggage, shu Qing turns on door and lamp, have bit of constraint say, shanghai house is quite expensive, I can this area since the burden.

Xiaoze laughs, if disrelish,say you small can live over there me. Easy fine twitch one’s mouth, don’t such someones still say you are old does the ox eat tender grass? Also not be bashful.

I am serious, he says. My home needs a goodwife.

Shu Qing does not pay attention to him, face about goes clearing away baggage, xiao Ze looked this next rooms up and down, not quite, appear very sweet however, the wallpaper of simple look and place, collocation rises not to have local color one time. He secretly think of, the room that must allow her him occupy as soon as possible, such houses just can become the home.

Shu Qing is cleared away end to begin to drive him to go back, xiao Ze appears a little blackguardly right now, must wait for a little while more. Flashy Shu Qing feels to come on him please is not the decision with clever what.

You are fast go back, already very late. Shu Qing keeps urging

You are fearing what, xiao Ze is bad the seeing that laugh she.

Are troubled by, fast go back. Shu Qing is pushing him to go toward the door.

Xiao Ze pulls instead her hand, an abrupt prevents Shu Qing not as good as, fall in his bosom.

So of too impatient to wait throw oneself into his arms, still drive me to go. Of his fix eyes on staring at Shu Qing’s aglow face.

Shu Qing is struggling to want to rise, what be held in the arms by him however is closer, shu Qing carries soon he, be being stared at instead by him however, she wants subliminally to sheer, the breath blow on the face that this is a man and come, differ easy fine response comes, xiao Ze already seize lived her lip, light red wine flavour leaves in the slack in mouth come.

Shu Qing returns future to must reach reaction, the pop with not self-conscious eye. Xiao Ze saw him helplessly, stretch one’s hand Fu lived her eye, mouth collect arrives her ear, close an eye, enjoy well.

Shu Qing still does not have the conversation that come, mouth again do not block up on, he is very tender, always exploring attentively him, handle gently is stroking her hair. Kiss little begins to spread from forehead. Eye, nose, her cheek, still have self-colored lip, xiao Zejing is kissing her staticly. What Shu Qing’s face irons is fearsome, and his kiss is taking filar silk cool idea however. Inarticulate is comfortable, shu Qing can’ts help hit quaky. Both hands is not self-conscious hugged his waist.

Be like is the response that found her, xiao Ze becomes more active and bold, taking the advantage of the opportunity that she breathes, tongue gently the shellfish tine that levered him, if encounter the fish of water, keep wandering, shu Qing’s face more very hot, breath also becomes more and more difficult, her emphatic ask for a favor was sucked at a heat, instead by him aggressive more complete, there are other sounds again in flashy house, remain two people’s hurried breath voice only, the sound that Shu Qing gives out inadvertently, let what Xiao Ze keeps deepen this kiss. Shu Qing enrols cannot sustain to bend over eventually was in on his shoulder.

Xiao Ze has turned her head, look at her eye, wear with finger dancing she has the lip with some of red extensive, shu Qing, he cries.


I love you. He says

I also am, desolate gentleman. From the first.

Time drop with a tick answers go, be like is lasting.

Holding her in the arms to stay half hour left and right sides, xiao Zecai rises, I should go really. Hated to part with otherwise.

Of be angry of easy fine charming hit him

Send him to the doorway, you drive careful. She says.

Favour, arrived to call to you.

After seeing him leave a floor, shu Qing goes to the side of the window, he seems to have a reaction same, look up to laugh toward her.

He laughs really good-looking, shu Qing thinks, become spring in the winter.

This kind of smile leaves till him, the phone that lasts to him is hit.

Giggle Where is what? He asks

Happy, think you grow the station is good-lookingly, I earned.

Two people chatted a long time, wanting to will want to go to work tomorrow finally, just of be reluctant to part with hanged a phone.

Good evening, girlfriend.

Good evening, desolate gentleman.


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