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I saw a pair of thirsty eyes like the beast, with the ejective fire in wherefrom eye. I know I await can darlingly only, for the elder brothers in jail, wait to regard an elegant sacrificial dedication as to go out oneself.

Think of here, I feel suddenly all over soft, like a delicate cake.

I had been held in the arms by firm canal rise. Hold in the arms gave prison house.

Inside the barrier that I saw both sides, all is the one greedy face of Ben Zhang of Zhang Zhang ** . If do not have that piece of barrier, I meet what be developed by therefrom face for certain a flock of strange animal are ripped


I hasten close an eye, the purpose makes his soul leaves reality, leave a body.

I floated to rise really it seems that, whole person waves to in sky. The ground is melting like the ice and snow of carnal positive-appearing image that feels me.

I know to press modern science, I am happening with me of other universe pester. Leap of my meeting instant goes to another spatio-temporal.

I do not know a kind to this is really agonal psychedelic, still produced quanta to pester really.

But this is really a kind enjoy excellently. So magical unusually cheerful.

I think an any objects of limit of bite into opening desperately, it is to be full of the flesh with male sweet body together it seems that, from gave out in throat blast blast roar.

But I hear a kind of voice again, one kind is transmitted from very far place, grave ** .

“Where is this? ” I opened an eye. Him discovery lies in soft on soft bed.

“Between the rest that is us. ” on the side the sound that is old elder brother.

I knew what to a moment ago produced. I saw that pair of aglow eyes, laugh to it.

“Can old elder brother return satisfaction? “Can old elder brother return satisfaction??

But did not reply, only again shifty. I also can again be most willing to.

“Piggy, sleep later here. Sleep later here..

Looking is to want my glom on to.

“A few firm canals do you have? ” I try to ask. I want to be able to be mixed again like be last in the prison, be crossed by many a ground.

“Altogether 5 people. “Altogether 5 people..

I wanted this to be over, these but unlike those a few a criminal awaiting for execution, however 5 male lion!

“Where is their person? Should come quickly ah. ” I say.

“We are 3 people are on duty by turns guard. Additionally two individual canals send a meal. Additionally two individual canals send a meal..

After the person with other that is to say still must wait for relief ah. Good, that is waiting.

“Can with respect to you 5 people provide so much criminal? ” I am looking for a topic to ask.

“Which are our canal. We just are in charge of firm door. There still is guard of more than 100 soldiers outside. There still is guard of more than 100 soldiers outside..

“Is that home of old elder brother far from here? “Is that home of old elder brother far from here??

“My where has the home. Had been here with respect to a person. Prison house is my home. Prison house is my home..

“Is that to also be mixed we are these a criminal awaiting for execution same ah? ” I am laughing to say, “Pardonable old elder brother is so thirsty. “Pardonable old elder brother is so thirsty..

“Let your laugh at? “Let your laugh at??

“Where, I very understand. Resemble those boar in the prison same, do not see meat or fish for long. Don’t additionally those 4 old elder brother also have the home? Don’t additionally those 4 old elder brother also have the home??

“Not, they have wife child, and leave home not far. And leave home not far..

“Ah, then old elder brother can leave piggy to be enjoyed alone here. ” I say, “Nevertheless I must seek your job. “Nevertheless I must seek your job..

“What thing? “What thing??

“You must tell us the person in that prison house, say I am here very good. They worry about lest. They worry about lest..

“All right. I tell them after a while, call them to thinking you again. Call them to thinking you again..

Evermore, I live together with this firm canal. Pretty good still nevertheless, besides sleep so that take more than firm Li Shu beyond, one day still can eat to wine has beautiful food of the flesh. This is old elder brother is to want to nod my fatten, sleep an ability is comfortable. Can never mention it, my true still him disclosure is fatter and fatter. Also had not known so how long, until one day, I see a soldier took two girls.

It is those two little sisters of foliaceous eldest brother actually. Old elder brother and additionally 4 people went by. They reached area of two little sisters on the side a room. I feel very strange. Be to say to want obviously her two was put? How was caught again?

I heard the cry that two girls frighten suddenly.

“You how her two be caught? ” when old elder brother come back, I ask.

“Not be we should catch them. Themselves wants to come back. Saying look for less than eating outside, still be inferior to coming in the prison, still can the meal eats. Still can the meal eats..

“That you them how? “That you them how??

“This… you ought to know. The man encounters a woman, especially beautiful tender girl, how can be tasted. ” old elder brother says lightly.

Thinking of really is such ah. If let foliaceous eldest brother,knew but disastrous. Ten million cannot let him know.

“Old elder brother, you can fasten this thing to tell us the person of prison house. Do not tell them these two girls came back again. ” I exhort at once old elder brother says.

“Why? “Why??

“Do not ask why, what you listen to me anyway is. What you listen to me anyway is..

“Good, I know is. ” saying him to rely on to come up again.

“You still must tell you those a few associates, never mention it leaked the mouth. ” I continue to say.

“All right, I knew. You are true Suo. ” he climbed my body afresh. Regard me as really it seems that his wife.

“Do you close tender sow of that both ends where? ” I continue to ask.

“Be in on the side in that house. “Be in on the side in that house..

“Must not let her two come out. Do not let us the person of that prison house saw. Do not let us the person of that prison house saw..

“All right, that we her two locks are in that room. Anyway she two also do not wish to go out. Anyway she two also do not wish to go out..

Think in my heart, because starve,still have actually, and be willing to be imprisoned. The distress that is a society really.

“Old elder brother, I want to see me the boar in those prison house. ” until eat lunch one day, ground of my in fear and trembling says to firm canal. I am true some miss those boar elder brothers.

“How, are you still missed remove them? Are you still missed remove them??

“Be, did not see for ages, still have some of crotchet really of that group of pigs. ” actually I am to think foliaceous eldest brother a little.

“Then I take you to go. ” old elder brother says, “Let you had been together today, still should return in the evening nevertheless come here. Still should return in the evening nevertheless come here..

“You let me spend one night in prison house, you is night to still have tender sow of that both ends? You is night to still have tender sow of that both ends??

“Good. ” old elder brother wants to say.

Return prison house when me in when, all of a few elder brothers was surrounded come up.

“Is little younger sister not bad? Didn’t that fellow mistreat a little sister? ” foliaceous eldest brother asks agog.

“Be at ease, eldest brother. That old man is to want to raise me rise, be enjoyed for him, how can mistreat me. How can mistreat me..


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