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Su Qian of 1000 some be agitated say: “Ask how, cannot ask! Cannot ask!!

Yang Ziqing sees Su Qian 1000 life hurriedly the explanation arrives: “Without, not, either. Either..

Yang Ziqing of 1000 for fear that is opposite Su Qian Li Anan is interesting ask anxiously: “What are you after all? You say however. You say however..

Yang Ziqing laugh laughs say: “Like, quite good, quite good,,

Su Qian 1000 hear Yang Ziqing to say to like to arrive suddenly suck a cool air, but what cannot say again, glare a Yang Ziqing says: “Is you just began to say to be fed up with? ! How to like again. How to like again..

Yang Ziqing is strong Su Qian 1000 blink blink an eye, stand by Su Qian 1000 laughing to say: “How, work care me to who like so. Work care me to who like so..

Su Qian 1000 look at the Yang Ziqing that leaves him close quarters, angry push Yang Ziqing suddenly say: “I just am disinclined to be in charge of you, I tell you An An has a boy friend! You do not want accost she. You do not want accost she..

Yang Ziqing looks at Su Qian the about of 1000 insecurity bursts out laughing say: “Good, I know, li Anan tells me, I treat her as namely the little sister is same, you also are, foolish girl, so small Tan Lian loves that. So small Tan Lian loves that..

“Hum, I am not small. ” Su Qian 1000 say face about to go.

Yang Ziqing laugh laughs follow in Su Qian 1000 from the back reply house, just cried to the Li Anan in house: “Did both of you do what? “Did both of you do what??

“Hold high, I go closet. ” Su Qian 1000 sit foolishly in say aside.

“Good, ” Li Anan also is disinclined to ask Yang Ziqing answered simply revive 1 million.

“Yang Ziqing, how don’t you still come home? ” Su Qian 1000 ask foolishly.

“How to think I go, regrettablly today plum the grandma says to let me stay have a meal kind. ” one face says Yang Ziqing complacently.

“Good good, you are optional. ” Su Qian 1000 had known Yang Ziqing and thing of Li Anan it doesn’t matter, pay no attention to completely say.

“Do you have a meal here today? I say how my pa works in the kitchen with Uncle Su then. ” Li Anan looks at Yang Ziqing to say.

“Ha, I discover your pa is too fierce, I just waded kitchen, discover two people are working dish is quite spicy still. ” Yang Ziqing is laughing to say.

“That is, my pa but fierce that, a little while the craft that you taste my pa is absolutely and open-eyed to you. ” Li Anan self-confidence says completely.

“Good, nevertheless plum aunt and revive aunt that? ” Yang Ziqing looks to did not see they say questioningly.

“My Mom and plum the aunt takes move plum the grandma went out with grandpa Li, came back a little while. ” Su Qian 1000 unmindful answers Yang Ziqing.

“Good, ” Yang Ziqing goes to the side of him little brother, him for company the little brother watchs TV.

Su Qian 1000 look at dull sponge darling, conveniently took 3 packets of potato piece deal out Yang Ziqing and young fat person, who knows Su Qian 1001 open potato piece did not eat a few oneself old Mom to come back, to Su Qian 1001 accusation say: “Eat eat, know to eat Peng to change provision. Know to eat Peng to change provision..

1001 faces see Su Qian absently Yang Ziqing and young fat person, as a result that two people watch TV darlingly, su Qian 1001 faces are muddled those who force ask: “You two how to eat, why to abuse my person… “

Yang Ziqing laugh laughs say: “Because we did not eat, because you are compared,have bad luck. Because you are compared,have bad luck..

Plum how to install what also take pleasure in other’s misfortune to sit to Su Qian 1000 on the side say: “Hey, what why get hurt always is you. What why get hurt always is you..

1001 hand hit Su Qian on Li Anan body to say: “You had better not take pleasure in other’s misfortune now, I feel to arrive soon you. I feel to arrive soon you..

As expected, plum Mom is strong Li Anan cries: “Slave girl to death, you do not know to help me put a thing! ” Su Qian 1000 hear plum of the aunt cry, of own know how to behave in a delicate situation rapidly revive help oneself old Mom of the province says him again.

Yang Ziqing is taking young fat person to also ran over to help, revive Mom and plum Mom is pulling two people to say rapidly need not, taking them to go back next sitting on sofa, leave Su Qian work completely 1000 with Li Anan two people.

Su Qian 1000 be opposite with Li Anan inspect, helpless forward the other side shakes shake one’s head express to also do not talk, state be accustomed to sth is forced to arrange its natural acceptance.

Did not pass how long is grandpa Li grandma mixed plum grandma also came back, the meal also has done the person of one everybody to sit to have a meal.

Yang Ziqing is laughing at praise revive pa and plum pa craftsmanship is fine, of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of Li Anan boastful, revive pa and plum pa also is being catered to joking. Su Qian 1000 with young fat person two people are in charge of eating only, su Qian 1000 add dish to eat to also do not forget his to place to young fat person delicious.

A meal comes down everybody is holding out bulging little stomach to sit in sofa joke on you. Revive the thing that father said to come home accidentally, plum pa is busy say: “Hum, I still think this problem to say that to everybody, our company gave dot business, so we will go back tomorrow. This just eats a meal together suddenly today. This just eats a meal together suddenly today..

The start of within an inch of of 1000 surprises comes to Su Qian, yang Ziqing smile was in stiff on the face it do not know what to say is good to do not know what to say, but what Li Anan is unable to bear strength is big cry: “Will go back tomorrow! I had not played enough ah! I do not go, said I had not accompanied grandfather grandma again that… “

Plum Mom looks at what Li Anan does not have good energy of life to say: “You know to play, return for company with respect to you your grandfather grandma, it is excuse you want to leave yourself, cross yourself two days to go back. Cross yourself two days to go back..

Plum the grandma is laughing to say to Li Anan: “The intention grandma of good granddaughter knew, know a way anyway, mix presumably next time 1 million come at any time. ” there is Li Anan if grandpa Li also caters to move plum grandma.

Su Qian 1000 busy also say: “Go back together, come back to see grandfather grandma breath out together next time. Come back to see grandfather grandma breath out together next time..

Li Anan still wants what to say by Su Qian 1000 stemmed mouth bends over to say in side of Li Anan side: “Do not be troubled by, go back thing having a place, you must accompany me one case. You must accompany me one case..

Li Anan should ask on the spot: “What thing. How didn’t you say early, wait not urgently two days. Wait not urgently two days..

Su Qian 1001 anxious pull Gu Ziheng what should make excuse to say: “Urgent, urgent, particularly urgent, ” of take advantage of an opportunity forward Li Anan was done secretly mouth saying is Gu Ziheng.

After Li Anan understood, subdue nod, say to Yang Ziqing: “Yang Da elder brother, cannot go to your home the orchard played… “

Yang Ziqing is laughing to say: “Do not have a thing, crossed us two days to also must go back. Play together again next time. Play together again next time..

“Is your home this? ” 1001 faces say Su Qian questioningly.

“Also do not calculate, they also are in my grandfather grandma this, we look namely, cannot wait for a few days to also go. ” Yang Ziqing is laughing to say.

Plum the asks oneself old dad with An Anman not happy face says: “When will we go tomorrow then ah… “

Plum the afflictive interest that pa is learning Li Anan intentionally says: “Then we should have eaten breakfast possibly tomorrow to go. “Then we should have eaten breakfast possibly tomorrow to go..

The old father that Li Anan sees him makes fun of intentionally oneself, walk along the old father that oneself beat oneself before old father to say: “Hum, never mention it I. Never mention it I..

Talked about Yang Ziqing a little while to say to wanted to go back again, the little brother that is bringing oneself and revive they said pa plum pa to go. After Yang Ziqing went, revive Mom and plum Mom is in below for company old person talked.

Su Qian 1000 when just wanting to go upstairs, the phone that sees Gu Ziheng, su Qian 1000 feel secretly taking a mobile phone to pick up the telephone to the outside.

“Hello? Child constant “

“Hum, 1 million, I ask a winter child, the issue is a bit complex not quite good say. The issue is a bit complex not quite good say..

“Hum, do not have a thing, we will go back tomorrow, went back to let them meet say. Went back to let them meet say..

“Will be you answered tomorrow went back? How early? How early??

“Right, saying is occupied go back so. Saying is occupied go back so..

“All right, I also should go back two days this, go back to did not let them meet first nevertheless, I go back to meet to you say. What the thing happens is not quite good… “

Su Qian 1000 see Gu Ziheng no-go also saying look says: “All right, that goes back to say again. Did you have a meal? Did you have a meal??

“Hum, all right, I had eaten, you that? ” Gu Ziheng is laughing to say.

“Hum, I also had eaten. ” Su Qian 1000 just said. Hear back has him the sound of old Mom calls him, su Qian 1000 frighten so that hurry cannily to hang up, look at the old Mom that walks into oneself.


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