Truth of the 25th chapter 广州夜蒲网桑拿论坛2

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Admire Hao day puts down a mobile phone, expression is done not have before sober, of be agitated turned in the room circuit just sat on sofa!

“Han Qi, lin Qingqing that child at that time is mountain pass is built of 2! Lin Qingqing that child at that time is mountain pass is built of 2!!

“I had been guessed! Otherwise the disposition with her, how did admire mom have a hand in her to hide! She should is troubled by so that topic of the town just is opposite! ” Han Qi is not open-eyed!

“I am curious only this mountain pass 100 benefit are after all why can fling caution to the winds beside should come to you, is hiding at this point very good? ” Han Qi spoke another doubt!

“That is her too avaricious! ” admire Hao day shakes the cup in the hand, he takes signal.

“Elder brother, or I will go to a company driving away her tomorrow calculated! Leaving so big thunder, I am afraid that moment will be more critical! ” admire is satisfying the conversation that hearing them, 7788 what had understood!

“I think from mountain pass 100 benefit enter the mouth, let mountain pass build 2 have will not have time! ” in the eye of admire Hao day by added a cruelty!

“Mountain pass 100 benefit can not be so good let you hold those who accuse! You can want caution she bites you instead readily! ” Han Qi does not have law newlywed person that evil-minded and abhorrent woman!

Admire Hao day knows of course, if what say like Han Qi really, so he is met special passivity! Hit a snake hit 7 inches, what he should give them is biff deadly!

“Han Qi, I can give mountain pass 100 benefit a false appearance, make her good pass information to mountain pass to build 2, draw out home of empty mountain pass quickly to had washed all money on white Zhang face next, it is mountain pass trading company! A month, let cloth of their collapse Pan Xuan go bankrupt! Mountain pass good athlete looks for me with respect to what can fling caution to the winds, to moment we have method to cope with him! Resemble now such, they often hide in den not to come out, we are how not his! We are how not his!!

Of Han neat approve of nod! “Want to make we accompany you to act in a play OK, tonight, you entertain guests! ” Han Qi raises eyebrow, restored a pair of ruffian to enrage the hyperbole expression of very consider oneself unexcelled in the world!

The following day midday, admire Hao day opens the door of the office, just thought up, han Qigang also comes to the doorway opportunely.

“Han Qi, what matter is worn so urgently look for me? ” range of admire Hao day does not have expression!

One face of Han Qi is quarrelsome, “I ask admire Hao day you, do you let mountain pass really 100 benefit do that women continue to stay in the company? Do you let mountain pass really 100 benefit do that women continue to stay in the company??

“How? ” frown of admire Hao day.

“Since you knew she is what person, why to leave her even! You forgot your admire home to have the enemy of absolutely irreconcilable with home of their mountain pass! ” Han Qi went backwards what he pushs before going up one times several paces!

“Han Qi, what do you send mad, 100 benefit she also is a victim! I believe her to know this what to should do after experiencing so much thing! I believe her to know this what to should do after experiencing so much thing!!

Success of admire Hao day is cruel go! Two uncle are pulled open before everybody dare get on the assistant on the side, allow to be continued to quarrel by them!

“My thing does not need you to worry about, the business that runs good yourself is OK! ” admire Hao day is looked at coldly before anger the Han Qi that cannot rest.

“Good, I no matter, I answer the United States now, you had better not regret ” Han Qi says face about to leave.

100 benefit did not know mountain pass to be risked at a draught from where come out, “Hao Tian, you do not have a thing! ” the care of before going up one face.

Admire Hao day did not manage she, face about answered the office!

Mountain pass 100 benefit are fast follow-up office, “Hao Tian, it is me bad, I still leave otherwise! Of the province you are embarrassed! ” the mood that explore.

“Go along with him, this thing has nothing to do with with you ” admire Hao day sits on sofa, emphatically is pressed kneading temporal, feel very afflictive appearance.

“Hao Tian, I will help you press ” mountain pass on 100 benefit before, explore press to him, admire Hao day did not object, let her heart in glad!

Passed a little while, ” Hao Tian, you are hungry, how do we go out to have bit of thing? How do we go out to have bit of thing??

Reply without the person, mountain pass 100 benefit turn to the side of him, day of original admire Hao had been asleep!

Mountain pass 100 benefit lay him gently on sofa directly, built an air conditioning blanket to him. Look at sleep abrupt eye of ripe admire Hao weather became dark dark!

Face about poured cup coffee to oneself incompact not slow drank rise, the cup since end was in what admire makes a round trip in Hao Tian’s office to turn circuit, final the drawer that half attack by surprise wears a pair of evil-minded eye gaze at, saw an eye return the admire Hao day in sleep soundly, come to the front of desk quickly next, open a drawer, above the attention that a red file bag caused her! Strange, general file bag is normal hint given with the eyes, why this file bag can be red!

Take care next saw day of eye admire Hao again, the laugh that raise of corners of the mouth prevails!

Open file bag quickly, a pair of acridity eyes are showing greedy light, draw out skill machine quickly, patted quickly next, ready, mountain pass 100 benefit had arranged the file anew, put! Come to the front of French window quickly next! Had this, she can be in mountain pass hero kisses take credit for other’s merit at the same time, let him put him next!

She does not believe one! Include admire Hao day! They are the people of a world far from, her experience is too too much and dirty, too much kill, too much and dark! Essential not to be exposed to is smooth!

After passing more than 30 minutes again, leisurely of admire Hao day turns wake!

“Hao Tian, did you wake? ” mountain pass 100 benefit hasten before going up, one face is deeply concerned, “I see you complexion is bad, where is uncomfortable! Where is uncomfortable!!

“I do not have a thing, rest recently insufficient, some are fond of the head! ” admire Hao day objects.

“Now when? ” admire Hao day asks.

“Already a bit faster! I am afraid that you are uncomfortable did not leave ” ! Mountain pass one face shows consideration for 100 benefit.

“Thank, go having a meal, I am hungry also! ” admire Hao season starts, take suit jacket, wait below, admire Hao day seemed to think of the thing with important what, come to the front of desk rapidly, open a drawer, grow long stretch next tone, next fast lock up the drawer!

She does not know, in his face about when mountain pass 100 benefit within an inch of thinks he is discovered, frighten so that she wants to seize the door and escape really!


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