M深圳蒲神改名深时代in Hui’s feeling

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Wen Yan, tang Xin sits before dresser, open a drawer, see lying silently in the drawer only. . . . . . Well? House property card!

Ground of Tang Xin doubt looks at the first month to case, what does house property card have to be able to look.

Look at the eyes that case of the first month encourages, tang Xin stretchs his hand open house property card, but, treated house property disease, tang Xin is foolish foolish the ground is stupefied, do not do unexpectedly temporarily give any response, also do not know to should say what word. “This. . . . . . This. . . . . . This is how to return a responsibility, how can your home be my name on house property card. How can your home be my name on house property card..

“What you my home, said this is our home, the home that we did not come to. ” case of the first month is corrected.

“You fasten nit-pick on words, you answer me first, why can my name be on this house? ” Tang Xin is orthochromatic, earnest ground looks at case of the first month.

“I had promised you, can give you a warm home. You look, this house is according to at the outset you tell my decorate, how, do you like. Do you like..

“I in those days is blurt out say, you are really wasteful, return true so blind alley. ” complaining on Tang Xin mouth, but inarticulate sweetness is however in mood.

“Where be blind alley, baby, you remember, as long as you think, you want, I can endeavor accomplish. ” ground of become enamoured of case of the first month is saying: “Think what says with father, father satisfies you certainly! ” if which know to issue a careless and casual, hit Tang Xin again a reality.

“Alas, I this is multimillionaire, I just know now unexpectedly, early know such, I am returned which are used every day ground of work from dawn to night goes to work. ” Tang Xin says seriously partly banteringly.

“Who calls you to hiding I, if it were not for I am concentrated, spoony, insisted to find you, you still do not know to want to be in La of Ga of which a few horn bears hardships suffer cruel! ” saying, , extend a hand to raise Tang Xin’s chin coltishly, ruffian ruffian ground says: “There must not be me again after, a form of a address for an official or rich man accordingly, the flesh eats! The flesh eats!!

such, tang Xin is here be entered, saying well and truly is the property that is removed formally into oneself, cleared away baggage simply, formally open the bound of 2 the world of two people, cohabitational career.

“The word says, dear, this midday, should we go to work even? ” Tang Xin looks at someone, ask a kink oneself a long time problem.

“Your husband is very boss, where to still need a proprietress to go to work! Do not rest in the home? Do not rest in the home??

Case of the first month makes fun of.

“That can be no good, I just am not done depend on you and vivid Chinese trumpet creeper, I should do the oak that grows than the shoulder with you! ” saying, still case to the first month brandish brandish fist, sturdy propaganda to the enemy at the front line.

Heard Tang Xin’s word, case of the first month can’ts help chuckle, and return head of busy incessantly place.

“Alas. . . . . . ” Tang Xin is abrupt deep sigh at a heat: “How do I still become this model Chinese trumpet creeper ah, female staff members of Hong Gu can kill me! Female staff members of Hong Gu can kill me!!

Say, the eyes looks at case of the first month piteously: “Later must not you again without reason absent from work. “Later must not you again without reason absent from work..

“Good, good, you say what is good! ” case of the first month is helpless.

“Nevertheless, I feel actually you must not go to a company going to work certainly, be to want to become a journalist before you, or it is the person that a free profession can be made in the home, write bit of thing, be very good? ” letter of the first month says then.

Heard the word that the first month cases, tang Xin shows a wispy smile, be, before long, becoming an occupational writer or journalist is his desire, can be these year bearer sea sinks into, forgot oneself dream right-down actually, right now, this word You Menghan is spoken, tang Xin has the feeling of a kind of time brings a great change to the worlds unexpectedly. 3 years time says not to grow, say short, let one the individual’s dream however, state of mind is changed right-down.

Tang Xin can’ts help wanting to look for a mirror, the silent change that observes oneself a few years this.

Thinking this, tang Xin raises a head: “The first month cases, do you feel I changed? Am I old? Am I old??

“Hum. . . . . . I look. . . . . . ” saying, handle gently is stroked on Tang Xin’s cheek, show the abdomen is touched back and forth in outline of Tang Xin face, “It is to have a bit different. . . . . . Nevertheless. . . . . . It is more beautiful than before. It is more beautiful than before..

That little sadness in Tang Xin heart is hit to get almost swooning with fright by the word that the first month cases.

2 people are hit fight noisely be troubled by, also do not go to work simply afternoon, alas, no matter how someone else said, anyway oneself can not prevent this.

In the evening, case of the first month is taking Tang Xin to saw the first time movie that come 3 years. It is midway produced small songs in a film or play only, in the coffee hall outside the cinema, in the time that 2 people await the film, encountered a few days of Lan Yu that disappear. Tang Xin talks in the summit from wherefrom day and Lan Yu afterwards, cross a face without good-bye. Encounter like that suddenly, lan Yu and Tang Xin have a bit awkwardness, still be case of the first month most react first come over, he Lanyu greets.

Look at case of the first month and Lan Yu to chat, tang Xin does not talk simply, sitting to drink oneself coffee silently. And Lan Yu is in when seeing case of the first month takes the hand on Tang Xin shoulder, the eyes one dark, break oneself laugh, if disappointed is broken. . . . . . The first month cases to be aware of Tang Xin and Lan Yu sensitively unusual, if be before, estimation of orchid hard gold attacks early adhesion Tang Xin, how to meet today so devoir? But look at Lan Yu slightly the expression of lose, calm and calm and at ease attitude of Tang Xin, the first month has a bit chuckle to oneself in case heart. Can know to Lan Yu does not care in Tang Xin heart at least, is this enough be?

Make a movie, case of the first month is pulling Tang Xin’s closefisted closely, although sitting to have a bit a little so uncomfortable, but 2 people appear special enjoy sth bitter as if it were malt sugar, the men and women of period of be passionately in love appears even if want land of such all the time sticky just be content with together. . . . . .

“Oh, very tired. . . . . . ” 2 people see the movie, edge gape goes by the side of Tang Xin, have bit of stagger on foot repeatedly.

Case of the first month looks at mistily Tang Xin, play the hand that pulling Tang Xin, put between him waist, single hand pulls Guo Tangxin belt to be in the bosom, hold Tang Xin in the palm partly hold a region in the arms to take a car partly in.

Return the home, 2 people roll a bed directly, face before sleeping, tang Xin still does not forget to pulling the first month to case to talk in whispers in a low voice: “Remember moving alarm clock, I will go to work tomorrow. I will go to work tomorrow..

The following day early in the morning, alarm clock as expected punctual noise rises, tang Xin gets up deftly chronically, but wait for Tang Xin to sit up ability response comes,oneself are not any more before that home, and to oneself this new home, belong to oneself home completely, tang Xin feels to have a kind of strange feeling however in the heart, be like all these not to belong to his, perhaps be not familiar still, perhaps be safe sense still was lacked in the bottom of the heart. . . . . .

Tang Xin did not wake the first month up to case, bathe however first change clothes, when Tang Xin still is blowing a hair, case of the first month also woke. See agley of case of the first month stands in bathroom doorway only, labial horn go up slightly raise, look the mood is very good.

Look at the smile that the first month cases, tang Xin’s corners of the mouth bends not self-consciously also rise: “Be early! “Be early!!

“Early. “Early..

“Go quickly bathing change clothes. ” Tang Xin urges.

“Together? ” ground of evil of evil of case of the first month laughs.

“I had been washed, you quickly, I wait for you. ” the hair also is blown worked, tang Xin is swung throw a head, dress and make up goes also. . . . . .

Look at change clothes li of full dress, tang Xin is touched again, but Tang Xin or the dress that prepare to oneself without the case that wear the first month, the dress of a black that looked for oneself to often be worn however is changed. The clothes that case of the first month buys is not the only fund that famous brand is design of small numerous stylist, wear go out those poisonous work in the same placing can look reach problem. Oneself and the red that the first month cases are heard be troubled by already quite big, not was necessary to add a fire again.

Change good clothes, tang Xin opens freezer, hum, the thing is quite all ready still. Tang Xin takes out two eggs, a tomato, a toast, the plan cooks a simple breakfast. Case waiting for the first month comes out, breakfast just also is finished, pour on two cups of milk again. Although simple and bit coarser, but is also be love breakfast, tang Xin heart.

“How to wear the dress that I buy, do not like? ” case of the first month changes good clothes, hold Tang Xin in arms, ask gently.

Tang Xin face about, he Menghan pulls open a bit distance a little: “The clothes that you buy is too expensive, I am worn go out too provoking fixed eyes on. I am worn go out too provoking fixed eyes on..

“You are my woman, should wear of course best. ” case of the first month cares nothing the ground says, a hand takes milk, put in edge of Tang Xin lip.

Tang Xin is worn the hand that the first month cases, drank a sip of milk, respecting: “I think temporary we had not been necessary to make public, the matter that waits for you to had handled you says again, ? ??

Hear this, eyes of case of the first month one dark, obscure and unidentified, a long time, just look up look at Tang Xin: “Good, listen to you. Listen to you..

Leisurely ground had 2 people the 2nd breakfast after meet again. A few days ago, two people are ability gets up midday, those who eat is lunch! The result is delayed from the back, 10 o’clock still is when going out, all the time very late ability goes to look like this nevertheless going to work, tang Xin is returned now is light of the case that touch the first month really, sleep to nature to wake is going to work before oneself yearn for most?

This, 2 people do not have reason dragon lofty one before one junior company, walk into a company together however. Original Tang Xin is assistant of case of the first month, must receive case of the first month to go to work at ordinary times, come along, what can people say? That is Tang Xin have a guilty conscience previously!

Case having the first month is beside Tang Xin, was equivalent to carrying a lightning rod. Everybody sees the first month cases that piece of cold face, each was made shrink head tortoise, see the first month case more repeatedly not dare, the careful Sai Ganggang of that the Eight Diagrams is effervescent bubble is broken.

As expected, bully people by flaunting one’s powerful connections is good, tang Xin sighs.

Fortunately case of the first month still calculates have hint given with the eyes, not was under a public occasion make the move with too close what, maintaining his consistent style, a piece of cold face walks into the office.

Original Tang Xin still is in feel happy the first month cases this is used with lightning rod canal, but, when Tang Xin sees Min Hui compares black charcoal that piece to return black face, tang Xin dark hate: This lightning rod sometimes what report wears is him!

Case of the first month just took the office, min Hui comes out to call a person strong coffee, and return designation path surname to ask the Tang Dynasty assistant goes rushing, how does Ren Tangxin persuade him, also cannot let oneself believe, this is coincidence. Think originally oneself such old stuff is to need not do such business, but who can expect,got, in one day changes a young assistant, vice-president is indicated, whats must work.

Alas, ground of Tang Xin willingly bear the burden of hard works rises go between boiled water, to Min Hui Min Daren develops coffee! Really, the person falls in eave, must lower his head!

Tang Xin is carrying the coffee of boiling hot cautiously, take Min Hui’s office, with respect to volt low do small, become state of be deceived young son’s wife, for fear that because,this does not want oneself when the person of fictitious rival in love recent gossip him vent one’s anger on sb who’s not to blame, also not be gossip seemingly nevertheless, tang Xin is a little guilty.

Min Huijing sits staticly before desk, look at the photograph casing before.

Tang Xin can’ts help having some of curiosity, who be after all in that piece of photograph? Hui Lou letting Min gives so perplexed expression.

But, tang Xin also studies this without that courage now, the coffee below light put down gently thinks to flee.

Which know, coffee cup just was put on the desk, min Hui looked up. As feminine consciousness, tang Xin saw same Min Hui, this looks disastrous, this young lady is a few days did not sleep, black rim of the eye is bigger than the eye, in expression gaunt, be not masked with how many pink, and look like this Min Hui to also did not want to mask his this appearance.

Plainspoken Min Hui is a beauty really, with Tang Xin’s completely different beauty. Min Hui is typical northward girl, those who have northward girl is tall carry atmosphere, the figure is very good. Facial features is a lot of more delicate than general and northward girl also. Temperament is good, extraction is good, record of formal schooling is tall, faculty club, besides have a bit at ordinary times strong, can saying almost is a perfect wife. But Tang Xin sees Min Hui’s so gaunt look today, what unexpectedly 3 minutes see hard at ordinary times is effeminate, make Min Hui appears have feminine taste more. Tang Xin can’ts help wanting, if oneself are a man, see now such Min Hui, creed of regular meeting hero is flush, be enchanted by Min Hui.

While Tang Xin looks at Min Hui, min Hui also is studying move the Tang Dynasty strongs and pervasive fragrance, petite figure, delicate facial features, misty large small hole, concealed is like to be like showing light anxious between forehead. Appearance pretends to be very firm, but often be in however innocently between the weakness that shows leakage a trace, let a person want unconsciously to caress her. Always laughing at ordinary times, laugh to seem to be returned than sunshine bright, the person that is being taken feels warm of complacently, is this the girl that case of the first month likes? With oneself completely different! Lane of Min Hui Chao laughs. Oneself are so so old, ameliorate hard, become outstanding hard, let oneself deserve to go up hard the first month cases, it is toward case of the first month an opposite way is in actually!

“Sit. ” the sofa that Min Hui is pointing to the office says: “We talk! “We talk!!

If Min Hui shows nose of strong and pervasive fragrance of move the Tang Dynasty is scolded, or be jobbery apply to oneself press blow retaliation, tang Xin can the calm is answered, after all Min Hui paid so much silently for case of the first month year, although be of one-sided only, but so dinkum, do not seek get one’s own back, not plan sequential love, it is in Tang Xin bottom of the heart very admire. If be put on him body, oneself also may not is done get. Present person, love oneself it seems that more than loving others. Read aloud Buddha, miss evil spirit, after all Min Hui does not have because of his gain and loss him vent one’s anger on sb who’s not to blame.

“My mom and analogy aunt are college fellow student, I and elder brother of case of the first month are known as a child. You know, we this circle actually very small, the little sister of case of the first month, Yu Han, Lan Yu, Lan Yu orchid we are grown, also be green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse. It is Mo Xiao we also are known, it is friendship is done not have only so deep. ” of Min Hui be immersed in contemplative: “As a child, elder brother of case of the first month is us this old of a flock of people, what does he do we follow him. Small when my courage is very small, be afraid of black, elder brother of case of the first month although often a cold face, not talktive. But play every time in the evening, someone else ran, but the first month cases,the elder brother can remember sending me come home personally. Although brother of case of the first month never can say to I am comforted if what is Orphean, but the back that looks at elder brother of case of the first month to go in front of me every time, I feel very safe. So, as a child I very elder brother of case sticking the first month. Analogy aunt still has opened fun when we are very small, say to elder brother of case of the first month is married after making me grown. ” say, min Hui looks at Tang Xin: “Do you know, hear analogy aunt to say that word, my resembling is be filled wisdom same, decided oneself position at a draught, in the position beside elder brother of case of the first month. All the time since I forward that direction tries hard, although 4 that when case elder brother disappears years I never also have the first month,had abandoned. But elder brother of case of the first month comes back, I discover brother of case of the first month ran. The first month cases previously although the elder brother also does not like to talk, but I never have had seen so so depressed, gaunt, so the elder brother of case of the first month of lose one’s mind. Till the first month case elder brother goes to England reading. Why do I come Hong Gu is landed, because I want,just wait for elder brother of case of the first month to come back here. Because I want,just wait for elder brother of case of the first month to come back here..

Ground of circuit of Min Hui circuit is turning the cup on the hand, the water light in the cup swings each circle, “I do not know elder brother of case of the first month produced what job all the time, see till saw with one’s own eyes you encounter again. Brother of case of the first month said suddenly to want to come back that day, ground of my without a stop hurrieds back will receive him, I am thinking elder brother of case of the first month come back to see uncle of the first month and analogy aunt, but elder brother of case of the first month does not stay momently,be about to come to a company. Ah. . . . . . ” lane of Min Hui Chao laughs: “Elder brother of case of the first month never comes to a company previously, I feel very strange at that time. But become me to see elder brother of case of the first month sees your eyes, I understood, why he should come back suddenly, why he is worn so urgently come to a company. I never have see Guo Menghan’s elder brother in that way eyes, was like him what know before me to disappear, elder brother of in that way case of the first month is to let me feel unfamiliar in that way, be like me to never know him. Days cases in the first month the engrave on elder brother body trace, in the engrave on your body trace, but what that of one mind 7 years ago has elder brother of case of the first month only I or I, you are changing, going forth, only my person, backwater not before, be very funny? Be very funny??

Tang Xin does not know what to should say, seem to say whats appear very cadaverous, no matter how beautiful, how the comfort speech of become enamoured, also the feeling that Min Hui of be not a patch on cases to the first month is real. Min Hui is a real person, she is the diamond of a tall purity, compared with her, tang Xin sees him, appear so lay.


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