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Tang Xin is low all the time head walks, overlook the first month to case to had stopped, straight straight ground walks up, firm firm ground bumps on body of case of the first month. Tang Xin cannot master a balance, after be about to go to, the face falls, case of the first month stretchs his hand rapidly, pull Tang Xin pull. Two people although meet again a few days, but still be first time this,the body of real significance is contacted, the arm that Tang Xin’s soft body brush the first month cases, in the first month case has delimited with respect to troubled heart originally a dimple.

Tang Xin is small red face, pick up fact is in stay, said voice slightly: “Feel sorry. “Feel sorry..

Case of the first month did not continue this thread of discourse, asked in a low voice however sentence: “How you didn’t go to work today? “How you didn’t go to work today??

Tang Xin is stupefied, pointing to oneself with the hand: “I… didn’t Mo Xiao ask for leave to you? “I… didn’t Mo Xiao ask for leave to you??

“I do not know when you and Mo Xiao are so ripe. ” case of the first month gives an irrelevant answer, mood syncopation carried a tart flavor.

Be in an university at the outset, case of Tang Xin, the first month, Mo Xiao is known, mo Xiao and Tang Xin are in article college together, it is bigger than Tang Xin only two. It is before Tang Xin enter a school, mo Xiao is the gifted scholar with literary eminent courtyard. Later Tang Xin enter a school, gradually swell dew ability, with Mo Xiao it is same an adviser, come to 2 past ground two people were known.

Perhaps be bookman photograph light, so at the beginning two people are much a bit rarer you chase after me dare imply, seem wants cent to give a bad of ripe actor what to come. But be opposite sex photograph after all,suck, two people are contended for for a long time, also have the taste of bit of awake photograph cherish unexpectedly. Tang Xin disposition is candid and easy, learn to grow the friendly feelings that learns younger sister only to Mo Xiao, but as Tang Xin the first month of male friend cases,feel the eyes that Mo Xiao sees Tang Xin is not general early however. Nevertheless Tang Xin and case of the first month were together later, often sticky go out to be entered together together together, that bit of friendly feelings of Tang Xin and Mo Xiao is weak also.

Nevertheless, what case of the first month does not know is, actually Mo Xiao is paying close attention to Tang Xin silently, although knew Tang Xin and case of the first month also do not have a change together later, also can send a short message now and then, QQ greeting. Tang Xin is persuaded to ask the thing that leave school at that time, because Mo Xiao follows the adviser previously to often have,connect subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, it is unexpectedly besides Tang Xin the first known person.

Tang Xin applies for a job from the back, seek a room, mo Xiao helped. Mo Xiao has targetted swan in grand real estate worked two years at that time, know Tang Xin is in apply for a job, introduced Tang Xin to come over, 2 people worked 3 years in a company so. Original Mo Xiao wants to let Tang Xin do a bit more relaxed work of an article table and so on, can be at that time Tang Xin’s mom is to should become an operation, it is to want be in hospital, tang Xin is badly in need of spending money, chose to come the public relations with the quickest buck, because give social girl with an ability for, make public relations wage namely highest. Mo Xiao is prevented purposely, but be not worn however,cross Tang Xin obstinate.

“Be, these a few years, mo Xiao helped me a lot of. ” Tang Xin resembling is talk in He Menghan, resembling again is a solilo-quize.

The first month cases if listening to Tang Xin, the eyes one dark. When having an accident in Home Tang Xin at the outset, oneself are following the adviser makes a law case in ** , busy get day of dark ground, hand mechanism machine also do not know a few days oneself, remember charging at long last later switch on the mobile phone, what but wait,come is the short message that Tang Xin parts company however. Await junior gas to fill in those days, think Tang Xin willfully make a trouble, look at oneself so busy not only do not understand to because this orders petty thing,still be about to part company.

That baric the first month cases, did not call to Tang Xin so, also did not look for Tang Xin, wanting to come back Tang Xin is angry also with respect to disappear. Stayed a few days in ** with the adviser again. Case waiting for the first month returns the school, cannot find Tang Xin completely actually, the first month cases what this ability realizes a problem is serious. Went to article college asking to just know Tang Xin left school unexpectedly. The address that taking the native place that Tang Xin has said before again looks for the past, the information that gets Tang Xin is taken away however.

Case of the first month looks for Tang Xin a few desire mad, had asked Tang Xin all teacher friends, did not get the information of Tang Xin a tiny bit, final, case of the first month decides to come home, use familial force to search Tang Xin, but in that way the agreement of he and father is about to destroy. But wanting to may not see Tang Xin forever, case of the first month also is not considered so much. Father promised his requirement, him side searchs Tang Xin, but oneself also must abide by an agreement to fly to the United States, finish familial heir groom.

The freedom that fetch argues desperately oneself are a few years ago stopped abruptly momently in this.

And these, tang Xin does not know. Tang Xin leaves at the outset, it is clear to think oneself had been explained with case of the first month, but she also did not think of the first month cases so persistent to oneself, looked for him so much year, and oneself, it is with respect to the life actually below leather of eye of case of the first month.

Alas, the destiny wants the likelihood namely two people are missed!

“I know, at the outset why don’t you tell me. At the outset why don’t you tell me..

“That poem that still remembers so that I like? ” Tang Xin raises a head, look at taller than oneself the first month of one build cases.

Letter of the first month is small nod sightlessly.

“If I love you —

Absolutely the Chinese trumpet creeper that unlike involves aid,

Lend your tall branch play the peacock;

If I love you —

Do not learn spoony bird absolutely,

For green shade repeat singsong music;

More than also resemble springhead,

Deliver cool and refreshing solace all the year round;

More than also resemble perilous peak,

Raise your height, foil your impressive manner.

Solar even.

Even rain during springtime.

Not, these are insufficient still!

I must be ceiba of your near one individual plant,

As the figure of the tree and you the station is together.

Root, grasp in underground;

Leaf, touch in Yun Li.

Each flatus passes,

We present our compliment each other,

But without the person,

Understand our utterance.

You have your cupreous branch iron to work,

Resemble a knife, like the sword,

Also resemble halberd;

I have the flower of my Gong Shuo,

Resemble heavy groan,

Resemble gallant torch again.

We partake cold wave, tempest, thunder;

We share mist brume, shed Neon of haze, rainbow.

As if to depart forever,

However lifelong depend on each other.

This ability is great love,

Faithful is here:

Love the body of your Wei bank not only,

Also love your importunate place, the land below the foot. The land below the foot..

Tang Xin is low low-lying reading aloud, “I do not want to do Chinese trumpet creeper, also cannot do ceiba, cannot stand together with you, also cannot share mist with you brume, shed Neon of haze, rainbow. ” endless distress uses in Tang Xin’s sound: “So, I can abandon you only. I can abandon you only..

“Yes, had done before like you in that way, abandon photography, abandon art. ” bleak of case of the first month laughs: “You were used to abandon, is be indifferent to so, the heart won’t be so painful be! ” the shoulder that case of the first month grabs Tang Xin: “But you know my heart has many painful? Turn round, you disappeared, come 3 this years, I sleep lightly in nightmare everyday, in the appears in me dream that your a suit is blood, I also cannot save you anyhow however, this kind feels feebly, I wanted to kill myself really! I wanted to kill myself really!!

The first month with the aglow eye before Tang Xin looks at an eye cases, stretch one’s hand hold case of the first month in arms: “I am sorry… if come again,can be, I still meet such doing. Disposition decides a destiny, not be I do not love you, however because love you too, do not want to let you see me so embarrassed, do not want to be masked so low-downly by your ray! Do not want to be masked so low-downly by your ray!!

“Tang Xin, why you want so gruff stubborn, you can not want so gruff stubborn! ” low growl of case of the first month: “You always are distrust I, I meet distrust stand beside you all the time, I can help distrust you had handled everything, I am opposite distrust your love. I am opposite distrust your love..

Tang Xin dabs the back that the first month cases: “I am not distrust you, however distrust myself, I do not know I can bear after all the love that you give, also do not know this love can deteriorate because of time. I would rather abandon this love, also not be willing because our love is lay and degenerative. The first month cases, I do not know at the outset why can you read to that university, also do not know at the outset why do you need to work earn tuition. I think you and I am same all the time, because of the family, cannot follow one’s inclinations living, so, I how can be a burden on of the family circumstances difficulty that I think at that time you? Which know… ” Tang Xin laughs from ridicule: “True you, our distance is more distant, it is the length that cannot touch even. It is the length that cannot touch even..

“Be, if I am myself, I cannot know you. I made a case of brand-new the first month, so just the opportunity knows you, but also because such, I lost you. ” the recounting this to be not cast off demon cuss of deep feeling of grief of case of the first month.

“Be, can be brand-new you are not all however you ah, your family, your money, it is the one part that you live, these keep apart us the both ends in the river, we also had been not crossed forever! ” the bosom that Tang Xin leaves the first month to case, drop back one pace: “Saw, this ability should be us the distance of two, the Yao that very close, respective photograph is installed. Respective photograph is installed..

Warmth disappears like that suddenly, ground of terrified of terrified of case of the first month looks at his hand, before going up one pace wants to pull Tang Xin into the bosom, but be sheered gently by Tang Xin. Tang Xin looks at the first month sturdily to case: “The first month cases, if you are willing, we can continue to become a friend, also can pretend to never be known, if you do not think,see me again even, I also can resign, but, we won’t be returned however once upon a time. You understand me, know my all along suits the action to the world. Know my all along suits the action to the world..

“Besides, you had had Min Hui now, she is very good, very good to you, I can see, she is to love you really, you should be together with her. ” Tang Xin continues to saying, even if case of right now the first month resembles a stone same, standing surely surely, a bit does not have reaction.

“Min Hui… Min Hui… you can know, why can have Min Hui, you can know why at this late hour, why can Min Hui still appear beside me? Why can Min Hui still appear beside me??

Voice of case of the first month is small quiver: “At the outset, I am good contend for not easily freely before my pa, my pa promises me, want me to be able to live 4 years alone only, not the force with familial have the aid of, can have a cause, prospective road, let myself go. But, be in last years, last years you disappeared, how do I search to cannot find you, I am urgent mad, I close in the home 3 days to did not go out, my Mom knew, break open seeking a person my home, took me forcibly. You can know at the outset what is the ante of I and my pa, you think why Min Hui can target swan in grand real estate works all the time, it is Min Hui, ante is Min Hui, once I cannot insist to return the home, what I must promise the arrangement in the home is allied, must marry Min Hui, do you know? But, to look for you, I compromised, because,this is you, because,be you! Because,be you!!

Case of the first month is blusterous: “But, but, you this cruel-hearted woman, you this conscienceless woman, you say I should be together with Min Hui unexpectedly, photograph of what nonsense far and near is installed, I am good not at all, install not at all. ” saying, crouch a private parts unexpectedly, low low-lying cried: “Without you, how I am good, how good. . . . . . ..

Tang Xin never has had seen such the first month cases, do not know, at ordinary times so lofty the case of the first month that go up has a day when cry so that resemble dot unexpectedly, look at the form shrink into oneself with lofty case of the first month, tang Xin aches the heart is pointedly to shake, crouch a private parts, hold case of the first month in arms gently, there is one to build on back of case of the first month did not build the ground to be being patted, resembling is the child that conciliation gets hurt.


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