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Admire Hao day the person slowly put on sofa, face about poured a cup of Wen Shui to her.

“Know to fear? ” look at the leaf article that still quivering all over, admire Hao day opened bottle beer, sit on tea table directly!

“Admire always, that, my · · ” leaf article was psyched out, look at before the admire Hao day with one joking face, wish to look for an a hole in the ground to be gotten, leaf article ah leaf article you how so Song!

“Mobile phone ” admire Hao day draws out machine of a novice to give.

“That, admire always, this is not me that ” leaf article is corrected!

“Your was lost by me! Love is taken do not take ” ! Face about of admire Hao day will to the side of her be done. Leaf article is gone to rapidly on the side move below.

“Admire always, the mobile phone is returned you, my foregone ” leaf article rises, flee for one’s life the past doorway like runs.

Admire Hao season starts, the not needing the slightest effort helped the person, “Had I said you can go? ” tepid breath attacks head on, let leaf article be at a loss.

“I, that, my ~ ” leaf article get stuck of brain of the moment of truth, became stammer directly.

“I had said, I can punish you, forgot? ” admire Hao day looks at the person in the bosom, nephrite Wen Xiang, those who let him have the moment is absentminded!

Leaf article opens him with thrust, toward time run, “Admire always, you are fastened such, I apologize, I am sorry ” ! Leaf article is urgent sweating, she does not like such sense, let a person hard the palm accuses.

“Do you have err what? ” on a few situations of admire Hao weather before, easy to do press the person in the bosom anew. Leaf article is asked stare tongue-tied, one face covers a group admire a head to look at before the man like the god! Right! Why should I apologize? My err what? Two eyes are clear see an end, if paper of same Zhang Bai is euqally pure,look at and clean leaf article, the clothe with unhesitating fine long hair of admire Hao day her lip!

As always sweet, cool and refreshing and the oral cavity that tepid male breath is full of leaf article, let her in the mist in the cloud panic-stricken, how to also push him however.

Admire Hao day wants to indulge his, never resemble too so dear conceivable the body that one the individual’s feeling is flooding him!

Stretch one’s hand the circle that double arm dies the person to death is in the bosom, “Do not reject me ” grave and alluring sound rings in her side side, let leaf article become absentminded! The desire with the naked ** in his abstruse eye is in that way apparent, let her can’t help beginning to fall into enemy hands, forgot to refuse!

The cell of Hao Tianhun body is in admire clamour is worn, mad kiss lets leaf article think without method, all over on the can lean in admire Hao day only body of wead and limp. Admire Hao day reachs the person on the wall, mad kiss makes the temperature of the room rapid rise!

“Wow! ” Han Qi is pushed open the door, saw two people stimulate the hot occasion of the kiss!

“Boil ” have sth in mind of admire Hao Tian Gong, protect leaf article quickly in the bosom, another hand takes off coat to be draped to her.

Give her carefully to arranging the aglet that slides already, “Good, I let a driver send you to go back first ” meaning still the lip that unexhausted kissed next leaf article, the path between seem lover is fastened!

Han Qi takes the door, the admire Hao day that looks at dissatisfaction of one face desire, opened bottle red wine.

“Hao Tian, that girl is particularly right your appetite! Let all along clear heart of few desire you can break ring, still be not simple really! ” you can take one face of Han Qi I how expression!

“Do not have a thing to boil! ” fine long hair of admire Hao day is impolite.

“You, did not eat, blame me! ” Han Qi daredevil is blinked toward him blink!

Of act as if there is no one else present of admire Hao Tian drinking wine, of one face be agitated staring at Han Qi.

Leaf article returns his rented house, vexed within an inch of hits a wall! Leaf article ah leaf article, you do not have prospect so, is he not long a little handsome so little? Somebody of if it were not for is entered, she is about tonight—Leaf article lies on the bed directly, they tonight within an inch of with respect to that what! Those who think of heart of here leaf article is acuteness is jumpy. At the outset him love when also had been kissed, but, why to feel different however!

The following day leaf article was carrying a pair of panda eyes on the head to take a company.

“Leaf article, past president runs a newspaper today ” was in charge of what static elder sister sympathizes with to see her face about leaves.

“Child civil, don’t you have a thing? ” of little elegant care look at the leaf article that has stayed. “I do not have a thing, small elegant “

“This is the announcement that early in the morning of human affairs ministry sends, li Wan be gone to by tone other department ” somebody in a low voice say.

“Beautiful have backstage supporter, escape hard also otherwise this disaster “

“Namely, “Namely,,

The condition that half dream wakes partly comes to leaf article to MC most top layer

“Are you leaf article be? Come with me ” leaf article follows the girl in front carefully.

“I take you to be familiar with first issue here, here it is the place that you work at ordinary times with me, inside it is admire total office, we are periphery assistant only, two aid the office that has independence especially, opposite us, do not have a thing not to disturb them at ordinary times! ” leaf article nods.

“This is new coverall, only our president does ability to have! ” slightly the gives her an affirmation smile with one proud face!

“That, osmund osmund elder sister, I hear of- – “

“Hiss ~ ” the motion that made keep silent slightly in a low voice: “Talk here should take care to nod, elder sister waiting for Ling will arrange you to work “

“Ling elder sister? “Ling elder sister??

“Ling elder sister is in a company ten years, two are aided especially occasionally a few months do not see people, here besides the boss, said to calculate with respect to her ” ! Leaf article nods be listen understood.

“Admire always early ” slightly abrupt phonate, frightened leaf article to jump greatly.

Had done on the seat that leaf article returns him rapidly.

“The announcement is in charge of the conference 9:30 ” took the office directly, seem to did not see she is general. Leaf article often easy tone.

“Osmund osmund elder sister, what should I prepare then? What should I prepare then??

“Need not, the conference has 20 minutes only today, my person is OK, ” leaf article is glad the ground easy tone.

Admire home is villatic

“Pa, mom, I go to a company ” admire is satisfying the preparation of one face excitement goes out.

“Satisfying, a thing is there? ” mom asks.

“Secret ” !

·· of · of · · ·

Leaf article feels to work here very relaxed, besides see someone is awkward beyond. Look at a suit on the body pure black suit of one word skirt, leaf article is in gladly circuit turned another round before the mirror.

“Child civil, arrange this form ” had received Ling elder sister to pass the data that come over, leaf article is tapping keyboard adroitly.

“Young lady, excuse me you are — – ” abrupt, came a crasher.

“Get out of the way, day of Hao of my inquire for ” the wife is proud madly to extremely, a suit is tight exceed next neat accidentally drop on short dress, whats are wrapped.

“Admire always, there is a young lady to look for you outside ” Ling elder sister pressed next planted agent.

The door sound insulation of president room is really good still!

Vitreous door immediately and leave, admire Hao weather is cold face stride went. “Hao Tian, you agree to see me eventually! ” of the act recklessly before the woman goes up attack, “Stop ” frozen warning, ling elder sister bars the person in admire Hao day quickly slightly a meter besides.

“Give you one minute, boil “

“Young lady, please ” on Ling elder sister before.

“I do not go, I have a word to want to say to you, hao Tian ” the woman nots comply not forgive.

“Child civil ” Ling elder sister raves.

Leaf article rises from seat rapidly, “Young lady, the trouble leaves please ” leaf article first time sees this situation, also do not know how to should do!

“You give me scram, I should talk with Hao Tian ” the woman is fierce cling to cling to start to talk to leaf article. The face with leaf helpless article lets at the same time, the woman compares leaf article tower above fully directly, odd this battle array, leaf article was defeated!

“Child civil, slightly, block her ” leaf article toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself before going up slowly.

“Hao Tian, I was pregnant, you have to be in charge of me ” a Jing thunder, let present holder petrifaction, besides admire Hao day.

“Hao Tian ” the woman is pushed forcibly, overturn the leaf article that dumbstruck directly!

“Ah ~ ” ministry of leaf article shoulder bumps to file ark directly, pain see stars! “Ah ~ ” only one second, the woman flew off directly the office, bend over was in doorway, admire Hao day gives a base while leaf article falls down directly!

“Or else boils, I let you Home Lin boils from this immediately ” like the long Luo Yi that Mu Hao day goes like hell at the moment, below one second can result she!

Eye of leaf article pop, of one face not dare believe, still be brute really!

“Is wanting to scold me again birds and beasts? ” the cloudy face that face about of admire Hao day does not have good energy of life.

“I- – “

“Again so trashy, come home to me slow-witted ” face about took the office. Leave 3 people look at each other in speechless despair. Ling elder sister takes the lead in delay crosses a god to come, can’ted help reading leaf article more.

Nooning time, the coffee hall on the side of the company

“Admire chief inspector “

Admire is satisfying beck she takes a seat.

After ten minutes, “Child civil the person that is satisfying young lady? ” Ling elder sister explores ask.

“Yes! But not be! Hope Ling elder sister takes her as far as possible, let her can take charge of a department alone ” admire is satisfying rise.

Ling elder sister is a clever person, she understands for an instant.


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