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Ji Zixun blew mustache to comb again after a handsome hairstyle, the Xia Liang that from the kitchen upright dish comes out’s successful see things in a blur is crazy. Ji Zixun laugh is worn, it is a lingering.

Samite city. Ji Zishan and beautiful jade Mom take that one second in Xie Yun, open-eyed from bemused, astonish, weep bitterly to finally. The station of Han Si Jingjing looks at them in the doorway one is held in the arms together, he is not the sort of perceptual person originally, more never mention it the feeling that never has experienced the home, also was affected at the moment, a kind of feeling that is called happiness is full of beside him.

After the family greets one blast, beautiful jade Mom goes the kitchen made a lot of food, also be stayed to eat together with respect to Lian Hansi, be in harmony of its Le Rong, as orphan Han Si, never had experienced this kind to experience.

Have as a result of Han Si probably some small handsome, the eyes that sees Ji Zishan sees him probably again has some of be sentimentally attached to apparently, xie Yun is very happy chat with him, thank him at the same time these year of help Ji Zixun, the situation that understands Ji Zixun 5 years this at the same time.

The atmosphere of be in harmony of this its Le Rong, when Ji Zixun takes Xia Liang into the door, air instant is caky. Wind of boreal celestial bodies phones Ji Zixun to be awaited in those days, xie Yun has the thing that has asked Ji Zixun he and Xia Liang, in those days they do not know what Ji Zixun and Xia Liang had had to agree, also do not know they once had had how experience.

It is so in eye thanking the cloud, xia Xinghui kills Ji Feng’s murderer secondhand namely, this, she also is not accepted forever, xie Yun is very so direct speak oneself to cannot accept Xia Liang this thing, ji Zixun still is having a fever at that time, xie Yun also was not saying more, just can come back today, ji Zixun runs to look for Xia Liang directly, had not stepped into even the home! Still getting Xia Liang late to see her unexpectedly now! The fury that thanks Yun Xinli is more exuberant.

To gate mouth when, xia Liang is more nervous washed-up. “That. . Otherwise sometime, aunt this just came back, I disturb her, this. . . ” Xia Liang wants beat a retreat.

“Goofy, three days from now is new year’s day, our essentials card, how can not does forethought see the parent? ” Ji Zixun holds the small nose that holds her, in her forehead kissed, “I am in, do not worry, go. ” old hand pulls little hand, xia Liang set his mind at many.

Push the one instant that open the door, the person in the house is brushed together brush look to them, ji Zixun is pulling hand belt of Xia Liang to arrive on the side of sofa, a middleaged woman sits over, wearing guileless, do not have the frame of the sort of gentlewoman completely, xia Liang says courteously, “The aunt is good, child Shan is good. Child Shan is good..

Knowing is illusive, animosity was full of in the eyes that Xia Liang always feels Xie Yun sees her, ji Zishan stood in the moment that sees Xia Liang, at the moment is pointing to her nose to say directly, “You this woman still dare come unexpectedly accost merit elder brother! You return otherwise to want a face! You how so evil-minded ah Xia Liang! You how so evil-minded ah Xia Liang!!

This word is a little indescribable, xie Yun was stupefied, han Si was stupefied, ji Zixun is to be stupefied more! He has obviously had told Ji Zishan, that misunderstanding of he and Xia Liang 5 years ago, but why, is is the eyes that Ji Zishan sees Xia Liang full to detest? Why? Ji Zixun sees Xiang Hansi, han Si shakes his head gently, express not to know.

Summerly cool surface does not have expression, before coming she with respect to expect can have a fierce fight, also do not know Ji Zishan told Xie Yun, the eyes that thanks the cloud to see her so just is met such. Alas ~ as expected relation of wife and mother is the most unintelligible problem on this world really.

“Child Shan! Conversation notes a drop! She is your elder brother’s wife! ” Ji Zixun’s complexion becomes cold apparently, of Han Si know how to behave in a delicate situation say, “Boss, the company still has bit of thing, my foregone. My foregone..

“Should go did not go, ought not to go went. ” Han Sigang took two steps, ji Zishan said so a word, han Si pursy brows, the footstep did not stop, walk out of villa, in his impression, ji Zishan is not the sort of conversation so the person that injures a person, in his eye, she is the sort of small princess that should live in fairy tale world all the time, very pure very kind-hearted, can why?

“Ji Zishan! Who teachs you to speak so underbred word! ! ” Ji Zixun’s cold growl, xia Liang as before face expressionless stands aside, did not talk. Ji Zishan did not think of Ji Zixun is met unexpectedly so him growl, be stupefied.

“Child merit! You how can so growl your little sister! ” Xie Yun is pursy brows, cuddle crosses Ji Zishan, “Although these 5 years I am not beside you, do not know you produced what job, but you never had sent disposition to your little sister, and the person that your little sister also is not willfully make a trouble, she can say such word, that was to know what thing certainly! That was to know what thing certainly!!

Xie Yun goes by, look at Xia Liang, “Are you Xia Liang? Xia Xinghui’s daughter? ” Xia Liang is a little nervous, “Yes. ” Ji Zixun is pursy brows.

“Then you know not to know, what business did your father do 5 years ago? ” a piece of Xie Yun is cold faces say, click in summerly cool heart, ji Zixun cuddle crosses Xia Liang’s shoulder, “Mom! Bygone you. . . ..

“Do not talk! I am asking her! ” Xie Yun some are suddenly excited. She how not can excited! Xia Xinghui kills her man dead, and the son that his daughter grabs her! How can be she accepted!

Before remembering 5 years, wang Jian course of study stungs by conscience finally, thinking Ji Feng to ever was opposite his good, remember his family child, final he did not kill Xie Yun, gave her brushstroke money however, let her go Yue Yuanyue is well, had better escape to north, had better not use id card, had better escape to countryside, hong Xingcai cannot find such season she.

These 5 years, xie Yun lives in a northward little village, she be rich home wife originally, begin to learn to make a fire, make food, plant dish, farm, listening to unfamiliar dialect, still won’t be done because of what at the beginning and be mocked, she searched for ages, learned for ages, just begin to be able to do a few farm work, begin to learning them to sell food. . .

These 5 years, she turned farmhouse into the woman from rich home wife, originally light is bright beautiful the dress turned a patch into thick garment, return originally tender white face also becomes sallow, furrow is more much, hand of fine fine jade also writtened guarantee another chrysalis child.

She ought not to live the sort of life originally! If not be Xia Xinghui! If not be him! How can they the family broke up! Now, in the daughter that sees that man, she was not taking kitchen knife to bang she goes out directly, already very pretty good!

“Aunt, my father ever told me, his company 5 years ago is about to go broke, somebody ever gave him brushstroke money at that time, the condition lets me leave Ji Zixun namely, because,I know this thing, I and Ji Zixun parted because of misunderstanding 5 years, also make him decadent accordingly period of time, to this I express to be very sorry, I am sorry. ” Xia Liang says neither haughty nor humbly, cuddle wears Ji Zixun the hand of her shoulder is tightened again.

“Ah. . . Really funny! Does that man still think Xia Xinghui to revealing the form of good father to seem before you? ! Good, be very good! He dare not tell you, so tell you by me! ! What did he do after all in those days! ! ” Xie Yun becomes excited suddenly, ji Zishan was cheated! Did not think of to still have a such things unexpectedly apparently? Ji Zixun had not told her to get brushstroke money about Xia Xinghui at all this thing!

“Mom! Bygone earlies childhood what does it do! If you do not want to see Xia Liang, I take away her first, have a thing nevertheless I should tell you, I am about and she goes to new year’s day get card! ” say, cuddle wears Ji Zixun Xia Liang face about, in summerly cool heart suddenly faint uneasiness, want to know Xie Yun in the mouth ” in those days that thing ” , but Ji Zixun appears to know, did not tell her however, and still want to hiding the truth from her? What thing be after all?

“What do you say! ! You want and this woman gets married! Child merit! You know perfectly well Xia Xinghui to kill your father dead you are mixed even the daughter of this personal enemy gets married! ? You are mad! ! ” excited Xie Yun suddenly growl come out, eye of Ji Zishan pop, xia Liang also pop eye, ji Zixun is pursy brows.

What? Does her father kill the father of dead Ji Zixun? How this is likely! This is absolutely impossible! !


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