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Drive gave a parking lot, what does snow of boreal celestial bodies realize suddenly, “Spit, of disinclination of old eminent writer of to what big president are you? How know Ji Zixun? How know Ji Zixun??

“He looks for me to help a female undergraduate engage in a lawsuit, it is strong Jian case, that schoolgirl is accuser, the accused person is Ji Hongxing’s son, ji Tao. ” boreal day rain is looking at the scenery outside the window right now, look be like casual mouth, but knowing to be returned of purpose is innocently, when boreal day rain says this word, had turned head shoot a glance at a Ji Mengyun.

As expected, some astonish Ji Mengyun expression, jiang Li calls rebuke she when, mention Ji Tao to be suspected of peddling poisonous thing only, when also on drag in strong Jian case? Does Ji Hongxing know not to know? Does Jiang Li know not to know? The change of Ji Mengyun expression, a tiny bit is looked to be in the eye by boreal day rain.

” fill in! Rich and powerful family is defeated more ah, it is the truth as expected! ” snow of boreal celestial bodies this word is punny of course, boreal day rain is laughing to say, “Fasten your little brother and their confuse sth with sth else, besides, eldest brother and Ji Zixun, which be commercial wonder? Which be commercial wonder??

“Be be! Home of our north celestial bodies two old handsome young men but try to make a good showing! Hello! Does eldest brother promise to come home? ” after laughing, snow of boreal celestial bodies asks then.

“You also know he is a stubborn disposition, after the name that made me today with respect to be defeated and flee, you had not seen him in that way absolutely, also do not know he wants to arrive at odds when, father’s body… ” sister younger brother two you I am one sentence, a bit does not become Ji Mengyun alien ah…

“Father is old, I have an attention his food and officinal, be at ease. ” some say sentimentally, snow of boreal celestial bodies laughs, “See us, consider oneself to chat only, dream Yun, give you forgot, do not mind. Do not mind..

Ji Mengyun is only too anxious to they forgot her, “Do not have, boreal day a general term for young women your josh. ” after gas of a polite guest goes, also get on for a place, have crack with teeth in mouth of Lao of snow of boreal celestial bodies all the way fortunately, otherwise Ji Mengyun is met be gotten to had not shown spirit by the gas field shake of boreal day rain, incorrect, now also is to had not shown spirit, snow of boreal celestial bodies goes jockeying, ji Mengyun is forced to follow boreal day rain to go in first.

Dining-room of handkerchief dagger Italy.

The place that is wealthy person spending as expected, western-style food hall, alas, ji Mengyun most those who be fed up with is to eat Western-style food, not be her won’t those take courtesy of knife and fork, of the quadrature in the compasses in just liking this to plant have a thing, a bit the milk of human kindness also is done not have.

“It want what to eat is bit more informal to want what to eat. ” the place that chose to rely on a window, boreal day rain sits to Ji Mengyun on, the clerk is given come menu, ji Mengyun casts aside twitch one’s mouth, really expensive! Of course this small expression also fails to escape the eye of Chen Yu crossing north.

Actually boreal day rain is not the person of the sort of make public originally, the principle eats Western-style food, because asked Ji Mengyun to have a meal,be, should choose of course some more high-grade, this is basic courtesy, 2 because,be, boreal day rain always feels Ji Mengyun is concealing one’s life experience painstakingly, although can go,check, nevertheless he does not have this idle affection, but as a lawyer, malpractice is, to be being detected someone is occupied hiding the truth from oneself, then he wants to know what the individual concealed after all then, why to conceal, come Western-style food hall has a meal, looking to be able to know is rich home children.

“A general term for young women of day waiting for north will be nodded again. ” Ji Mengyun’s courteous laugh. She also does not know to want what to eat.

“Irrespective, come for the first time, I recommend a few, the Italian side here is good, be about this, still have a steak, a few minutes do you want ripe? ” when boreal day rain says this word, the eye did not read menu, staring at Ji Mengyun all the time however, say when oneself so ” come for the first time ” when, ji Mengyun is a little helpless with small distained expression, was seen by boreal day rain. This explains she is making fun of oneself are debased to hers, these small expression if carelessly, become aware very hard, nevertheless, he can be a lawyer.

“Ah? I do not like to eat beef… ” she does not like the sort of bloody thing, do really do not know those people how be able to eat? She also feels embarrassed should of 8 minutes of ripe what, major person won’t want so ripe, can let her feel oneself very alien. . .

“Ah? Never mind, here mutton chop is very pretty good, material is new, those who feed material processing is very good also, without smell of mutton of any raw meat or fish, this, do you want what to desert eat? ” boreal day rain continues to order meal slowly.

“Need not, such, I also cannot have so much. ” flavour of smelling of fish or mutton? This can be dining-room of 5 stars class, or else aid also cannot have taste of smelling of fish or mutton, had not come when her really, this make boreal day rain big in Ji Mengyun’s heart sell at a discount however, he does not like this to plant rich the chatting means of 2 generation. Nevertheless boreal day rain can be a big lawyer, won’t also earn those who be less than money? Anyhow has money person to see the sort of the person’s low attitude namely, let her do not like very much.

“Not Duobuduo! ” as it happens of snow of boreal celestial bodies also arrived, “Dream Yun, you are too thin! Eat the travel that order gift more, are you still afraid that he does not have money? Be at ease, but he is rich 2 generation, rich move! Rich move!!

“You come boreal day a general term for young women. ” Ji Mengyun still thinks snow of boreal celestial bodies can sit on the side of her, but she runs unexpectedly across, of course, it is OK also that with north Chen Yu sits, but, why does she want Chen Yu letting north to come over she here sit? ? ! Extensive of little face of season dream Yun is red, the heartbeat is quickened, suddenly good insecurity ah how to do!

“I have a meal the movement is big, you sit twice one case, I myself should sit! ” elder sister of boreal day volume is so announce dominion. Boreal day rain minds not strange, shake helplessly shake one’s head, ke Jimeng Yun is washed-up, be no good tensely.

“Dream Yun, listen to me, I order meal, you do not talk, etc eat to go. ” say Wan Beichen snow is considered oneself from order meal, boreal day rain looks at Ji Mengyun to be about oneself went inside retractive glass wall, sighed, does he have so terrible? ? Anyhow also is a handsome young man good, she has scheming to conceal one’s life experience to be close to him so really, no more than is the thing about his little brother, see her nevertheless just on board expression, it is to just knew apparently. Not be for the little brother, leave no stone unturned conceals one’s life experience, is that for him? Since such, still so be afraid that he works? Do not become hard play desire affection reason even if?

“My elder sister is such nerve are big, do not mind. ” sideways of boreal day rain is in faint from the 10 centimeters position side her ear mouth, of boreal day rain stand by suddenly make Ji Mengyun heartbeat more fast, the breath that he talks, tepid, bringing dot moisture, the slowly opposite side inpour from her heart. Pit-a-pat… pit-a-pat… pit-a-pat… for, why is the meeting so tense? Not that is to say sentence word just?

Ji Mengyun adjusted breath, auditive Dou Gong, “Irrespective. ” the sound that lets oneself as far as possible listens go up very quiet.

Snow of boreal celestial bodies looks to also do not talk in the eye, allow to play by their him youth. Bah bah, so say not to admit oneself are old namely? ? !

A meal comes down, atmosphere is a little depressive, not bad, in snow of boreal celestial bodies guide below, not be very awkward awkwardness at long last, eat this meal, ji Mengyun pledges, she also does not do this kind of thing again, chen Yu following north has a meal even if be impassable in the heart that follows oneself, when she still does not think the career just starts, use knowledge on him body, die young bad. . .

Look at Ji Mengyun’s prim have dinner, look his guess without the fault, the raise on corners of the mouth, there are any smiles however in the eye. . . This word is right for him, be good after all? Bad still?


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