The 53rd chapter between one 广州spanight, world-shaking

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Xia Liang stands to the chair, with unhurried imposing manner, suppress full-court. “Everybody listens to me to say please! ” ” who is she? ” ” the daughter that seeming is summerly boss. . ” ” be really, you see the picture that hangs on the wall. ” ” it is good to agree to have the individual comes out to talk! Listen to her how to say. ” the crowd below the stage is eristic in succession, cafeteria clerk also each look at each other in speechless despair, is this no good all right?

“Does everybody pay respects static one listen to me to say? I am Xia Xinghui’s daughter, true I am sorry, the body that gives you the dear one and psychology brought serious harm, but, everybody listens to me to say, ask you to believe me, should compensate for you, I a minute won’t little, won’t escape more, but, I beg you, make allowances for the mood that makes allowances for me to serve as a daughter, my father, the heart attack is lying in the hospital, now although broke away from danger, but cannot suffer any stimulation, I entreat you, do not go disturbing him. Attendant everybody, is there are many people also the frequenter of cafeteria of summerly family name? Our cafeteria is wholesome after all how, it is the clearest that I think you nevertheless, produced such job now, I can investigate Hunan clear certainly, during this, those who hope you do not say my pa Mom with others everywhere is bad, because they are not such people, ask you to leave your connection way, I can publish apology of way to do sth one by one certainly, recoup the cost that we should recoup next, here, I request authority, do not disturb my pa Mom again. ” canthus slides a few tear, by her firm efface. Summerly cool station is straight, bow bow, 90 degrees, “Requested! ” the clerks behind bow 90 degrees bow consistently also, “Request authority! “Request authority!!

“This child, have prospect! ” ” be, everybody, summerly boss is a very good person really, it is certain that I consider this issue somebody circumvent, we do not disturb his recuperate! ” the crowd begins comment again, suddenly somebody stands to talk. Everybody also begins to nod in succession, xia Liang is touched one blast. “Can be summerly young lady, the thing of this medical expenses… you also know us is Everyman home, these… ” ” I know, thank everybody, thank very much really, leave your connection means and full name please, if I just say, won’t break my promise absolutely! ” Xia Liang laugh. “Good good. . ” ” go so. . ..

Do sth over and over again, send a crowd, left the phone with one thickly dotted paper, xia Liang breathed out deeply at a heat.

“Summerly young lady, you are too martial really! I adore you very much! ” an air hostess is laughing to say suddenly, xia Liang forced smile, martial? Alas… she must? How can Su Yuelan do otherwise. “How to talk! Such intentional still affection laughs! ” another person talks again. “Good, I want to ask you, how to return a responsibility after all? ” you treat everybody I I see you, by large kitchen comes out to speak finally. Because serve as chef, must show up earlier everyday, try to win sb’s favor feeds capable person, processing feeds capable person completely, cook next make food. Can be when coming yesterday morning, discover cafeteria ins disorder one piece, photograph bad also like the head, next large kitchen people phone Xia Xinghui, after Xia Xinghui will look special life, originally of it doesn’t matter, still think entered a thief, after today’s meal guest ate, each begins a few batches of eating the fastest people search come to come, saying is upset stomach of what, went to a hospital to be checked, the doctor says is bromatoxism, the person of the hospital checks discovery later the soy in cafeteria, edible oil, with salt inside mix into has drug, went up this morning newspaper, xia Xinghui is enraged so that be no good, made disease so.

“So is saying somebody really circumvent? ” Xia Liang talks in whispers, but their Xia Jiacong comes to those who become enemies not to follow a person, be father what person to offend when still opening a firm before? Does the family come back to make reprisals now? Xia Liang looks up, had swept everybody.

“Medicine is put inside oily salt, possibility is the largest is people on one’s own side, door window does not have the trace that is destroyed, leave with the key so certainly, among you whose hold key? Oh not, be the day before yesterday who is taking the key to just be opposite, then the individual does it the evening before last, who do before overnight stops to do business, having so have the key in the hand? ” Xia Liang eyes blazing like torches-blazing with anger, groups big are frightened jump greatly, look be like effeminate summerly young lady. Unexpectedly so dying is not random, gas field is very strong, groups big began some to fear.

A few large kitchen stand inevitably, someone else appears to be done not have. Xia Liang remembers next their names, “I am sorry, I know to do the pride that hurt you so, but my father is in a hospital to lying, I do not understand you, it is my pa, knowing your everybody completely impossibly also is after all how, after all popular feeling lies between belly. ” say, xia Liang stands up, “But, today, thank you to be opposite the maintenance of my father, thank you! ” Xia Liang bowed deeply 90 degrees. Be worthy of really is Xia Xinghui’s daughter, it is to come first a severity hsown by an official on assuming post, let a person fear, begin a compliment again, relaxation has degree, make a person must be taken.

“Summerly young lady, you are fastened such. ” ” be, we should do this. ” ” right ah summerly young lady. The boss is right at ordinary times we are very good, we can safeguard him of course. ” listen summer is coolly red orbit.

“Everybody’s job… I also am to be very sorry, hope everybody believes me, I can explain to everybody, had still attended a meeting here tomorrow morning? ” ” good, you return summerly young lady is to take care of summerly boss quickly! ” ” right ah right, go quickly, we are done here. ” Xia Liang is blue, still plan to go to a hospital. “Is your somebody willing to stay? Because some of family member still may have not enough time to find us, if everybody went, they do not have method to contact me. They do not have method to contact me..

“Summerly young lady, little little a compensation, you why… ” somebody indissolubles, xia Liang laugh, “Because father tells me, gentleman loves what money takes to have, those who owe a family, a minute cannot little. ” ” not bad and toxic not be very deep, did not make a human life, but what loss of spirit of this medical expenses expends not little also! Family gastric lavage and cultural charge can look for you to want certainly, some people are returned very hole, good go back on his word not to go in the hospital even, your girl… ” ” be, these possibility are very large. ” Xia Liang laughs easily, “Everybody cares our home so, it is our honor, but still be that word, a minute of this compensate cannot little, aux would rather be in an unfavorable situation, saying to be in an unfavorable situation is blessing, thank everybody, then I go to a hospital first. ” ” say hello to to summerly boss for us, do obeisance to. ” ” wish he recovers at an early date! ” ” wish he recovers at an early date!!

Take a car, xia Liang laugh, father, you are my good example really, otherwise I how so can firm!

Like daydream, xia Liang feels one evening between, this life produced the change of world-shaking, irrespective, at least the family still is in, this is the most important.


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