Th2020佛山按摩论坛e 52nd chapter had an accident

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Lin Tianze looks at a car to go further more, disappear in the curtain of the night, faint sighed, face about replies house.

“A Ze, summerly young lady how foregone? Uncomfortable? ” Wei Fang walks along Lin Tianze’s mom to ask. “Mom, she has temporarily thing, let me say an apologize with everybody. ” ” good, have a meal go. Have a meal go..

So called banquet, do not cross be wealthy person to dine together, not be to discuss allied, discuss to cooperate namely, no more than is to ask you to eat a meal, you give me an outer part, a certain project of company asks and so on of great keep an eye on. Lin Tianze is flat exit the balcony to smoke, him old fogey plays.

“Tian Ze, how does a person smoke here? ” Fang Lingling is in of Lin Xin persuade by every means issue some to come over bashfully to look for Lin Tianze, if when begin to learn is not management, she can go to glad lustre company, regrettablly. . .

“Had not become Mrs Lin, begin to be in charge of me? ” Lin Tianze face about, lean in baluster, a black smoke is blown on Fang Lingling’s fine face, corners of the mouth is pulled, the expression of evil evil spirit lets heartbeat of square Ling Ling quicken, delicate makeup look also block does not live her reddish cheek.

“Not, either, i… ” Fang Lingling’s nervous bite one’s lips, lin Tianze distains sneer. “Call up Lin Xin! ” without any mood, having the power that nots allow to defy however. Fang Lingling nods, face about when the leg is a little soft, stagger, helter-skelter leave. Not a little while, lin Xin also came over together.

” photograph cutout! ” across wears Lin Tianze to grow a leg greatly, mood not to be pooh-poohed. “Elder brother, what do you say, I am understood not. ” Lin Xin is stupefied, come down very quickly undisturbedly. “Let me start work, is the mobile phone did not want? ” Lin Tianze carries eye swept Lin Xin, look to did not glance Fang Lingling. Word respecting went up this, lin Xin does not want to be borne again really, lin Tianze is right recently Xia Liang more and more safeguarded, promise her to be able to help her get Ji Zixun obviously at the outset, but this meeting…

“Elder brother, you like to go up summer became cool! ” Lin Xin this word, the Fang Lingling that still just blushs becomes for an instant complexion is cadaverous. Lin Tianze sneers, “This does not involve your issue, who do you like I no matter, but rise from today, do not make the issue that hurts her again. Otherwise… ” Lin Tianze approachs they, reach a hand, “Mobile phone! ” Lin Xin takes him loathly. After be being deleted, lin Tianze goes upstairs answered a room. Lin Xin sneers, “Just did you also take the picture that they kiss? ” Fang Lingling nods. Lin Xin narrow one’s eyes has an eye, xia Liang, I want, nobody is OK grab!

——–The peak of the sea of clouds——-

The following day in the morning, xia Liang is going to work, suddenly, what a ring broke her is halcyon.

“Cool, had an accident! Your father he… ” Su Yuelan is hit, she cries do not become model, conversation says to not be clear about. Hear father, xia Liang stands up suddenly, “Mom, you are fastened anxious, say slowly, pa how? ” Xu Lei goes by hastily.

“Cool, your father be in hospital of his heart attack, the doctor is in rescue! ” Su Yuelan is howling, the pain in Xia Liang heart.

“Mom! You listen to me to say, do not be afraid of, I go back now, have what news you phone me! ” hanged a phone, xu Lei is deeply concerned ask: ? Amine ⑸  cuts word aluminium into parts to make fun of handsome? ” my pa had an accident, I must go back, you help the group leader I ask for leave! ” say Xia Liang to take packet of bag to run outside.

Xia Liang takes a car to the railway station to take a car. “Father, you must not occupied, must not occupied! ! ” Xia Liang prays silently. Whole heart sufferred for ages, arrived eventually. Xia Liang gallops immediately hospital.

“Is excuse me Xia Xinghui’s ward in? ” Xia Liang asks tensely, “In 106 rooms. ” nurse young lady was frightened jump, the rate that leaf through is very rapid also!

“Mom! Pa how! ” Xia Liang arrives at the door ward when, as it happens sees Su Yuelan sit outside the door. Su Yuelan is holding Xia Liang in the arms is one cries, “Just finish the operation comes out, the doctor says safety, frighten me dead! ” the operation of two many hours, breathe out… the nerve that Xia Liang stretchs tight closely gets alleviating eventually. . . Orbit cannot help red.

“Do not have a thing Mom, did not cry, father awakes to be able to cold-shoulder you for certain ugly, good! ” Xia Liang knows, she cannot cry, su Yuelan is sick person originally, xia Liang cries, she more stop no less than coming! Xia Liang is helping her up to sit down, help her brush tear.

“Hum. . . Do not have a thing fortunately! But… ” Su Yuelan looks up, does Xia Liang start to talk rapidly: ?  of tenon of bay ox ÷ kills Jiao swiftly Nie to make fun of alarm of  ⑸  to cut  of Yao of Nao of Li of mother of ┑ of eunuch of establish of Hui of  of joyous ㄒ of  of word approach  into parts to sentence ご of  of bifurcation of  of modular   to crack neon of Shan of Ji making fun of  sweeps past umbrella of egg of ∷ of stand upright of the  that believe  ! ? Xia Liang is patted take wind, it is to make Su Yuelan so not sad only.

“Cool, the cafeteria of your pa. . . Wanted to close. . . You look! ” take in Su Yuelan hand have a paper, xia Liang looks, stayed, is caption: ? Channel of fine Qia of delay of  of man of leech of Wan of protruding of neon happy event does You of bald Hui of canister of Qiang of every leg heir pledge settleclear Liu discharge uses up 5 violet salary children’s hair of sparrow of magpie of department of Yan of closely question of  of Xin of adept of  of  of  of  of leaf of temple of appearance of imprison of Ke of Gu Xuxie  eventually palm  ?

“Mom, this is impossible! This is somebody absolutely circumvent ah! ” Xia Liang is knitting brows, she believes Xia Xinghui, but, who is met so do? Be who should return their home after all.

“Who does do not know, photographed that day was destroyed like the head, the police also is being checked, but, the family member of those bromatoxism looks for us to want to compensate for, your pa made heart stand again here, i. . . ” Su Yuelan begins to cry again, xia Liang takes out bank card to hand Su Yuelan, “Mom! This is my all deposit, have 300 thousand, you have what what should handle to be used with respect to go off with, the password is my birthday. ” since big 2 begin, xia Liang begins a part-time job, add Xia Xinghui to always meet her to make money regularly, although will work to just become a full member August this year, do not cross the salary that works before Jiashangzhi, also accumulated more or less many.

“Cool, this… ” ” Mom! You are not pushed procrastinate, otherwise I got angry! Mom, you look at father in this, woke you phone me, do I go does cafeteria look value? ” Su Yuelan looks at Xia Liang, in the heart much one is comforted, at least, xia Liang has arrived formidably can stay this home.

Just when Xu Lei comes over to help Xia Liang ask for leave, wind of boreal celestial bodies did not think too much, ah, was held by Zhou Yiqing recently whole head, muddy. Hit a phone to asked Xia Liang in the past.

Summerly cool as it happens arrived cafeteria, a big person gathered inside, cafeteria clerk also has a family member. “Everybody listens to me to say, be in hospital of our boss be laid up, so we just cheat you to say to come here to give you an explanation, everybody listens to us to say first! ” large kitchen starts to talk, the crowd is very boiling, “Of come to an agreement or understanding to us one is explained, you are not summerly family, your word has how many weight! ” ” namely, without giving thought to,you are in charge of hospitalization expenses of our medical treatment expenses after all! ” ” fasten gibberish, losses of those medical expenses spirit expend them to must be in charge of entirely. ” ” namely. . ..

Summerly cool mobile phone rang, have not enough time to receive listen, xia Liang is hanged moved Jing Yin, wait otherwise how can you talk? Run into rapidly. “The trouble lets, everybody lets! ” nice not easy gift is crowded went in. Xia Liang is unhurried, deep breathing, this is long so big, she faces such occasion for the first time, what to produce without giving thought to before, xia Xinghui can protect her in back, await her to feel in those days, although the day collapses,come down, this large tree can be maintained for her, later, she just knows, large tree also has a old day, now, sapling is already grown, so, no matter what produce, she must be maintained, also must prop up!


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