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A farce, seem to had not begun, had ended, is the explanation that justifies oneself finally with media: ? Bud of leg of slash  of  of eye of Nuo of noise of bring a case to court of the bud that blow kind arc of Pi of  of discharge of food badger mother?

Admire Nan peak sits on sofa to holding the Liu Xuefei that lies on his body partly in the arms, look at Zhang Jinghun’s then uncertain little face, he holds in the arms not dare too forcibly, also do not abandon unlock, it is his fault, if because oneself are a public character,not be, also won’t somebody dogs Liu Xuefei, also look for a job of course without media of so called vermicelli made from bean starch, surround her over humiliate she, it is his fault.

Liu Xuefei also is some are afraid of really, she allows to be being held in the arms by admire Nan peak, also regretting secretly in the heart, bring a trouble to him again. Thinking, the mobile phone of admire Nan peak rang, liu Xuefei just thought, admire Nan peak a hand more hold her in arms forcibly, a hand receives had a telephone call:

“Guan Tong. “Guan Tong..

“Admire is little, be checked, yes, si Jiayuan. Si Jiayuan..

“Hum, I knew, the your department manages. The your department manages..

Admire Nan peak received a mobile telephone, look at the Liu Xuefei in the bosom, he is to rejoice really, exile Si Jiayuan at that time N city a period of time, or, those who have her make trouble, phenanthrene abandon him early certainly and went, si Jiayuan, if I let off you this again, perhaps give what job again next time, this, should be when processing is clean.

Look at him to coagulate eyebrow is contemplative, liu Xuefei sat, face about looks at him to say:

“Nan Nan, I am sorry, I make you embarrassed again. I make you embarrassed again..

Is she should strange are oneself the harm that public character gives her to bring this one fabricated? Why she says sorry to to oneself even, peak of apparent admire Nan did not guess Liu Xuefei’s think of a way, just look at her silently.

“I am sorry, I not should so not careful, know you are public character obviously, the everything that I do gets careful act, but I, seem to be in all the time you are picky, resemble today, kill you did not work… “

The lip is stayed in suddenly by the kiss, the lip that is like fire enthusiasticly burned Liu Xuefei ultimatum, this, on the falls in Liu Xuefei lip with the heavy mouth with admire Nan strong peak, she some ache, can’t help ** phonate, mu Nan is tightened in peak heart, loosened she:

“I say again, phenanthrene, you do not say sorry to to me again, I am sorry, the everything that you do, not be troublesome to me, you are that individual that I love most, so, an any works that I can respect you to do. An any works that I can respect you to do..

Liu Xuefei nods, when just when the atmosphere between 2 people becomes again,having an affair with, the doorbell rang, admire Nan peak stands up to open the door, liu Xuefei arranges the clothings on him body at once, those who come is Mu Canglan and Xia Wenhui, liu Xuefei stands up to greet sb to them at once:

“Uncle aunt, you are good. You are good..

Mu Canglan nods, the hand that Xia Wenhui walked over to pull her says:

“Phenanthrene, how, which hurting? Which hurting??

Liu Xuefei knows, it is they knew the thing in the morning for certain, she shakes her head say:

“Auntie, I do not have a thing. I do not have a thing..

“It is good to do not have a thing, it is good to do not have a thing, if you have a what thing, you see me do not break the leg of small peak. You see me do not break the leg of small peak..

Xia Wenhui checked Liu Xuefei carefully, see she does not have a thing really, just be at ease. Liu Xuefei laugh, admire Nan peak is not willing:

“Mom, anyhow I also am a son, how, had a daughter not to want a son? Had a daughter not to want a son??

A word teased everybody, xia Wenhui is laughing to say:

“You ah, the vinegar of the son’s wife that oneself seek also eats, true not be bashful. True not be bashful..

“Phenanthrene, not bad you do not have a thing, see news in the morning, can frighten me dead. Can frighten me dead..

“I am sorry auntie, make you afraid. Make you afraid..

“It doesn’t matter Is am sorry, it is good that you do not have a thing. It is good that you do not have a thing..

Before admire Nan peak looks at an eye two women have the word that does not say, say to oneself father then:

“Pa, we go study, my some things want to say to you. My some things want to say to you..

Mu Canglan nods, 2 people went father and son together study.

“Phenanthrene, you find an elder brother, auntie is you really glad. Auntie is you really glad..

Liu Xuefei is laughing to nod:

“Hum, thank auntie, can find an elder brother this, really accident also. Really accident also..

“Hum, that sometime, restrict a time, we think and your elder brother eats a meal together, come down the thing of you and small peak surely incidentally, how do you feel? How do you feel??

Face of willow snow humble one red, she knows, this is the wedding that prepares to place them, she nods say:

“That, I look for a time to say to the elder brother. I look for a time to say to the elder brother..

Xia Wenhui listens, in the heart glad:

“Well good, phenanthrene, I want to think breakfast holds grandchildren in the arms very much very much really. I want to think breakfast holds grandchildren in the arms very much very much really..

Liu Xuefei’s face is redder.

“Had you decided? “Had you decided??

Mu Canglan sits on sofa, look at the son on.

Admire Nan peak nods,

“Yes, I decided, I this identity gives phenanthrene brought a lot of troubles, but, if did not have this identity, phenanthrene can pass a few freelier, pa, I decided. I decided..

Mu Canglan nods, say gratifiedly:

“Son, you were brought up, a lot of things have his idea, good, pa Mom here do not have an opinion, the opinion that presses you goes doing, we support. We support..

Mu Nan shows a surprise in peak eye:

“Pa, thank. Thank..

Afternoon, still be the rice that week Mom buys dish to do, they are one case, of be in harmony of its Le Rong ate one all afternoon meal. Guan Tong also came, brought a cake, nevertheless he should drive in the evening peak of Nan sending admire goes bender, did not drink, and admire Nan peak however because drank a few cups more with father glad.

In the evening, admire Nan peak lets Liu Xuefei change body dress to go together with him bender, liu Xuefei is a little accident, his vermicelli made from bean starch gives him preparative cocktail party, she goes not quite appropriate.

“I go not quite appropriate. “I go not quite appropriate..

Admire Nan peak feels her head to say:

“What to have improper, I should tell a whole world namely, you, be me. Be me..

Of heroic spirit of admire Nan peak say, liu Xuefei looks at his appearance, can’ted help laughing, she looks at him to nod say:

“I go, you go where do I go to. You go where do I go to..

“Pretty good, the feeling that has small dingdong more and more. The feeling that has small dingdong more and more..

The feeling of small dingdong, without dread dauntless? Small dingdong to save the life of own young lady, not Wei is painstaking, not Wei is hard, gave oneself life even, her without dread dauntless also be the place that deserves her to learn.

Guan Tong is driving a car, bring them the public house, had gathered over there lots and lots of person, still have numerous medium, although had experienced the battle array of the news conference, but, this bender is more than the person on the news conference much, scan widely looks, must have had hundreds of people, peak of Nan seeing admire and Liu Xuefei come, they stop chat, look to them.

The Liu Xuefei’s very simple today dress that wore a suit pink, a pair of shallow purple were worn to follow sandal high on the foot, the hair is coming loose at will, but be her is simple, give a person a kind of Yun Danfeng’s light beauty however, without a bit impurity, very real beauty, business suit of black of a suit of admire Nan peak, forceful body, brilliant countenance, because drank wine afternoon, some are small on the face red, but have a kind of absorbing charm more.

Look at 2 people slowly walk into, everybody feels, it is person of a pair of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center really, a perfect match between a man and a girl, it is to offend an eye very.

Liu Xuefei is pulling the arm of admire Nan peak, move toward the arena of the hotel together with him, admire Nan peak takes next microphone, one bowed deeply to say to everybody:

“Today, thank everybody is in will to here spend birthday to me in the midst of pressing affairs, I will be very obliged, thank you. Thank you..

An applause comes out immediately below, the hand of handholding Liu Xuefei of admire Nan peak, see her look to say to lower part again:

“Today, I still have an important thing to announce, namely, I decide, exit recreational group. Exit recreational group..

This word, everybody in an uproar, with respect to Lian Liuxue phenanthrene also is stupefied, she looks at admire Nan peak surprisingly, admire Nan peak was catching her hand to weigh a few minutes again.

“Admire is little, why? Why??

Someone cried below, somebody asked sound, somebody still is in slow-witted be stupefied, admire Nan peak is to smiling however, he looks at Liu Xuefei to say:

“Because, the thing this morning, because of my reason, my fiancee is misunderstood, by person revile, if, I am not public character, who does that have to you can care my fiancee and who to go out together? Who does that have to you can care my fiancee and who to go out together??

“So, I promised her elder brother, scarcely can let her experience this kind of thing again, for her, I can abandon all, but, cannot abandon exclusively, have her only. Have her only..

Liu Xuefei cried, she touchs cried, right now she just is clear about truly feel, by the feeling that a person takes acme seriously, she this is unripe encountered him, be not to have regret really.

“Admire is little, because,you are the thing this morning, disappointed to everybody? disappointed to everybody??

A reporter raises question, admire Nan peak is light laugh say:

“Cannot saying is disappointed, everybody has his job, that is your job only, I can say nothing, also cannot prevent, but, I am a man, I must want to protect my woman, and she, also be worth me to protect, because, she is the most kind-hearted woman on this world. She is the most kind-hearted woman on this world..

“Thank everybody so old support and love, thank everybody. I work first to respect. I work first to respect..

Say, admire Nan peak takes a cup of red wine, quaff, the hand that playing Liu Xuefei next falls in the look of numerous person, left a public house.

On the road that go back, liu Xuefei bends over all the time in the bosom in admire Nan peak, ladoula does not come out, admire Nan peak talks to her she also is installed absolutely refuse to to manage, admire Nan peak is helpless, be forced by her, the sample that passes tung to look at them can’ts help cannot help laughing,

“Admire is little, you will want respect again tomorrow. You will want respect again tomorrow..

Admire Nan peak is indifferent to:

“Now, first not first what concerns again? First not first what concerns again??

“Be, had nothing to do with. Had nothing to do with..

Guan Tong’s sound is abrupt some are low, admire Nan peak understands his think of a way of course, say:

“Guan Tong, we worked 6 years together. We worked 6 years together..

Guan Tong nods say:

“Be, from you the university does not have graduation to begin, we worked together. We worked together..

“Guan Tong, my this individual is bad-tempered with you occasionally talking mouth enrages some to weigh, here apologized to you. Here apologized to you..

Guan Tong stops up, how can admire say such word suddenly less, premonition badly transmit, guan Tong sees the admire Nan summit to the middle of rearview mirror subliminally, discover his expression dignified, looking at oneself,

“Guan Tong, come to a company go to work, si Jiayuan had been dismissed, the agent that although you cannot continue,becomes me, but, i, do not want to lose you this partner. Do not want to lose you this partner..

A heart of speed up closing tung falls eventually, he thinks, admire lets him less look for new actor, frighten him dead, guan Tong nods say:

“Hum, I consider. I consider..

Because he knows,admire Nan peak talks no longer, guan Tong had agreed, say more useless also, and think however in heart closing tung, cannot invite again, so eat decide him? Hey, good follow admire actually little working still is very good.


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