The2020佛山飞机论坛 10th chapter if orchid, according to the rival in love of person future

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A high speed train that comes to Yangzhou from Beijing, be in curtain of night flying travel. Morpheus time has been entered in railroad car, dim lash-up lamp still is in bright. The beautiful woman with a pretty countenance is playing a mobile phone on sleeper, she is already diffuse an one hair with pitch-black head, faint and OK see she is small opened small mouth is in closing and open, as if in mutter. One is worn on her women’s white shirt, the private parts is gules grid skirt, two beautiful legs are being lapped by incarnadine filar socks. If see her mobile phone carefully, the mobile phone that can discover her is the photograph of Chen Xiu plan on the desktop. Right, she is small orchid, mei Relan.

About in the morning the 89 appearance of the dot, the train sailed station, small Lan Li is engraved come down from the train, began oneself brigade that seeks true love.

This one night, mei Relan did not sleep basically good, she does not know how to explain her sudden arrival. But she has not waited for her to had wanted to say decline, the body stands in the big entrance that beautiful strategy works already.

The Wang Jun that sees that Ceng Jin has gone after her is walked along by the school strip of this school, be like next orchid encoura[……]


The person is 广州悦来香pm之家是真的吗set

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Dong Yi’s person: It is a rich home in one’s childhood female, later decline of family financial situation. Ceng Yulong 2 marry but unfortunate blessing, not reconciled to lives commonplacely after, because an accident divorces. She becomes independent for economy, become teacher of elementary school take over a class for an absent teacher first, because familial kind and enmity comes,arrive again later south fight electric company to undertake new duty field combat is killed.

Chen Xiu plan: With Dong Yi the person is in same elementary school becomes a teacher, move to depend on counterattack place of the person later, begin pursuit to depend on a person.

Dragon 2: Ex-wife of Dong Yi’s person, early days is an useless bavin middleaged male, actually the heart has certain intention. Divorce hind relies on the currency of a bit bit that once bought, but mere enough keep the pot boiling.

Dong Bicheng: The father of Dong Yi’s person and Dong Li’s person, ceng Jin has been done base ever small government official, coerce Mr Yang battle marries his little sister. Make rich trade later, be in business in after failure, the suicide dies.

Chen Xiu plan: A graduation before long undergraduate, ever with be in according to the person same a sc[……]


93 spend广州夜网SN论坛VDS a lot hand in

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The boss lets me considerately resting, probably he thinks I got fright, does need restore? My face about prepares to leave.

At this moment say of that handsome man: “Elder brother, let her also sit a little while? I think seriously with her an apology! Hope elder brother and little sister can excuse my today’s behavior! I just have a face to come again after this. I just have a face to come again after this..

His word my some accidents, I am a clerk only, does he have former forgive again what concerns? Said again, even if excuse on my mouth, he what how think in the heart can know? I do not excuse him, what can I do again?

I am low head does not say, the boss looks me, hesitate say: “Beautiful beautiful, where are you uncomfortable? Where are you uncomfortable??

Don’t I understand what meaning he is? Shake subliminally shake one’s head, think the likelihood is the boss looks for excuse to leave for me later? But, how is the cerebra of my Mu Ne met at a draught have one’s ideas straightened out? What do I have uncomfortable? A moment ago was frightened really, but, everything had become past form now, did not cause what shadow to me, leave what sequela! It is normal that everything my still calculates.

Does the boss see the adamancy of[……]


70 turn round no longe2020广州桑拿夜蒲r

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Annals brave does not want to divorce, but see my attitude definitely absolutely, it is even beside also do not want to stay in him momently. Hear the word that I say, probably he still is a little true love to me, be afraid that I can say like oneself really in that way, can you continue the courage of subsist? Final, he still agrees to do divorce procedure with me together.

Take divorce testimony, I at a draught as if relieved of a heavy load, eventually free! Am I intentional manage obstacle? Have divorce hobby?

When Home Cong Zhiyong comes out, I took inside and outside two are changed wash the dress, put in a bag back a shoulder, I throw my hand mechanism machine in the drawer of annals brave home directly, I want to be interrupted temporarily contact with everything in the home, I think the outer look unfamiliar of own calmly lives for some time.

I say to annals brave: “My dress is put in this first, when waiting for where day to do not have a thing, I come back to take again. When waiting for where day to do not have a thing, I come back to take again..

His eye socket is aglow: “Beautiful beautiful, did you go directly? When to come back? When to come back??

My bleak laugh: “Had waited for we think, probably the opportunity that w[……]


5广州娱乐网3 Mu Ne’s people

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Annals brave is the person of a formalist Mu Na, I am early discovered, want him to be opposite sincerely only I I not dispute is too much, mu Na how? We spend our time, need not do foreign affair again.

Leave parents more than 10 days, miss really in the heart, do not know I am not beside the body of pa Mom how? Ferial is li of housework vivid who works? Employ a person to work? I still persuade annals brave and me to come home together finally visit father and mother.

He is not willing 100 times: “Beautiful beautiful, not be I do not want to go, I am afraid that your Mom sees I am angry, in case be enraged bad by me how to do? She cannot see my mood will be better, better to your manner nature. Better to your manner nature..

“It is our two first time after coming out come home after all, if you do not appear pa Mom this are oversensitive! The fire that estimates mom of this paragraph of time also this disappear. ” I also know mom sees annals brave will be angry, can be now already what is done cannot be undone, cannot always go down so all the time?

Finally I two belts are worn the son gave pa Mom to buy to market first depressor and the red that save a heart, bought fleshy food, annals brave as before whats do not say, just follow silently in back, be[……]


The feeling广州花名录 with mixed 45.

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Chen Yu is pure wiped a face, the tear that erasure did not fight, take skill chance, dialed the telephone of the rain of leisurely of boudoir sweet Cui that has kept already.

“Feed… leisurely rain… “

“Pure treasure? You called eventually I think you very much! You called eventually I think you very much!!

“Leisurely rain… did you answer A city, we see one side in old place. We see one side in old place..

“I come immediately. ” Cui leisurely rain lets Chen Yu is pure that grave dialect knew, affirmation is occupied, so Cui leisurely rain did not say a word more, make turning around toward the driver that turns over direction to leave immediately.

? ?

As always light tone.

Chen Yu is pure had arrived, volt is carried on base do not have a bit effort, do not have a bit appetite to the ice cream that likes most repeatedly.

“Little little sister, how cannot the ice-cream that you like most usually leave an opening today? How cannot the ice-cream that you like most usually leave an opening today??

Chen Yu is pure did not talk, just shake his head.

Counterjumper went away, situation of rain of leisurely of Cui of as it happens came.



The 40th chapter, traffic acciden广州百花园登录t

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Because of Liu Jiacheng’s actual strength and his bearing, the most important the identity that is cornstalk of that his Home Liu. Zhen Zhu and Liu Xueru had discussed to let Liu Jiacheng take office as learn Confucianism the hospital is new allowed dean, second child Liu Jia Youwei learns Confucianism the assistant dean of the hospital! Sweet heart of the Song Dynasty has dissatisfaction, liu Jiacheng congratulations low before the person, jia Cheng waiting for Liu leaves to go on the road after the hospital, ao Di of a black opens Xiang Liujia sincere, there is a wife that takes blue guaze mask and black sunglasses to want in the car deathtrap of Liu Jiacheng park.

“Jia Cheng is careful! “Jia Cheng is careful!!

Crisis hour, yang Lan come out boldly, accompanying the Jing cry of the brake sound with urgent car, passerby, a shocking blackish red lay off only beautiful hematic mark, quaky red is recounting never-failing desolate, her hand points to gently move, catch the ring in beginning closely, slowly raise, spent all effort.

“Jia Cheng, save… save… “

“Yang Lan, you are at ease. I can save you. I can save you..

“Not, I let you save… the child that helps us! “Not, I let you save… the child that hel[……]


Fiftieth 6 chapters, Xiao Jun广州夜生活娱乐论坛JHF knows the fact

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Big mind body has recovered, he told Zhang Yingxue Yan Meimei and the amour of old Kevin, he regretted to marry the United States with the divorce that mirror snow at the outset. Mirror snow what to to say more, the little sister that just replaces oneself Zhang Xiaojun place is aggrieved. Beautiful beauty reaves him husband at the outset within an inch of is killed dead bright, it is Gao Youhe was saved bright bright life, return a few times 3 times for him rescue sb from a siege, hurt be in hospital again to save his even, she is to Gao Youhe the heart is put appreciate. Since oneself had promised what friend mixes to propose, so also answer again between he and Hong Dezhi did not go. Big mother knew those bad thing that do before beautiful beauty, begin feign madness to make fun of the United States, beautiful beauty is chased after to hit with broom by big mother. “You this bad woman, I should beat dead you. ″

“Mom, I am daughter-in-law beautiful beauty! Your grandchildren was conceived in my abdomen. Your grandchildren was conceived in my abdomen..

“Grandchildren, my grandchildren shines only. The affirmation of the bosom in your abdomen is wild kind. The affirmation of the bosom in your abdomen is wild kind..

Old Kevin develops Yan Meimei suddenl[……]


The 15th chapter: G深圳蒲神报告区ood evening, girlfriend

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Eat a meal he follows as expected those who say is same, importunate sends Shu Qing to downstair. Shu Qing is a little strange he is the address that how knows his, be like is to see his doubt, xiao Ze says, I said I am ready, include these for certain. The thing that he did not shift to an earlier date himself several days to be arranged to here tells her.

Shu Qing feels to leave him in be like downstairs is inappropriate, say so, should you go up sit?

Xiao Ze did not refuse, he upstairs carried Shu Qing’s baggage, shu Qing turns on door and lamp, have bit of constraint say, shanghai house is quite expensive, I can this area since the burden.

Xiaoze laughs, if disrelish,say you small can live over there me. Easy fine twitch one’s mouth, don’t such someones still say you are old does the ox eat tender grass? Also not be bashful.

I am serious, he says. My home needs a goodwife.

Shu Qing does not pay attention to him, face about goes clearing away baggage, xiao Ze looked this next rooms up and down, not quite, appear very sweet however, the wallpaper of simple look and place, collocation rises not to have local color one time. He secretly think of, the room that must allow her him occupy as soon as possible, such houses just c[……]


Pris南京桑拿夜生活论坛on of the 128th chapter is in charge of old elder brother

” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1905 words, update at: 2017-11-01 15:19

I saw a pair of thirsty eyes like the beast, with the ejective fire in wherefrom eye. I know I await can darlingly only, for the elder brothers in jail, wait to regard an elegant sacrificial dedication as to go out oneself.

Think of here, I feel suddenly all over soft, like a delicate cake.

I had been held in the arms by firm canal rise. Hold in the arms gave prison house.

Inside the barrier that I saw both sides, all is the one greedy face of Ben Zhang of Zhang Zhang ** . If do not have that piece of barrier, I meet what be developed by therefrom face for certain a flock of strange animal are ripped


I hasten close an eye, the purpose makes his soul leaves reality, leave a body.

I floated to rise really it seems that, whole person waves to in sky. The ground is melting like the ice and snow of carnal positive-appearing image that feels me.

I know to press modern science, I am happening with me of other universe pester. Leap of my meeting instant goes to another spatio-temporal.

I do not know a kind to this is really agonal psychedelic, still produced quanta to pester really.

But this is really a kind enjoy excellently. So magical unusually[……]